Saturday, December 29, 2018

Finer Points (Part 3)

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Nicholas stood up defiantly, placing a hand on his hip. “I don’t have to sit here and take this,” He demanded, “What’s stopping me from walking out of here and telling all the science journals the truth?”

Benson laughed, “What’s stopping you? Well, for starters, you may know the scientific journals exist, but do you recall the name of a single one? Think further, can you even remember how to dial a phone? And if you even tried to leave right now, I bet you’d find operating a door knob to be a completely insurmountable task. The level of knowledge I didn’t transfer over to that new body of yours is enormous. And don’t assume you can just relearn these things, as that is something I denied you as well. I do appreciate your spirit here, Nicholas, but I’m afraid you are simply outmaneuvered here.”

Nicholas felt like he should be angry, but Benson had thrown so many words at him at once that he was having trouble even keeping up. He did get the sense that he wasn’t going to have much of a choice here...

Friday, December 28, 2018

Finer Points (Part 2)

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Nicholas twirled his hair and spun around in his chair. “Why would we do this?” He asked, still able to access his natural curiosity, “Why would we make me dumb? Did we have some sort of hippopotamus?”

“Hypothesis.” Benson corrected him, “And, oh, no, it was nothing that grand. Simply put, I’m going to take sole credit for this work, and I deserve it. You were coasting after your original discovery, and I was doing all the grunt work with the finer details. But those finer details were about 90% of the effort, and you wanted to split the credit equally. No way!”

Nicholas stared blankly at Benson. Even the simple numbers were a bit too difficult for him right now, but he could read Benson’s tone. “Why would you confess all this?” He asked.

Benson continued, “Because it doesn’t matter. I swapped you and Victoria weeks ago. And I keep plucking at your memories to make sure you’re dumber and dumber and not a threat to me anymore. The next step is to try to see if I can implant a brand new memory in there to make you believe something is true that isn’t. That something happened when it didn’t.”

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Finer Points (Part 1)

“What the hell just happened?” A very shocked Nicholas asked to his colleague Benson, “Why did I suddenly swap bodies with our secretary?”

“You don’t remember?” Benson asked, “We just made a scientific breakthrough.”

“Really?” Nicholas smiled, enticed by the idea of scientific discovery, “Why don’t I remember any of this?”

“You were the genius behind it! You developed the tech that allowed two people to swap their basic core of who they are. You enlisted my help for some of the finer details. I figured out how to ensure every single memory, skill, impulse, and instinct could be swapped...or not swapped. After all, it may be difficult to adapt to a 5 foot tall body if your brain is used to being 6 foot tall, so we leave that behind.”

“Why don’t I remember any of this? I don’t even feel like I can understand any of this! Let alone figure out how any of it was done.”

“Because you don’t. When you can Victoria swapped, I made sure you didn’t get any of your memories about how to do any of this and much of your intelligence, for that matter. Right now, quite frankly, you’re as dumb as a post.”

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


At this point, the bus seemed to be running at least half an hour late, but Mark still waited there patiently for it. In all honesty, he didn’t feel like he had much of a choice. Calling a taxi was off the table. After all, it was a taxi that was the reason he now had the body of a gorgeous woman. His body had been stolen by the driver, and then he had been able to be steal this woman’s body after that. While the odds of running into that same taxi were low, he still saw it as to much of a risk. He didn’t ever want there to even be the slightest chance of losing this body; it was far too amazing. And so he waited for the bus, no matter how late it was.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Holiday Resort

Exchange Island was a very interesting place to visit during the holiday season. During the days, it was often warm enough to wear a swimsuit and enjoy the beach. At nights, temperature drops often allow for a small amount of snow. It was also the height of Asian tourist season for the island, a fact that Calvin was very aware of. In fact, Calvin visited every year during the holidays, knowing his odds of being in the body of a hot Asian woman were pretty good. This was certainly true this year. Calvin got to enjoy the warm temps, some nice skiing, and the best body he could’ve ever imagined spending time in.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Holiday Party

It happened right in the middle of the office holiday party. There was a huge flash of light and suddenly it seemed like everyone in the attendance swapped bodies with someone else in the office. Bernard laughed when he realized he was in Heather’s body. Heather worked in Human Resources and got really into the holidays to try to boost office morale. He wasn’t sure if it was more awkward for him to be in the body of a woman or to be wearing Heather’s outfit, which was worn in attempt to win the office’s ugly sweater contest. And while Bernard was laughing, others were panicking. People were checking their phones and finding news reports of what was being called “The Great Shift,” which seemed to be worldwide with an estimated 99% of the population swapped into someone else’s body. Bernard could only figure that everyone would eventually adjust, including himself. He’d just have to get used to being in Heather’s body.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Holiday Job

As the holidays approached, Sam was in need of some extra cash. However, finding a part-time job proved to be difficult. His friend had told him about an opening at the mall for elves in the Christmas village they had set up. The only problem? At this point, they were only looking for females to fill the remaining rolls. Sam was desperate. He asked for help to pull off hair, makeup, padding, and more to pass as a woman. In the end, he was more than convincing and got the job on the spot. Being stuck as a holiday elf was certainly humiliating, and having to dress up a woman was just icing on that cake. The only plus side, he guessed, was that he was sure no one would ever recognize him. Each day when he went to work, he felt like he was going to cry, but he put on a smile and played his part as best he could...