Saturday, February 2, 2019

Pain at the Pump (Part 2)

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Chad returned to the driver’s seat and got inside. He had left his keys and wallet inside, so he was finally ready to go. Still focused on just getting to work, he couldn’t quite figure out why he had to adjust his eat and mirrors. When he pulled out onto the street, he was astonished by the amount of accidents. Groaning, he knew this was only going to make him even later. The GPS wasn’t much help as it seemed every route was filled with traffic. Eventually, he switched from listening to music on his Bluetooth to the radio to try and figure out what was going on. Every station was reporting about some sort of massive body swapping. That’s when the realization finally came crashing down on him. He wasn’t sure how he even noticed. Maybe he finally noticed the feminine hands or his reflection in his rearview mirror, but Chad was having the horrific realization that many had already gone though some time earlier -- he had swapped bodies with someone. His masculine ego was taking a big hit that he was now a woman, but he tried to look on the bright side: at least no one would get on his case about being late for work today!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Pain at the Pump

Chad couldn’t believe he was running late for work again. To make matters worse, he was low on gas in his SUV and needed to fill up if he hoped to make it without running out completely. Even though he knew it would make him even later, he pulled into a station and began to fill up. As the gallons and dollars ticked up, he went inside to scarf down a breakfast sandwich from the minimart.

He was so focused on needing to get to work that he didn’t notice the screams or even the change to his own body. The Great Shift had happened without Chad giving it a single thought. He had been an athletic man in his early 30s wearing a three piece suit, but now was a stylish woman in her 20s -- yet he didn’t even notice. He chalked up any weirdness he was feeling to the fact that he ate breakfast at a gas station or that he was worried about being late. He was just thankful to be returning the nosil to the pump so he could be getting on his way.

Thursday, January 31, 2019


Harvey often wondered what would happen if he ran into Stephanie. Would she even recognize her own body? Before the Shift, Stephanie wasn’t the type of woman who was stylist or would wear makeup. Then thanks to the world-wide body swapping event, Harvey ended up in her body. He never expected to enjoy acting feminine, but he couldn’t imagine not doing his hair and makeup these days. He was probably an unlikely candidate for someone who would’ve liked to end up with a woman’s body, but it turned out to be the case. Meanwhile, he sure hoped Stephanie was happy being a guy. She may not have worn makeup, but she still seemed comfortable with herself before the Shift...

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Terrance was on a business trip when he heard loud noises coming from the hallway in his hotel. He investigated to find a very drunk woman stumbling around and struggling to get into her room.

“Hey, Baby,” Terrance suggested, “If you are having trouble, you can always stay in my bed.”

“F*ck you,” The woman slurred, “I know what this looks like. It probably serves me right to get hit on by a creep like you. After all, it was less than fifteen minutes ago I was down in the hotel bar hitting on women myself. I was drunk and said something stupid and so did this woman I was trying to pick up. I guess there was some sort of witch down there or something, who decided it would be funny to have the woman I hit on and I swap bodies. So now I’m a chick and you’re hitting on me. It’s so f*cking funny that I forgot to laugh. But, hey, if you want a laugh, why don’t you try this sort of crap down at the bar. I’m pretty sure that witch is still down there, and she’ll probably do to you the same sort of thing she did to me.”

And after her rant, the woman managed to use the keycard to unlock her door. Terrance was sure she was just crazy. A witch in the hotel bar? It seemed crazy, but part of him was now a little curious to go down and see for himself...

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Check Out

It started out as a typical visit to the grocery store for Michael when he spotted a hot woman in one of the aisles. She looked so good in her high heels and leather pants that he spent a little extra time examining a product he was holding in order to catch a few extra glances of her as he looked up from the label. He also found himself following her into the next aisle and pretended to be interested in some of the organic shampoos and whatnot. Ultimately, he knew he was never going to have the confidence to talk to her and was about to move on when something strange happened. He suddenly felt very strange in his own body. It took him just a moment for him to realize the heels on his feet, the tight leather hugging his legs, and the long hair hanging from his head. It seemed both inexplicable and impossible, but he was suddenly the woman he had been checking out moments ago. He wasn’t quite sure what to do. Surely, if people had swapped bodies suddenly, shouldn’t there be some sort of panic? Even if it was just him and the woman, he’d imagine she’d be approaching him in a fury by now -- she surely got the short end of the stick in this swap. So Michael decided to keep on as if this was normal; as if he was this woman. What choice did he really have? He wasn’t sure what she was looking for here or what else she needed to buy, but he figured he’d try his best to manage.

Monday, January 28, 2019


“When we swapped bodies last month ago, I thought it was some sort of cosmic fluke,” Lisa told her husband Ryan, “We both seemed to struggle adapting to being in each other’s bodies. We promised to look for a way back to normal. But now I see this? A $3000 charge on our credit card to something called ‘Body Swap.’”

“I’m sorry,” Ryan confessed.

“I just don’t understand why. Why did you swap our bodies in the first place? Why do pretend to look for a way back when you knew about a way back? Why did you lie to me about so much?”

“I don’t know. I intended to swap back after a day, but I just enjoyed being you so much. I thought you’d never know. I can’t even fully explain why I was curious in the first place or why I felt compelled to pay so much to do it...”

Sunday, January 27, 2019


“Okay, so now that you’re dressed, you just need to turn the treadmill on and run for about 30 minutes or so,” Laura explained.

“Thirty minutes?” A surprised Marvin asked as he turned around to look at his former body, “The last time I ran was probably ten years ago in high school! I have asthma! I’ll get winded!”

Laura sighed, “You know for someone who is supposed to be a nerdy genius, you aren’t exactly bright sometimes. Since I have your body that means I have your asthma. You have my body without any asthma. In fact, I ran every day and was in excellent shape, and I’d really like to keep it that way for when we finally swap back.”

“Right....right...” Marvin muttered before turning around to look at the control panel of the exercise machine. He still wasn’t sure how to turn the damn thing on. Sure, he could program millions of lines of complex code and create a seemingly impossible machine to swap two people’s bodies, but turning on something regular people used every day was just beyond him. He knew he was asocial, and he had never meant to trigger a test of his body swapping this early; he certainly never meant to swap bodies with Laura! Yet because of the swap, she was now forcing him to leave his house, go out in public at places like the gym, and act like a normal human being instead of the reclusive hermit he was...