Saturday, November 3, 2018

Flexible (Part 3)

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Aside from bending his new body in all sorts of fun ways, Jason grabbed a mirror and began looking at himself. His next thought was that not only was his new body flexible, but it was also gorgeous! He grabbed a tube of lipstick, thinking that he’d have to learn this sort of thing sooner instead of later.

But if he had a new body now, he couldn’t be the only one. How many in the world were swapped? And since he was a woman now, what would his wife think? There was a lot to ponder, but for now, Jason was just going to enjoy it.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Flexible (Part 2)

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Jason managed to get himself into an upright position, but the way he had found himself swapped into this body quickly gave him an idea. He quickly decided to bend his body in ways he wouldn’t dream possible for any human being, but he was more amazed that he was the one able to bend like this. He wasn’t sure what had caused him to swap into this body, but it seemed like he would be able to have a lot of fun.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Flexible (Part 1)

In the wake of the Great Shift, Jason’s eyes slowly blurred back into focus after being blinded by the bright light. He was a little surprised to see two feet right in front of his face. What quickly became even more surprising was that those feet were attached to his body. Those feet just didn’t make any sense. The fact that they were in heels seemed absurd. The fact that they were feminine was shocking. And their location seemed practically impossible. Yet the reality soon sunk in. Jason now had not only the body of a woman, but a very flexible one!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Happy Halloween!

Clifford was absolutely shocked by the puff of smoke in front of him. When it cleared, a woman dressed all in red with a pitchfork stood in front of him. He questioned, “Who are you?”

“I’m the devil,” The woman responded, “I’m here for your soul.”

“The devil? No way. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re just not threatening at all.”

“You’re probably too young to remember. About thirty or forty years ago, I used to have the scariest body possible: ten feet tall, fire red skin, big muscles, real horns and tail, the whole nine yards. Then there was this weird body swapping event you humans would come to call ‘The Great Shift.’ I’m sure it’s in your history books. As it turned out, not even I was immune. I ended up with the body of suburban housewife. Luckily, despite looking far less frightening, I maintained all my powers. I never age and remain immortal; I can still harvest souls; I still have all my magic. You should still be very scared, Cliff, because I am here for you.”

Suddenly, Clifford began to look a lot more scared...

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gain (Part 2)

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Mike now realized he not only had to adjust to being a woman, but a pregnant one. It was a lot to take in that a few short months from now he’d be birthing a baby. The bright side of things was that he could let himself go a little. He didn’t have to work quite so hard on his fitness routine and he could eat whatever he wanted to. He also wasn’t going to concern himself with dressing hot. He could just throw on some maternity clothes and relax. His ever-growing bely was already getting uncomfortable and he knew it was only going to get worse.

Monday, October 29, 2018


Mike realized pretty quickly that he probably shouldn’t be too upset with the body he ended up with as a result of the Great Shift. Sure, he was a woman now, but he was also young and hot. It seemed like a reasonable enough situation, especially considering some of the bodies his friends ended up in.

As the days and weeks passed, there only seemed to be one problem -- he kept gaining weight. Mike’s first guess was that he must’ve still been used to eating like a large guy instead of a small woman, so he tried to cut back. It was so tough; he just felt hungry all the time. And it also didn’t seem to help. He was sure he was now even developing a beer belly despite his caloric reduction.

So he started hitting the gym more, guessing the woman he swapped with had an intense fitness regiment. Yet even despite the intense workout, he was sure he was getting bigger.

It was on one gym trip as he mumbled under his breath about his weight gain and getting fat that another gym member commented.

“You aren’t getting fat,” She said, “You’re pregnant.”

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hyper Sleep

Private Winston O’Grady had signed up for the military experiment to be placed in hyper sleep for twenty years. He was told in that time he wouldn’t age or dream. He’d enter the chamber in an isolated part of a secret facility, and it would feel like just a short nap before waking up. And so he entered and moment later to Winston, it felt like it was over and he exited the chamber. Except there was a lot wrong. The most obvious thing was his body -- it wasn’t his own! He was now a woman, dressed quite fashionably compared to his uniform. The there was the facility; it seemed abandoned. He wasn’t sure if he had slept for the full twenty years or not, or why he was in the wrong body. He began to explore, hoping to find someone...anyone. Ultimately, he stumbled across a phone on a panel with a bunch of buttons and knobs. There seemed to be a dial tone, but any number he remembered didn’t seem to connect. Even 911 came back as out of service. This was certainly strange. His next thought was finding a way out...