Saturday, October 27, 2018

Black Diamond

“Alright,” Pete said with a smile, “Time to finally give that double black diamond trail a try! I can’t wait!”

“Like hell you are,” Carol said angrily, “That’s MY body you’ve got right now. What if you broke my arm or my leg!”

“Exactly my point!” Pete retorted, “Since we swapped bodies, I don’t really care what happens! I can take some bigger risks! It’s going to be tons of fun!”

“Well, if you do break my bones, I am not going to swap back with you until it’s healed. And if you damage my body beyond repair, I may never swap back with you.”

“Come on! Take a joke!” Pete lied, knowing full well he was still going to try out the difficult trails the moment Carol was out of earshot.

Friday, October 26, 2018


Immediately after using his invention to steal Juliana’s body, Paul grabbed his stomach in pain. He wondered if Juliana just hadn’t eaten recently or if she was starving herself to stay thin for her modeling career. The reason why he wanted her body was because he saw her as an ideal of beauty. But if this was the price of that beauty, he was not sure how long her was going to last. He couldn’t stop thinking about the pain in his stomach and how much he just wanted to sink his teeth into a giant cheeseburger.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dream Vacation

When Rich promised his wife Natalie the most wonderful vacation event, she expected fancy dinners, spa pampering, and wonderous experiences. Instead, she found herself in a tiny cabin in the woods for one of Rich’s hunting trips. She was more than angry, but finding a small item in a bag with a note just outside gave her an idea for revenge. She waited until the next morning, then just as he finished getting ready for the day’s hunt, she ambushed him with a big hug, making sure what she had found touched them both at the same time.

Rich felt strange after the hug. He took a few steps back to sit on the toilet in order to stop himself from falling over. He was sure his eyes were playing tricks on him as Natalie appeared to be bulking up -- her body seemingly pressing outward against her clothes, making them very tight. And when it was all done, she looked a lot like -- well, like him.

“What the hell?” He finally asked.

Natalie smiled, “Have you not noticed yourself yet?”

Rich looked down. His body had completely transformed. He was still wearing his own clothes, but he clearly now had the body of his own wife! She had swapped their bodies somehow!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Contract (Part 2)

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After finishing his meal, Walter picked up his wine and quietly asked his security to escort Jane out. He always enjoyed seeing his former body, but Jane always overstayed her welcome. The conversation always turned to her begging to get her body back, which Walter found exhausting.

Giving Jane five million dollars to swap bodies was the best money he ever spent. He loved being young and female and thanks to the ironclad contract, this body would be his forever. The money was a simple drop in the bucket from the billions he had, and he had assumed the five million would be life changing for Jane as well.

Maybe it was, but he never heard about it. She was always complaining about how his old body ached or how much she missed her body. Walter simply didn’t care. A deal was a deal.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


“Honestly, Jane, I’m not sure what you’re complaining about,” Walter said as he enjoyed his dinner, “Do you not enjoy your five million dollars? Are you having trouble spending it all?”

“It’s not that,” Jane whined, “I miss my body. I want it back.”

“I’m afraid that’s quite impossible. You signed the contract. You deposited the money. So we swapped bodies per the arrangement. Legally, your body is mine now. I understand you may not like being old -- I certainly didn’t enjoy it myself -- but that is precisely the reason I paid such a premium to swap with a young person. You should learn to take the fullest advantage of what I’ve paid you and live your final years to their fullest.”

Jane frowned. She regretted taking the money to swap bodies with Walter. She thought money would be the solution to all her problems. But she missed being young and being a woman. However, it didn’t seem like she could say anything to convince Walter to swap back with her.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Convincing (Part 3)

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And then Jeff felt someone tapping the top of his head. Nervously he said, “Tom, I’m going to have to call you back.”

He slowly hung up the phone and looked up. One of Bethany’s co-workers was peaking over the side of the cubicle.

“Did you..uh...want to go to lunch?” Jeff asked.

“Actually I couldn’t help but overhear you on the phone,” Bethany’s co-worker said, “And your secret’s safe with me...IF you do me a favor.”

“A favor?”

“Yeah, you see, I’m really looking to divorce my husband and clean him out. I just need you to seduce and sleep with him, so I can use that against him in the proceedings.”

Jeff suddenly felt in over his head.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Convincing (Part 2)

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Jeff hadn’t told many people about his plans to steal Bethany’s body, but he did talk about it with his friend Tom. Of course Tom was skeptical, so during lunch, Jeff decided to surprise his friend with a phone call.

“Guess what worked?” Asked an absolutely giddy Jeff, “And it’s been so much fun, and no one has suspected that I’m not really Bethany. Once I get back home, she’s going to have to accept being stuck in my body because no one is ever going to believe that I’m not actually her.”