Saturday, January 26, 2019

High Stress

It had been a week since Zach first swapped bodies with his sister, Amanda. She was desperately worried how her slacker brother would handle her high stress job, but Zach quickly found a way to adapt. He discovered on the very first day that if he just flirted a little bit with some of the guys in the office, he could get away with doing absolutely so work. It felt a little strange flirting with men at first, but he had to remind himself that he was a woman for the time being. As the days passed, he upped the ante by wearing short leather skirts of shiny red lipstick. It seemed the more he embraced a sexy, feminine, flirty image, the less actual work he had to do.

Amanda would often call to check in. Zach would try to keep things short. “I don’t know what you complain about,” He told her, “Your job isn’t nearly as stressful as you make it out to be, and everyone is extremely friendly.”

Amanda would often push for more details, but Zach always found a way to get her off the phone quickly. He was no longer worried about getting his sister fired; he was worried he was enjoying acting like this feminine stereotype a little too much.

Friday, January 25, 2019


Dr. Emily Chan couldn’t describe her shock on Monday morning when she saw what seemed to be a new scientist in the lab look up from the microscope. The new woman looked up from her work, and Emily let out an audible gasp as a face that looked identical to her own smiled at her.

“Emily, please allow me to explain,” The woman said, “It’s me. It’s Malcolm, Dr. Malcolm O’Donnell. My advance age was no secret to anyone here, but my aggressive cancer certainly was. After everyone left on Friday, I discovered a breakthrough that could save my life. I found a way to regenerate damaged cells, but I needed a small donor sample in order to act as a catalyst. I searched in all of our samples for a compatible donor. Nothing in our catalog would work. I got desperate and looked around for hairs, nail clippings, skin flake...anything! Eventually I found some and injected myself. I soon discovered that my discovery not only caused damaged cells to regenerate to match the donor -- it rewrote ALL of my cells. By Sunday morning, I had become an exact copy of you on a cellular level. I’m not sure if I can reverse it, but there are no longer any traces of cancer in me and I managed to make myself 40 years younger as well. I should have plenty of time to try to fix this!”

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Somewhere Exotic

Junior knew he was practically the poster child for a wealthy young man born into money. He hadn’t worked a day in his life, flashed his cash to get the attention of women, and was generally obnoxious. He was on his yacht just off the coast with a dozen beautiful women when one of them suggested going somewhere exotic. Junior smiled and let her drive the yacht as he flirted with her and often groped her.

Anna felt rather humiliated, but withstood it for hours knowing her revenge was coming soon. Sure enough as the small island appeared on the horizon, it was her time to smile. When they got close enough, the strangest thing happened, everyone on the boat swapped bodies with each other. All of the beautiful women swapped with each other, and Anna luckily swapped into Junior’s body. Junior was shocked to find himself in the body of one of the other women. Anna explained Exchange Island to him, and it’s mysterious body swapping. He demanded to leave. She explained he was no longer the one in control of this situation. Anna’s first order of business would be to call back to shore and transfer money out of Junior’s accounts to each of the women on board -- seeing as how she could voice verify the transfer right now. Then they’d spend some time on Exchange Island where Junior would be stuck in a woman’s body. Anna and all the other woman hoped he’d learn a lesson from it or treat women better afterward. Even if he didn’t, forcing him to be a woman for a while still felt like poetic justice.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Almost Over

Ed still couldn’t believe how easy this week had been, or how stupid this woman’s husband was. He was sure he wasn’t acting like his wife or even all that feminine, but he never suspected that it wasn’t his wife inside this hot little body. Ed figured he shouldn’t be surprised; this woman probably married him for his money, and he probably married her to have a trophy wife with little regard or concern about her actual personality. Ed swapped bodies with her about a week ago to scope out the couple’s home from the inside, dropping emails to a buddy on the outside about the best way to rob the place.

There was some sort of gala tonight that Ed would attending with this woman’s husband. It was going to be the perfect opportunity to clean the home out. Ed would leave the door open, his buddy would pull a van up a little later, the big ticket items would go first. Ed would return home and comfort a devastated husband. But the best part of was by this time tomorrow, he’d go out to pretend to replace a missing item, but instead meet up with his buddy to swap back to his own body. He wouldn’t have to be a woman anymore, and they could start selling stuff to get rich! He bit on his nails with excitement just thinking about it. He also told himself next time they pulled this body swapping scam, he’d make his buddy do the body swapping!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Juanita (Part 3)

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Juanita decided to change out of his leather work overalls and into something more comfortable. He looked through his closet and everything felt exciting and new while also seeming old and familiar. He was starting to get used to the contradictions in his head as just a matter of fact as he selected a black dress that he both had fond memories of while also eager to see what he’d look like if he tried it on.

After changing he sat down on the couch and watched some television, flipping constantly between a baseball game and a soap opera -- never quite able to decide which to settle on. It was all perfectly normal, perfectly fine for him. Of course, it might be less fine when Rita’s husband finally got home, and he discovered a woman in his house who only somewhat looked like his wife.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Juanita (Part 2)

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Juanita examined his body in a mirror. He tried to get a good look at his back side. He was still so fascinated that he was a woman now, even as part of felt like this shouldn’t be strange because he always had been a woman. Soon Juanita began to wonder what his husband would say when he arrived home to find his wife now had much more exotic features, darker skin, and black hair. And then Juanita thought of her wife back in the city as well; what was he going to tell her now that she was a woman! And, God, he didn’t want to go back to that small, one bedroom apartment -- even if it did feel like home. “Maybe my wife can live with me and my husband in this house,” Juanita thought as his mind kept bouncing back and forth between memories of Juan and those of Rita. Juan’s memories may have been slightly more dominant, but Rita’s comfortable lifestyle meant holding onto her recollections were very convenient.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


Juan had a bad feeling that morning as he drove his van out of the city to his contractor work in the suburbs. He couldn’t quite place his finger on why; it just felt like something bad was going to happen. The job itself started off relatively routine. A blond woman named Rita wearing a bikini top and leather pants greeted him and showed him where the problem was. She soon jetted off to the backyard to lounge about by the pool as Juan got to work. The first thing he needed to do was tear open a wall in order to replace an old duct. He was about to bust it open when he felt strange -- almost as if he was in two places at the same time. Then everything snapped back into place and Juan felt very strange.

He still had all his memories of being Juan -- immigrating to this country as a child, starting his contractor business, but he could also sense memories of being Rita as well -- marrying a rich investment banker and buying this house. His body seemed to be a mix of his and Rita’s as well. He had her curves and her femininity, but he was still Hispanic. His still had his overalls on, but they were now made of the leather of Rita’s pants. He looked at the wall where he was supposed to replace the duct, and while he knew exactly what needed to be done, he certainly didn’t feel like getting his manicured hands dirty! He was still trying to wrap his head around all the ways he was still Juan and all the ways he was now Rita, and he was slowly resigning to himself that he was truly a mix of the two now -- Juanita!