Saturday, January 5, 2019

Is It a Choice?

Last year, Steven signed up for an experiment at his college that ended up transferring his brain into another student’s body. He was only supposed to be in her body for a few hours, but when it was time to swap back something went wrong. He was apparently going to be stuck in Angelica’s body until the researchers found a way to fix this. At first, Steven was devastated. He didn’t want to be Angelica; he didn’t want to be a woman. But days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Eventually, he just got used to it. In fact, he was surprised when the researchers showed up at his dorm room a year later explaining they could finally swap the pair back. Steven just laughed and asked if he had to return to his own body. He had gotten so used to being Angelica over the past twelve months that he simply preferred to stay this way now.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Not Ours Anymore

“So they have no idea that they’re now in our bodies?” Albert asked Norman.

“Nope.” Norman replied.

“But how can they not notice? They now have our balding, fat, middle aged bodies!”

“It’s all part of the magic. They won’t realize we swapped for twelve hours.”

“But what if they try to squeeze into a miniskirt or something?”

“Heh. They can try, but they certainly won’t fit. They just won’t realize why until it’s much too late. At that point, we will have gone safely far, far away with their bodies.”

“It’s just weird to think that our bodies will be prancing about town for a while acting like a bunch of college aged women. It’s going to get ugly if they try to hit on some guys.”

“They’ll be fine. And we don’t have to worry about our old bodies. They aren’t ours anymore.”

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Big Gamble

Ed was thankful that his luck was finally starting to turn around again. After gambling away all his money, he begged for a way to earn it back. A woman offered him a deal. If he would switch bodies with her, she would give him a million dollars. Thinking body swapping was fiction, Ed quickly agreed; however, he was shocked when he found himself becoming the middle aged Asian woman. It got worse when he lost much of the million dollars. But he was finally starting hitting an upswing. He was still far from what he needed to buy his own body back, but he was sure he was going to get there. Of course, once he did get enough, he’d be truly surprised by the woman refusing to swap back with him, leaving him stuck in her body...

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


As Jason returned back home after his overseas business trip meeting with foreign investors, he had mixed thoughts about how it went. He was the technical lead on the prototype for the company’s device that could swap bodies, and the device did just that. On the other hand, it may have done it a little too well, swapping more people in the room than just the two intended targets. For instance, Jason himself ended up swapping with the college aged daughter of one of the investors, who was tagging along with her father for some reason.

They would’ve swapped back immediately, but the device was too fried. Jason was sent back home on the next flight in order to start repairs. There were lots of murmurs about the investors puling out, but Jason realized they’d probably be hesitant to do that right away. Besides the fact that they proved their prototype actually worked, Jason also realized he now had the ultimate leverage as long as he was in the body of the daughter of their biggest Asian investor.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year

Ever since he first started attending the most amazing New Year’s Eve party a decade ago, Charles always looked forward to waking up on New Year’s Day. The way the party went was that everyone would attend wearing masks. Drinks would flow and people would have such a good time. Then the countdown to midnight would happen at which time everyone would pass out. They’d all wake up the next morning in the body of another guest. They’d spend the year in that body until the party the next year, when they’d get another different body. As the sun shone in his room this morning, Charles looked out. He noticed the body that would be his for the year. He was a gorgeous young woman, easily the best of the ten bodies he has had so far. In fact, he was wondering if last night would be his last New Year’s Eve party ever...

Monday, December 31, 2018


Connor knew he only had himself to blame. Genevieve had asked him not to kiss her at midnight on New Year’s Eve, but he did it anyway. The kiss triggered magic that swapped their bodies. Genevieve didn’t mind being in Connor’s body, but Connor didn’t want to be a woman. Genevieve broke the bad news that they couldn’t swap back, but told him that he could swap with a different guy with another kiss if he did it before the sun came up. So Connor puckered up and went out on the streets with a mission. After a few hours, he was still unsuccessful. Too many guys were with their girlfriends, a few more were just too drunk. Connor was close a few times, but chickened out feeling weird kissing another guy (even if he was a woman at the moment). He realized finding someone to kiss shouldn’t be hard, especially on New Year’s, but for some reason it was!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Finer Points (Part 4)

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Three months later, Nicholas sat on a couch in Benson’s apartment. He was excited as he wore his favorite little black dress for the event they would be attending.

“I’m so proud of this achievement, Darling,” He said to Benson, “You absolutely deserve this award. It’s such a breakthrough that you invented a procedure for swapping people’s brains! I mean, that’s just incredible.”

“It was a lot of work.” Benson replied, “Honestly, today feels like the best day of my life. Well, second best.”

Nicholas blushed before giving Benson a kiss, “Thanks. Marrying you two years ago was the best day of my life too.”

Benson knew the memory of a wedding he implanted Nicholas was a lie. Heck, he planted a lot of lies like how they first met, dates, and so on. He also forced a lot of feelings too, like unconditional love and devotion. And the amount he took away was even greater. Heck, Nicholas didn’t even realize his name was really Nicholas. But Benson had managed to not only eliminate his competition, but create himself a beautiful, dutiful wife in the process.