Saturday, April 20, 2019


Alan looked intently at the snowglobe with the man on a motorcycle inside. He could’ve sworn that just a moment ago he had been that man riding that motorcycle in a snowstorm. He was about to swerve, crash, and likely die, but instead he found himself here sitting in a chair. Had he imagined it all? Had it always been this woman? He didn’t remember being a woman, but he clearly was one. The only life he remembered was the one that seemed to exist only in his imagination while staring into the snowglobe.

Friday, April 19, 2019


Ethan first got the remote several years ago. He was amazed at its power. With the device, he could swap any body parts between two people and choose to have them notice it or not. For the first few years, he used it to swap various parts amongst other people. But recently, he had been using it on himself and swapping his entire body. He usually found himself swapping with women out of curiosity. He was sitting on the balcony of his apartment with his latest body when he knocked the remote off. It shattered on the street into a million pieces. He began to cry. He had been curious about being a woman, but he certainly didn’t want to be stuck as one!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Around Campus

Most students had heard Candice Van Wein attended school at their college, but only a few could attest to actually seeing her. She was the daughter of the biggest donor and she often skipped most of the time and sat in the back on the few days she actually showed up. Then it all changed. Suddenly, she was arriving early, sitting in front, and feverishly taking notes. She had already been the talk of the campus, but this took things to a whole new level.

Of course, no one ever approached her. Everyone was far too intimated. But if they did, she’d happily share a story. And that story was that she wasn’t really Candice; she wasn’t even really a she. Inside Candice’s body was Peter Wen. Peter was a bit of a genius and developed a body swapper, but he was also quite poor. He figured the easiest way to get ahead in life was to steal the body of a rich heiress. It was hard tracking her down, but it was also instantly worth it once he stole her body and her life.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Corporate Sabotage

Being fired at 4PM on a Friday and getting escorted out by security was humiliating for Jared. He was one of the company’s leading technical biomedic researchers and not even being able to tidy up his work or say goodbye to his co-workers felt insulting. But he knew that the company didn’t know a thing about the backups he had on his home computer. He simply opened up some of the files there and got to work. The main source code still needed some work, and he spent much of the weekend with some tweaks. In other files, he found DNA records for the entire company, including the CEO. On Sunday evening, he hooked himself up to his computer and ran the code. The next thing he knew, he was transformed into an exact copy of Laura Ellis, the CEO of his now former company.

He woke up early on Monday, dressing in an outfit his ex-wife had left behind when she divorced him. The leather dress wasn’t exactly something Ms. Ellis would wear, but he figured no one would question it. After all, he otherwise looked exactly like her down to her DNA. Then he arrived at the office at 8AM, entered Ms. Ellis’s office and closed the glass door. This was long before she usually showed up, and he figured it was more than enough time. Laura was one of those people dumb enough to write passwords down on her desk and arrogant enough to demand access to everything. Then it was just a matter of deleting large chunks of code and even larger chunks of backup data. He sauntered out of the glass door of Ms. Ellis’s office a little before 9, satisfied in the corporate sabotage of his former employer.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Roll with It

“How can you be so calm about this?” A frustrated Melinda practically cried.

“I’m not,” Jeff replied with a smile while kicking his feet up onto a table, “You’re the last person I would want in my body for a month. Everyone thinks your neurotic and kind of stuck up. Do you honestly think I want to have to deal with that reputation while in your body, or worse, to have you give people that sort of impression while you’re in my body? Ugh, it’s terrible. But I also know that this swap is for a month, and there’s nothing I can do about that. And so I’m just sort of trying to roll with it. Maybe that’s something you should try too. You can’t just spend every minute of your life acting like your life is over.”

Monday, April 15, 2019

Buying Socks

With nothing exciting going on, the gray, cloudy Saturday seemed like a perfect opportunity for Kevin to go to the mall and buy some socks. Socks weren’t exactly a thrilling thing to buy, but he was certainly in need of the boring essential item. It was one of those malls where the stores were slowly closing, and Kevin meandered from store to store whether they were still open or not. Before he actually reached his destination, an Asian woman approached him with an odd twinkle in her eye. She hugged him quickly and then ran. He couldn’t figure out why she had done that, but when he took another step he felt something strange. His feet didn’t quite hit the floor evenly, and he soon discovered the heels on his feet. But it wasn’t just his shoes that were off, it was his entire body! It didn’t take him long to figure out that he was now in the body of the woman who had given him a hug just moments ago -- he was even wearing her clothes and holding her bag. He slowly made him way to the food court to sit down. What was he going to do? He didn’t know anything about this woman. He didn’t know where she lived, and he didn’t even have a change of clothes! It seemed he was going to have to buy a lot more than socks on this trip!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Paris (Part 3)

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Eventually, Leo tired of exploring on his own. However, instead of returning to his hotel, he found a few other tourists who had been swapped as well. Sure enough, before the Great Shift they had all been male (like him) and middle aged (like him). But now they were all women and all gorgeous. It seemed like a rather remarkable coincidence, yet there is was. The group continued to explore the city together until late in the night...