Saturday, December 22, 2018

Transformation Powder

“I think Tanya threw the vial of transformation powder over here,” Evan screamed over to Mark.

“Why don’t you lean over and pick it up so you can use it to change yourself back to normal?” Mark yelled back.

As Evan bent over to search through the grass, he still couldn’t believe Tanya had tried to toss this vial away. Maybe she didn’t want to get back to normal, but he certainly did! He hated that she had used this powder to transform him into a woman with a big butt. And that’s when Evan suddenly had a realization. He picked up the vial and quickly stood upright.

“You were staring again, weren’t you, Mark?” He accused.

“Well, come on, dude,” Mark confessed, “It’s so round...and perfect. You know I’m gonna miss it when it’s gone.”

“Well, it’s gonna go soon, because...” Evan stopped suddenly when he looked inside the vial. All of the transformation powder had been used up, which meant he was stuck in this body unless they could locate some more.

Friday, December 21, 2018


“You can’t just leave me here stuck in your sister’s body!” Steve protested with his hands on his hips, “What if her husband comes home? Or her kids?”

“No one will be home for hours,” Alvin assured Steve, “We know the body swap device works; it just overheated. I am going to run back home to get the parts to fix it. I’ll have you back to normal before you know it. Oh, and you may not realize this, but I think being in Karen’s body is already having an effect on you. Your stance and movements are already much more like hers than your own.”

Steve couldn’t think of a good comeback, and the more he argued the longer it would be before he was able to swap back into his own body. He never appreciated being a test subject for Alvin’s weird inventions and this one had put him in a particularly odd situation...

Thursday, December 20, 2018


His first day at a new job started relatively normal for Nathan. He spent the morning sitting around as someone from IT set up his computer and email. But when he returned from lunch, he got a strange headache, and suddenly he found himself in a meeting filled with high level employees. He noted he was now wearing an expensive suit and realized the body he had was not his own. He attempted to just sit quietly and not panic as the meeting continued. Soon after, he experienced another headache and found himself swapped yet again with someone else. He now sat alone in a quiet office; no one seemed to be bothering him. Then the next headache came.

At this point, he was starting to know what to expect, but he was still a little surprised to find himself in a woman’s body for the first time. On this round, he was now standing in the lobby. He wondered what could be causing these swaps and if anyone else was affected. The office hadn’t devolved into chaos, so he couldn’t imagine they were too widespread. He figured he just needed to wait this out. But this time he waited and waited, and the headaches did not return. He was at a loss. He couldn’t go home like this!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


When the odd man entered the mall with a neon plastic toy gun, few gave him much attention. That is, until he started zapping people with the toy that ended up swapping bodies. A good number of people were swapped before the odd man was pinned to the floor, and the toy was retrieved and used to swap people back to normal. Of course, some of the people swapped found much difficulty getting back to normal. George, for instance, couldn’t find his original body anywhere. He found this quite strange, as he couldn’t imagine the gorgeous woman he had swapped with not wanting her body back. He kept searching the mall, but kept turning up with nothing. He couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to run off with his body either. It was certainly nothing special. He was losing his hair, having trouble keeping his weight down, and didn’t find himself to be a particularly attractive guy. Why would anyone want to be that!? For a moment, it made him wonder why he was trying so hard to get back in that body, especially considering the body he ended up stuck in. Yey he was persistent; the woman he swapped with certainly didn’t deserve to be stuck as him. Maybe she thought the odd man was still around; maybe she was hiding? He had to try harder...

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sent to the Corner

Alex sulked as he couldn’t believe he had been sent to the corner of the classroom. He should be receiving praise not punishment! After all, each student had been required to present an idea for invention, but he had done one better with a working prototype; his body swapper actually worked! Sure, it was a bit accidental that it swapped everyone in the entire class, and he had never intended to be the one to swap bodies with the teacher, but that’s just what happened. How was this not considered an impressive feat? He could only sit there and think about how angry he was.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Not Ready

Amber and Thom were shocked to have their bodies swapped by the Great Shift. And Amber, worried about what Thom would do while in her body, used her new strength to overpower Thom and tie him up. Thom certainly understood Amber’s concerns. Heck, he wanted nothing more than to fully explore this body. However, after several hours, the thrill of being a woman wore off, and he was tired of being tied up. He pleaded with Amber to untie him, but she still wasn’t ready. She was still worried about what Thom would do to her body.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Clutch Tighter

Harvey clutched Angelica’s purse tightly. For one, he wasn’t used to carrying a purse around, and two, the Medallion of Zulu was contained within. If he hoped to swap back with Angelica in ten hours, he’d need to take good care of it. Of course being unaccustomed to bringing a purse with him throughout the day would be his undoing. It wouldn’t be long before he brought it to a coffee shop and simply forgot it. While he rushed back and found it fifteen minutes later, the only thing missing inside was the medallion. Now he walked around clutching it even tighter, not sure what he’d tel Angelica to explain to her that he’d lost the medallion, and that they’d both be stuck in each other’s bodies forever.