Saturday, February 9, 2019


For Jeff, being a woman wasn’t the weirdest thing about swapping bodies with Christine. Granted, being a woman was a very different and strange experience. He could probably write a book about how odd he thought Christine’s tight jeans were compared to his own or about getting long hair in his mouth when the wind blew.

But still the weirdest thing for him had to be how much shorter he was now. He had been over 6 feet tall before the Shift, and now he was almost a foot shorter. Things he was able to reach so easily before now he couldn’t even touch on his tiptoes. This just seemed bigger. All of Christine’s shoes had an extra inch of two of platform to boost her up, but even the shoes felt weird, and they didn’t even help that much!

Friday, February 8, 2019


Peter knew about Ashley’s diet; he just didn’t particuarly care. Yes, he had swapped bodies with Ashley, so this was her body. But he was the one controlling it, and he wasn’t about to spend a week eating salads and wheatgrass. Sure, he’d imagine she’d be pissed when they swapped back and she found out about the entire pizza he ate in one sitting or the triple bacon cheeseburger he had in another. The weird thing was he didn’t have any problem scarfing it all down either. He figured she’d have a smaller stomach that would just get full. But he also knew he had his own brain that was used to eating big meals. He guessed the psychology won out over the physical space in her stomach. Or maybe she had just starved herself so much that her body was just happy to accept the gluttony for a change. Much like her diet, he didn’t particularly care the reasoning, he was just glad that despite the fact that he had her body, he didn’t really have to change his lifestyle.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Grin and Bear It

Caleb felt weird coming back to school for the first time since The Great Shift. He arrived early and ended up being the first one there. Most students kept assuming he was their teacher. He supposed it did make sense. After all, the woman’s body he swapped into did teach at a nearby elementary school. He hadn’t had any time to go shopping and since he didn’t have any sisters, he had to borrow clothes from his mom. He probably looked and dressed like a teacher instead of the eighteen year old high school senior he was. When his classmates came in and asked about the lesson plan, he would just smile awkwardly and explain who he really was -- just about everyone had to explain who they really were anyway. The day hadn’t even started yet, and Caleb was already wishing it was over. Heck, he wished the final two weeks of school would be over already. Until then, he’d just have to grin and bear it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Half of Infinity

“What the hell just happened?” Scot exclaimed, feeling very strange.

“Thanos,” Jean replied flatly, “He just snapped his fingers.”

“I thought that was going to obliterate half of all life in the universe.”

“I think something went wrong. Instead of eliminating half of the people; it seems to have just mixed up halves, including our own.”

“Tell me about it! I love you, Jean, but I don’t want your body from the neck down! I can’t explain how weird this feels.”

“That’s why we’re got to stop him!”

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Not a Day Off

Bill had just returned to his apartment from his job at a brokerage while his housekeeper Lin was just finishing cleaning up for the day. As he reached into his wallet to pay her, a flash of light surrounded them and the pair passed out. They each awoke a short while later to discover themselves in each other’s bodies. Investigating further, they learned the cause was something called “The Great Shift.” Despite the chaos caused by the massive body swapping event, Bill knew it was unlikely his work would give him tomorrow off. He looked at himself in the mirror, seeing the reflection of Lin, a Chinese immigrant in cut off jean shorts and a dirty t-shirt. This look wasn’t going to cut it. He knew his own suits would not work either, so he called in a quick favor from another broker he used to date.

The next morning, Bill got ready for work. He admired how Lin’s body looked in a feminine pantsuit. It was honestly a bit of a surprise for him. He had only ever seen her wear dumpy clothes for cleaning his place -- she actually looked pretty stunning in business-wear. He’d have to lean on his female co-workers for tips on some other outfits to buy. After all, it didn’t seem like the Great Shift was going to be reversed any time soon...if ever!

Monday, February 4, 2019


Marcus was quite proud of his latest invention. With a simple flip of a switch, he transformed his entire essence into pure energy, which was subsequently absorbed into the body of his neighbor, Charlotte. This meant for all intents and purposes, he basically took over Charlotte’s body. What Marcus didn’t realize was that Charlotte was a single mom and her young son got caught up in the energy transfer as well. As a result, Marcus would be prone to some pretty strange behaviors from time to time. He would suck his thumb in public or have tendencies to throw tantrums in order to try to get his way. While most adults were quite shocked to see an adult woman behave in these ways, Marcus had a hard time even realizing anything was off. It would prove to complicate matters when he finally decided to extract his essence from Charlotte’s body.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Short Term

“Make up? Diets? You seriously expect me to care about any of that stuff?” Larry asked as he shoved some food into his mouth, “Why? Because we swapped bodies? If anything, that makes me care even less! I certainly didn’t take great care of my own body, as you probably can tell now that you are in it Sarah; so I’m probably going to be even more reckless with a body that I don’t feel much attachment to. I certainly have no idea how long this swap is going to last, but I’m still treating this as a short term thing for now...”