Saturday, January 19, 2019


Majoring in music immediately exposed Jason to all sorts of outgoing people. In fact, despite his shy nature, he met Amy his first week of college. Amy was eccentric, creative, and very prolific. She always seemed to have some sort of crazy project going on, and nothing she did ever surprised Jason.

Midway through their senior year, she approached him with excitement in her voice. She had borrowed an odd invention from someone she knew in the engineering school. It held limitless potential by allowing two people to transmit brainwaves to each other. It could literally double the ideas in people’s heads and make both twice as prolific. She showed it to Jason because he was the most creative person she knew. He was flattered and quickly agreed.

Only once they used the device, something seemed to go horribly wrong. After activation, Jason couldn’t seem to find Amy anywhere. It took a few minutes for him to figure out that the reason why was because he was now the one in her body. Amy, along with his own body, just seemed to disappear. This was worrisome, but then he sat down at the piano. Not only was he completely at a loss for ideas on new compositions, he couldn’t even think of how to form chords properly or how to play any songs he’d ever written or ever learned! Instead of enhancing his musical ability, that odd device had instead sucked him dry and left him stuck in Amy’s body...and seemed to make Amy and his own body zap out of existence!

Friday, January 18, 2019


Fred didn’t remember dying. For him it had simply been like falling asleep, and death was like a sleep without dreams. It was peaceful until a woman set up some candles in his old house in an attempt to communicate with the dead. Her seance was like being awoken early on a Saturday morning after a late Friday night, and Fred was not in the mood to be awoken. He focused on her in the dark to seek his revenge. He decided to possess her body, become her for a bit, and make her do a series of humiliating things. Unfortunately, after doing these things, Fred wouldn’t be able to figure out how to de-possess the woman. He’d be stuck as her for quite some time before he finally figured it out.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Frank had been working at the university’s library for nearly fifty years. He was looking into retirement before the Great Shift happened and swapped him into the body of a student. Now he was barely twenty years old and a woman! He had gotten used to being seen as an elder authoritative figure, but few people saw him as such in his new, youthful body. He had started to look forward to retirement even more now; however, it wasn’t long before he encountered a hitch. It seemed a certain clause in his employment contract meant he wouldn’t qualify for retirement benefits due to the fact that his new body was simply too young to qualify. He couldn’t believe he’d have to end up working nearly a hundred years before he’d be eligible again. He sighed as he reshelved another book, pondering his choices.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Being Eve

Derek never really saw eye-to-eye with his sister, Eve. Derek was a punk guy living in a small apartment in the city, attending indie rock, metal, or underground hip-hop concerts each night while working odd jobs during the day, and he saw Eve’s life of living in the burns with a normal day job as simply a bore. Sure, he loved his sister, but he was also sure that he’d never understand her. That is, until one day he woke up in her body.

When it happened, he was in a panic. He called up his own number. She answered the phone angry at Derek -- not because of the body swap, but because she was now the one dealing with his hangover. Fortunately, she always tried to be the level-headed one and gave him instructions on getting ready and what to wear. She also reminded him to smile at work or people might think something was up.

He hated it all at first. He hated wearing her boring clothes and going to her boring job. He really hated having to put on a smile when interacting with her co-workers. The first day, he thought about getting a nose piercing or a tattoo, but he knew Eve would kill him. The days dragged at first, but at the end of the week, he was actually starting to enjoy the challenge of her job; the clothes no longer seemed so bad; and the smile was actually authentic. Derek was a little worried that he might be getting too used to being Eve. Part of him wanted to swap back now before he got too comfortable; the other part of him was hoping he’d be stuck like this for good.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Just Great...

“Well, this is just great,” groaned Lance, “I signed up for this experiment at my college to make some extra cash, and it ended up being this thing where you swapped bodies with someone for a week. I ended up switching with some chick. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they explained that some things like particular skills or muscle memory might not transfer to the new body. It didn’t seem like a big deal until I got behind the wheel of my car. I guess this chick didn’t know how to drive, because everything felt so off. It was like I was behind the wheel for the first time all over again. Technically, I knew how everything worked, but I had to think about it; I wasn’t just on autopilot. It was all pretty frustrating, and I’m honestly not sure how I’m going to survive this week...”

Monday, January 14, 2019

Unique Version of Hell

“This has got to be some sort of unique version of hell,” Zach thought to himself shortly after the Great Shift, “I’ve always loved women with a nice ass. Heck, it’s always been the first thing I’ve tried to check out on a chick. Now that I swapped bodies with one, I’m pretty sure I got a nice one, but do you realize how hard it is to check out your own ass? I mean, it’s nearly impossible to get a good look at it! I can’t begin to describe how crazy this is making me!”

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Training (Part 2)

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As the days and weeks began to pass, Jack felt pretty strange about being in another student’s body, the body of a young Japanese woman named Ai. He spent many hours wondering what lesson his coach was trying to teach. He had said something about having a better team by just picking random people, but the first few games had been horrible with others inside the bodies of the football players.

Then it started to dawn on him. Maybe his coach wanted to show that they were all too dependent on the strength of their bodies and not utilizing their learned skills. He thought about the rest of the team and not one of them swapped into what he would call an athletic body. Jack had assumed from the moment he swapped with Ai that it would get crushed if he even tried to step on the field, but maybe it wouldn’t? Maybe he could just as good in her body as he would in his own. He decided he’d get back to the field and insist coach let him try.