Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Virus

It had to be an attack on the store’s computer systems, Alvin was sure of it. He quickly rushed a terminal on the floor to try to figure it out despite the fact that he was now in the body of one of his own customers, a middle aged Asian man. In fact, the odd computer virus had affected everyone in the store, swapping their bodies with someone else in the store. No one seemed to panic; they all just seemed dumbfounded and somewhat amazed at the technology. One one of Alvin’s sides were two men from the local college, who were now in the bodies of two Asian women around the same age. They had been checking out video games, but were now searching the web about what they might need to know about their new gender if they just happened to be stuck like this. On Alvin’s other side, a man was swapped with his own father. The chaos continued like that throughout the store. Alvin only hoped he could reverse the virus quickly and get everyone back to their own bodies.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dead (Part 3)

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Once Brian decided to leave without calling for help, he lingered for just a little while longer. He wasn’t sure if he was hoping someone would come by and he’d be forced to fess up to everything or if he just thought he may wake up, as if this was a dream he could escape from. But nothing like that happened. He was a woman now; and technically he was the woman that killed him. He was beautiful, and (judging from the car) he was also probably rich. He figured this would be a god life. It’s not that he ever would’ve given up his own, but he found it hard to be upset about this at the same time. He put on a par of sunglasses he found in the car, waited a few more moments, then finally got in and drove off to start his new life.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dead (Part 2)

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Brian struggled with his thoughts. Should he call the police? Or an ambulance? Would it do any good? After all, his body already seemed to be dead. And on top of that, he was in the body of the woman whose recklessness had killed it. Surely, the police wouldn’t believe who he really was, and he’d be arrested immediately for a crime he didn’t actually commit. He could just run away. She was planning to do that anyway. In all likelihood, she probably believed she wouldn’t be caught, and she was probably right. He could do that, couldn’t he? In fairness, he hadn’t been the one to commit a crime. He was innocent! Of course, if he was caught, it would just make things worse; and no one would probably believe his story about who he really was at that time either...

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Dead (Part 1)

Brian had been on a relaxing walk on a nice day when he was struck in a terrible accident. He hadn’t even heard or seen the sleek, black car before it hit him. The only reason why he even realized what happened was because immediately afterward his spirit started floating above the scene. He saw his body lifeless on the ground, and he saw the woman behind the wheel. She didn’t seem to care about what she had done, as she was about to just pull away and leave the scene.

Brian was mad, but he couldn’t imagine he could do anything about it. Then fate stepping in for him. He no longer was in control of his own spirit form as it began racing toward the car -- no, not the car exactly, but he woman behind the wheel. His spirit started moving faster and faster until he impacted her with a flash.

The next thing he knew, he was no longer a spirit anymore. He was a living, breathing person again. And not just any person, but the woman who had just hit him with her car! He opened the door slowly, noting how odd he felt now that he was a woman. He checked on his body and was a little worried when he found it was, in fact, dead. What to do now?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

If Only

Unlike many in the wake of the Great Shift, Wade had an opportunity. The company he was working for had been developing body swapping technology. The whole project had been under wraps, and it technically still was. They could only swap back two people each day, and they couldn’t scale up production to make more devices. But as an employee, Wade had the chance to schedule a swap with his own body. The only problem? Wade had no idea where he original body was! He had looked over the city extensively ever since he found himself swapped into the body of a petite Asian woman. He often looked down at crowds, hoping his body would be among them. He never had any luck. He wondered if his original body had died or simply left town. He knew most of the world was stuck in the wrong body, but somehow it seemed even more painful for him since he could at least theoretically return to normal -- if only he could find his body!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Strings Attached

Steve knew swapping bodies with a woman was a possibility when he first starting planning his vacation to Exchange Island, but some of the finer details of being female were still unexpected. Wearing a bikini was a new experience, and the ones this borrowed body owned were difficult for him. He certainly didn’t expect it to come untied while he was swimming. And he was lucky he ended up catching to strings before it came of and he ended up exposing others at the resort. The next two weeks were going to be a challenge, but they were also going to be fun!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Press Conference

There was a big press conference in fifteen minutes, and as head of the company’s PR Evan was due to explain what had just happened. He clutched his phone tightly in his hand; he was nervous. The company he worked for had noble goals. Research had been working on a way to revolutionize medical transplants. In fact, if it ended up working out, nothing would actually be transplanted at all. A scanning beam could be used to analyze a healthy donor while a second beam infused with stem cells could make a copy of the healthy body part into a body in need of a transplant. The possibilities were endless, from heart disease to amputees to sex changes. But a mistake took place during testing, resulting in random exchanging and copying of donor parts and sometimes even entire bodies! The effects extended for several miles. Evan, for instance, now had a full copy of Ming Lee’s body, a woman who worked in as an executive assistant. It was bad enough he was going to have to explain what just happened to the press, but it was going to be more difficult doing it from an unfamiliar body. He just kept telling himself that no matter what body he had, he was a professional and good at his job. He could do this!