Saturday, February 23, 2019


“What do you mean I won’t be swapping back today?” Jeff stammered, “Emily and I had a contract. We were supposed to swap bodies for a week, and it’s up today.”

“Well, you see if you review that document in front of you,” The man at the body swap clinic explain, “Just before swapping, Miss Hanson signed an extension for ten years just before swapping bodies with you. And your signature was added to that document two days ago.”

“But that just means Emily signed it as her and then came in her and signed it again as me! How is this possibly valid.”

“I’m afraid it is valid. The laws haven’t quite caught up with body swapping yet. Any signature she signed while in your body is considered your signature. We can’t go around breaking the law by swapping you back. I’m afraid you are Miss Hanson for the next ten years...”

Friday, February 22, 2019

Parent-Teacher Conference

John clutched the lesson plan tightly in his hands as he entered the classroom. He felt so unprepared; after all, he had never taught a class before in his life. Of course, none of the students had any idea of this. When they looked up at him, they just saw their teacher, Miss Warren. John nervously looked over to his son, who was in Miss Warren’s class. He wanted to tell him about last night -- about he was attending a parent-teacher conference when he suddenly swapped bodies with Janice Warren and about how they agreed to keep the swap secret until they could figure out a way to swap back -- but he knew he shouldn’t. Janice had prepped John as much as he could, but he was having trouble enough dealing with all the feelings of being in a woman’s body that also having to deal with trying to obtain all the knowledge it took to educate a group of students wasn’t easy. He could only do his best and hope to swap back soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Long Night (Part 2)

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Right before sending the text, Daniel stopped. What was he going to tell his wife about this? That her husband was now a woman? He couldn’t exactly use this body to say her husband was alright but merely ‘mysteriously disappeared;’ that wouldn’t bring her any comfort. And what if the person who now had his body had just gone home and pretended everything was fine? He shuddered to think what kind of jerk may be in his body now, possibly sleeping with his wife! Could he pretend to be one of his own co-workers? Or a concerned friend? What if his wife ended up thinking that Daniel was his own mistress or something? There were so many ways this could go wrong. He needed some time to think this over. Even if it meant never seeing his wife again, he needed to make sure she was alright, and he needed her to know that he was alright too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Long Night

Daniel couldn’t believe the night he just had. After getting out late from work, he tried to take a cab home. However, the strangest thing happened when he swapped bodies with the cab driver. He wanted to get out and scream at his former body, but instead he felt compelled to just keep driving. He just kept picking up fares and dropping them off. At one point, he noticed a journal on the seat next to him. He tried reading while driving, which usually meant some slight skimming as passengers yelled at him. He managed to get the basic gist of the curse and how to break it -- the ride just had to be long enough and he’d have to say “Have a nice day” as a person left the cab. He started saying it to everyone to no effect; he could only figure the rides weren’t long enough. It wasn’t until the next morning when he said to a woman who took his cab on her way to work. He was glad to not be driving the cab anymore, but a little surprised that he ended up in her body and not back in his own. He figured he didn’t read the journal carefully enough or something. He tried to put these concerns out of his head as he reached for the woman’s cell phone. He began to text his wife; she was probably worried sick about him!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


“Would you please stop staring at my ass?” Gavin grumbled.

“Technically, it’s my ass,” Jamie responded, “And I can’t believe how great it looks. But remember, you’re just borrowing it for a while until we can figure out how to reverse what happened to us.”

“Yeah, well you’re making me feel like a piece of meat. I know I agreed to help keep your body in shape for as long as we’re stuck like this, but I may just renege on that promise if you keep this up.”

“And now you know how most women feel. And, believe me, if you go out on the streets with my body then you’ll have a lot of guys making you feel like that.”

Monday, February 18, 2019

Principal's Office

Principal Harris was a little disappointed to see Jeff in the office again. With a stern look, Principal Harris lectured Jeff, “This is the third time you’ve been sent to my office since the break ended, young man. You used to be such a good student, whats’ gotten in to you?”

Jeff leaned over and paused before speaking up, “That’s the thing, isn’t it? I’m not exactly a ‘young man’ anymore, am I? The Great Shift swapped just about all my other classmates with other students, but I get stuck in Mrs. Bell’s body. I’m a forty year old woman now! I have to wear my mom’s clothes! Yet I still get treated like an eighteen year old kid. I had plans to go to college and med school, but by the time I would complete my residency, I’d be close to sixty. So what’s the point? Why am I bothering with any of this?”

After explaining, Jeff just sulked, not wanting to hear any sort of excuse of explanation Principal Harris could come back with..

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Get out of Jail Free (Part 4)

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Vinny sat on the bed and contemplated the idea of restarting his criminal enterprise. He wondered if anyone would actually take him seriously with Kayla’s petite, feminine body. He’d probably have to act twice as tough and twice as mean as he did before, and that’s when he started to have serious doubts. He could tell that there was something about being in this body that made him more passive. There didn’t seem to be much he could do about it either. It didn’t seem like restarting the old business was really much of an option...