Saturday, October 6, 2018

In the Street

Adam shook his head as he drove by. He had nearly run over a group of three women who had been running out into the street each time the light turned red in order to take fashion shots of each other on their phones before running back just as the light turned green and traffic resumed. Adam could only think about how irresponsible it seemed and that he was sure it was inevitable that someone would hit one of them. Then in a flash everything changed. He was suddenly standing on the street instead of being behind the wheel. Before he could process any more than that, a car struck him.

Adam awoke several days later in the hospital in great pain. A doctor tending to him seemed surprisingly young and genuinely appeared to be taken aback by the awakening. The doctor began to explain The Great Shift to Adam, how everyone int he world had swapped bodies, the accidents it caused, and Adam’s particular accident. Adam looked down at his body and the cracked phone at his bedside. He knew he must have swapped with one of the women he saw in the street right before it all happened. He knew someone was going to get hit because of their antics; he just never expected that person to be him!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Back in Time

Brett had been testing out his time machine for a while. Mostly he’d drop items in, set it for a few minutes in the future and wait. The items would then reappear safe and sound. Feeling quite confident, he decided to use himself as the first human subject. His first mistake was directional. He had intended to go sixty years into the future; instead he went sixty years into the past. Further, to avoid a potential paradox, going back wasn’t quite like going forward. To minimize problems, his body seemed to have vaporized on its way back with his mind and soul inhabiting a person from the past. Rushing to a mirror, his reflection was very familiar. He soon realized it was the face of his own grandmother, except when she was young. The thoughts running through Brett’s head were all over the place. First, he’d have to make a version of his machine here in the past in order to get back. He’d also have to make sure he didn’t take any actions that might undo his own existence! After all, looking at the calendar, he realized his own mother wasn’t even going to be born for another ten months. With a quick calculation in his head, he realized he was going to have to work on a new version of his machine as quickly as possible!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

But I Won't Do That

“Look, Sis,” Neil sighed, “I think I’ve been pretty good ever since we swapped bodies. I’ve dressed how you asked me to dress, I’ve kept up appearances to not let your friends know, I even eat what you tell me to eat; but don’t press your luck by telling me to go on a date with your boyfriend. If you push me too hard, do you see this?”

Neil tugged on the ponytail atop his head.

“This is going to see a pair of scissors. I’ll cut it all off. It’ll be uneven. Or maybe I’ll shave it. Whatever, just give me a bit of a break here! I’ve been ding most of what you’ve asked, but I will NOT be going out with your boyfriend and making out with him!”

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


When Gary opened the book that claimed to be full of magic spells, he laughed it off at first. But after reading a few words and created an apple out of thing air, he quickly started believing. A few more pages in and he made nature bend to his will. A few more pages and he found himself able to alter his physical appearance, turning himself into an exact copy of his friend Alice. He kept reading, quickly realizing there was little that magic couldn’t do.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Take a Stand

“Mr. Morgan, I realize it’s probably quite difficult for you,” Dr. Wu explained to her patient, “But thanks to the procedure, you are now in a body that’s over 60 years younger than your own. You really don’t need this wheelchair anymore.”

“I...I’m really nor so sure,” Arthur Morgan stuttered, “I’m grateful that this young woman donated her body to science for my benefit, but it’s hard to get my head around going from being a 90 year old man to a 20-something year old woman. My legs had given out on me a decade ago; it’s hard to even trust that I’d be able to stand again without falling.”

“I certainly understand. That is why this breakthrough is so important, and it’s also important that you try here. Please, Mr. Morgan.”

Monday, October 1, 2018

A Bridge Too Far

Rob felt a little bit more than tricked. When Trish had used the Medallion of Zulu to swap bodies with him yesterday, she told him to relax. She explained she just wanted to try it out, and that they’d be able to swap back in twelve hours. Of course, when they met back together the next day, she told him that she had thrown the medallion off of a bridge.

Rob was shocked, but he tried not to panic. The nearest bridge wasn’t far away, and he knew Trish well enough; she had probably hadn’t made much of an effort when getting rid of it. As he walked across the bridge, he could see something that was shining when the light hit it just right. Climbing onto the side of the bridge, he knew it might be tough to make it down there, but he was sure that was the medallion. He figured the fall wasn’t tall enough to kill him, and if he got hurt, it was just Trish’s body and not his own.

Even if it was the medallion and even if he could actually get it, there was still the matter of getting Trish to swap back with him. As he made his way down he thought about all the ways he could trick her so he could get close enough to touch it to her to swap back again.

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Joe knew his wife had really gotten into yoga over the past few months, but when he got home from work and found her donning white robes on the back porch, it seemed like she was taking it to the next level.

“Give it a rest, Shiela,” Joe groaned.

“I’m afraid Sheila is no longer with us,” Sheila’s body told Joe.

“What the heck are you talking about?”

“My name is Ranesh. I was Sheila’s yogi. At 80 years old, my life was near its end. I needed a new body to continue my work, and Sheila so generously offered hers.”

“Wait...what? Don’t you believe in reincarnation or something like that?”

“And just how do you think that process works?”