Saturday, September 22, 2018


Bill woke up in a strange house and in a strange body. He was trying his best to process the identity of this woman he now was and how he ended up in her body. He didn’t feel overwhelmed until he went into her walk in closet to get dressed. Looking at the wide array of clothes and shoes felt like just too much. To top it all off, everything seemed excessively feminine. All of the shoes were heels; all of the clothes were dresses or skirts. This wasn’t going to be easy...

Friday, September 21, 2018

Stopped (Part 3)

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It seemed as though while the stopped elevator was temporary but the body swap was not. As such, it seemed Alan was now stuck in Tiffany’s body and stuck living her life. With his own business in a bit of a lull, Tiffany shadowed Alan to give him good directions about how to do his hair and makeup, how to dress, and even how to run her business. She was actually still doing most of the work, and he was just the face. At some point, he knew he tables would have to turn, and instead of Alan learning about fashion, he would have to teach Tiffany about construction. They both hoped by the end of it they’d either swap back or at least have enough knowledge to get by.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Stopped (Part 2)

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As the minutes ticked away, Alan figured he wasn’t going to suddenly swap back to his own body any time soon nor was the elevator going to just start working, so he slipped off the heels from his feet and sat on the floor. Realizing he might be stuck in this body for a while, he decided to ask the woman about herself.

It turned out the woman’s body he was now in was named Tiffany. She had worked as a model and was starting her own fashion line now with a very successful initial season under her belt. Alan described his own life to her and how he worked in construction. Both hoped they would swap back to their own bodies before long...

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


It wasn’t the first time Alan had been on an elevator that stopped. The sudden jolt between floors was unexpected but not unusual. It only became weird with what happened next. It was only about a minute later when Alan swapped bodies with the only other person in the elevator, a woman wearing a fur coat. He immediately looked down to inspect his new body, completely shocked.

“Please keep your hands off my body,” The woman now in his body sighed.

“I mean, they’re technically your hands,” Alan retorted, “But...sorry; I’ll stop. This is just so weird! I’m a woman! I’m you! How did this even happen?”

“It’s not like I know, and I’m certainly not happy about it. But there’s no way we’re going to figure it out while we’re stuck in this elevator.”

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Nice Day; A Nice Life

How long had it been since Calvin’s body was stolen and he was stuck driving the magic taxi? Two months? Three months? He wasn’t sure, but he told himself he wasn’t going to steal anyone else’s body. He was just content to drive and earn a decent living. That is, until Erica got in the back seat. She kept droning on and on about her great life, about how rich she was, and how she liked treating everyone poorer than her like dirt. Calvin finally decided he found someone to swap bodies with, so as she got out, he told her to “Have a nice day” and suddenly found himself in her body just as she was closing the door.

Now that Erica was inside the body of the cab driver, she looked at Calvin with an unexpected smile.

“Yes, Ma’am, I hope you have a very nice day” She repeated while adding, “And I hope you have a nice life as a trophy wife going home to your 80 year old husband who just won’t die and still insists getting busy every night.”

Calvin could only look back in shock, realizing what he had just done to himself.

Monday, September 17, 2018

More Closely

“Well, this is working faster than expected,” The doctor mused, “I haven’t even removed the needle yet and your transformation has already begun.”

“Transformation? What do you mean by--” Kyle paused, “What the hell is wrong with my voice? And why is my hair cascading down my shoulders? And my chest? What the hell is happening to me?”

“Relax, Mr. Swanson, you signed up to be a part of this experiment, and this is what it is. The serum I injected you with transformed you into a woman much faster than anticipated. In fact, based on the rate, you are likely to be hyper-feminized by the time the effects have worked their way through your body.”

“Becoming a woman? Hyper-feminized? Oh, hell no, this is not what I signed up for.”

“Maybe you should have read the release forms more closely...”

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Cheating Death

Ed had spent a vast amount of his fortune in an attempt to cheat death. When he became ill at an advance age, he had his body frozen in the hopes of being revived later. When he awoke nearly a century later, he found his brain’s memories had been downloaded into a robotic body. The doctor explained that Ed’s brain was slowly decomposing. If they didn’t download it into a body, it would be lost.

“But why a female robot?” Ed asked.

The doctor shrugged, “There are only female robots. The gender gap still exists. These robots can only be bought by the richest of rich men. What do you think they USUALLY use them for?”

Ed shuddered. This wasn’t the future he expected.