Saturday, March 30, 2019


After the Great Shift, the government opened offices for people to come in and claim their original lives and put themselves on a list to swap back if the technology to do so was ever created. Reports about lining up around the block were common when the offices first opened, but Oscar had procrastinated. He waited for months and months before finally showing up. Truthfully, he mostly embraced his new life as Clara. She had never claimed her life, so he had just lived it. He had no desire to go back to his body either, so signing up just seemed like something he should do. By the time he signed up, the lines were gone and the offices mostly empty. Still, those forms were long and a pain the butt to fill out.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 4)

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A few weeks and Kyle hadn’t broached the subject of swapping back to normal with his sister again, which meant he was still in Lily’s body, living her life and fulfilling all her obligations. This included attending his sister’s bachelorette party. He hoped this would finally be his opportunity to get back to normal.

Kyle was the first to arrive. He didn’t see any of the other bridesmaids, but eventually saw his sister about a half hour later.

“Where is everyone?” He asked his sister.

“It doesn’t matter,” She replied, “But if they don’t show up soon, there will be a few more bugs joining Lily in the roach motel.”

“Don’t those things kill roaches?”


Kyle knew he wasn’t getting his body back tonight, not with his sister in a mood like this. In fact, it was seemingly increasingly unlikely he’d ever get his body back, and he’d be stuck as Lily forever.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 3)

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Kyle knew he had to confront his sister, he just had to wait for the perfect opportunity. It turned out that opportunity came sooner than he expected. After trying two wedding dresses, which seemed to only make her madder, the third made her elated. It almost seemed like nothing could upset her at this point.

“Julie,” He stated, “You look great, but we need to talk. You can’t leave Lily stuck as a cockroach; you can’t leave leave me stuck as Lily. Will certainly needs to be his own body for you two to get married. You need to swap us back.”

Suddenly, her mood dampened. She stared as Kyle.

“One more chance, Kyle,” She frowned, “Choose your next words carefully.”

“I mean to just say you look great,” He replied and not a word more.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 2)

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As Kyle’s sister went off to try on wedding gowns, Kyle was left to wait with the other bridesmaids. It was Kyle who broke the awkward silence.

“Julie is really going over the deep end on getting ready for this wedding,” He said quietly to the nearest bridesmaid.

“Tell me about it,” The woman replied, “I mean, the mind control, the body swapping. I knew she studying witchcraft, but this is crazy.”

“Were you swapped too?”

“Yeah, she got mad at Eliza for complaining about the bridesmaid dresses, so the next thing I know, I’m Eliza. Who were you originally?”

“Her brother, Kyle,” Kyle replied, “And you?”

“Her fiancĂ©, Will. Honestly, though I don’t know how she expects to get married to me if I’m inside of Eliza’s body instead of my own. I just hope she calms down and realizes that sooner rather than later. You may not have that luxury. She was mad at Eliza, but she was downright pissed at Lily.”

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Wedding Prep (Part 1)

Kyle had known his sister had been practicing witchcraft since high school, so he could only guess that this was her doing. He was suddenly in the body of one of his sister’s friends, Lily, and he was apparently in a bridal shop trying on bridesmaids dresses. He awkwardly adjusted on his body.

Before he had the opportunity to ask any questions his sister spoke, “Yes, Kyle, you are Lily’s body. We were trying on dresses for my wedding, and she just kept complaining. So I used a spell to put her soul into the body of a cockroach, and I put your soul into her. I can’t be down a bridesmaid, so you’ll be this way until the wedding. And if you think about complaining, just remember what I did to her.”

Kyle knew not to mess with his sister when she was angry, but this was well beyond anything she had done before. Maybe the pressures of the wedding were getting to her. He’d just have to wait for her to calm down, and then he could talk to her.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Successful Test

After pulling up countless images on his computer from people all around the world, Evan eventually focused on one Asian woman. He selected enter and let the nanobots in his bloodstream go to work. Soon enough the small robots transformed his body into an exact copy of the woman from the picture. Evan was amazed his invention had actually worked; the test was a success. Then he went back to the computer to look for a picture of himself to get back to normal, but he soon realized he hadn’t loaded one into the system. He tried digging through his hard drive, but every time he tried to upload one, he’d get an error. The angle was wrong; it wasn’t hi-res enough. Unless he found one that would work, he’d be stuck like this. Well, maybe not stuck. After all, he did have a collection of other people he could choose from...

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Christmas Morning

Before falling asleep on Christmas Eve, Sam made the same wish he made every night -- to wake up as a beautiful woman. It almost seemed silly to him at this point, but he did it anyway. Of course, what he was expected was to wake up on Christmas morning to find that his wish had actually come true!

The first thing he did was get on his phone to take a few selfies. He wanted to brag about his new body on social media. However, when he signed into his account, his noticed his profile picture had already been changed. In fact, every photo in the account showed the woman he now was instead of the man he had been. His name was changed too! Instead of “Sam,” it read “Samantha.”

As he dug deeper in his social media accounts, he noticed other changes as well. His job was listed at a modeling agency. Was he a model? Or did he just work at the agency? Some things were still the same. His birth date, where he grew up, and photos of his parents. He didn’t see any photos from his college graduation though or any references to his ivy league alma mater. And his status was now “in a relationship” instead of “single?” Did he have a boyfriend? Or maybe he had a girlfriend?

While it was certainly weird to wake up as a woman, realizing he didn’t know much about himself anymore was perhaps even stranger.