Saturday, March 23, 2019

Read Carefully

“Do you have to whine?” A frustrated Aaron asked, “I hate to see my body whine.”

“But we haven’t swapped back yet! We were supposed to swap back two weeks ago! I want my body back!” Stephanie complained.

Aaron reached into his desk and pulled out some papers, “Did you read our contract, Miss Wells? Each week I have the option to renew at my sole discretion. I have, of course, opted to retain your body each week, which I do plan on continue doing. We weren’t ever supposed to swap back, nor will we ever be scheduled to do so until I’m good and ready. In fact, I only agreed to meet with you today to explain this to you.”

“But you can’t do that!”

“Of course I can! It’s in the contract! It’s certainly not my fault if you didn’t read it carefully enough.”

Friday, March 22, 2019

Test Subject

Gary always considered himself pretty smart, but he couldn’t hold a candle to his classmate, Connie. Not only as Connie a genius, she also participated on the college cheerleading squad and was popular on campus. He was humbled when she even talked him, but today she asked him to help test something she was working on. Gary was excited to see, and Connie soon displayed her invention, a body swapping machine.

Gary was skeptical, but he quickly allowed himself to be a test subject. He was a little disappointed to find out the other volunteer was one of Connie’s fellow cheerleaders instead of Connie herself, but he still didn’t want to say no. The Asian cheerleader named Mei sat quietly as it took about an hour for Connie to set everything up. In the next instance, Greg was in Mei’s body. He told Connie it worked and asked to be swapped back, but Mei noticed the time. They’d be late for cheerleading practice if they didn’t leave now.

Gary protested, but Connie assured him Mei’s body should retain the memory of all the moves and that she’d swap them back right after. If the experience of being a woman alone wasn’t weird enough, finding himself in an athletic body capable of complex routines was downright bizarre. Gary found himself lifting his leg far above his head and scaling a human pyramid. He was always been the quiet dorky type, but after experiencing this, he wasn’t sure he even wanted to go back to his former body or life.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


There was an old legend about a village with an enchanted well. When the water from the well was drunk, it would transform a person into something else. Dr. Thomas Clarke had long theorized the well wasn’t a mere legend; that it actually existed. His colleagues laughed at him, but he was determined. He set out on an expedition, and one day found a well in an abandoned village. It may sense, most of the locals had probably been transformed into animals or maybe even trees or some other type of plant. Thomas knew drinking the water himself was a risk, but after the ridicule of his fellow researchers, spending the rest of his life as an animal didn’t seem so bad. He took a quick drink, but he didn’t transform into an animal, or a tree, or any sort of plant. He became a woman! Dr. Clarke was delighted! Not only did he have proof of the well, but he could rub his colleagues face in it! He collected some water from the well, hoping to bring it back in order to study its transformative powers. If he could harness them, the possibilities would be endless!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What's Wrong?

“What’s wrong? Are you scared?” Mike asked Jacob, clearing seeing his concern.

“I’m not scared exactly,” Jacob said, “I was in my second year of college; I think I can handle senior year of high school as an 18-year-old woman easily enough. I just feel guilty. After that car accident, I couldn’t believe they saved my life by putting y brain inside Kylie’s body -- I’m my own sister! I know she was braindead, but it’s hard to see myself in the mirror and realize she’d gone! I guess I feel guilty.”

“I miss her too, of course. But at least we’re going through this together. That accident wasn’t easy on any of us.”

“I know, Dad. I know it’s probably hard for you too, being in he body of Kylie’s best friend. It is good to know you’re here.”

“I always will be, Jacob. I always will be.”

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Wife (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
“You do realize how crazy you sound. Right, Laura?” A frustrated Chad asked.

“I keep telling you that I’m not Laura,” Jeremy protested.

“Right. You just look like my wife, sound like my wife, and literally are in the exact spot she was moments ago, but you’re actually some middle aged dude named Jeremy.”

“Exactly,” Jeremy replied as he picked up a glass of wine from the table.

“You know, this one takes the cake. When you don’t want to sleep with me, you usually come up with some sort of story, but this? I mean, come on.”

Finally, Chad gave up and turned on the television. There was a news report about something being called “The Great Shift.” Suddenly, he realized it wasn’t a story at all.

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Wife

When Jeremy felt an arm suddenly around his upper chest, he was nervous. Was he being mugged? Robbed? Strangely, the man behind him didn’t feel violet; the touch was almost gentle.

“What wrong babe? You seem tense?” A voice said.

“I’m not a --” Jeremy paused, noting how his voiced sounded off, “-- a babe. At least I wasn’t just a few seconds ago.”

The reality of what was going on was rolling around in his head. He was in someone else’s body -- a woman’s body.

“What are you talking about, Laura? You’re my wife!”

“I most certainly am not!” Jeremy protested loudly before breaking free of the embrace.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Virus (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
Alvin felt pretty sure he had cracked the code to defeat the virus and was sure he was about to get everyone back into their own bodies. Instead, he ended up triggering a secret subroutine that just ended up swapping everyone’s bodies around for a second time. Now Alvin found himself in the body of another customer -- this time a woman. He quickly went back to work and was soon joined by two of his co-workers. But since they were swapped as well, he had no way of really knowing if they were actually his co-workers or if they were actually helping him. What if he was close and one of these guys was really the hacker who created the virus trying to sabotage his efforts?