Saturday, April 27, 2019

Melinda (Part 1)

Stacy had been a little reluctant to lend the Medallion of Zulu to Martin. Heck, she had felt foolish for showing him the thing in the first place. Eventually, she relented and allowed him to use it for two days, agreeing to meet up with him at a restaurant at that time to get it back.

Arriving at the agreed upon time and place Stacy sat and waited until two identical women showed up at her table. Stacy did a face palm, knowing Martin must’ve screwed up.

“Hey Stacy,” He explained, “I just need the medallion for two more hours. I turned myself into a copy of Melinda here, and the time’s not up yet. Is that cool?”

Stacy groaned. This was par for the course for Martin.

Friday, April 26, 2019


Simon wasn’t happy about switching bodies with Claire, but he was told it would only be for a few days while the researchers worked to repair the machine that caused the swap in the first place. Getting dressed in the pajamas she had left for him and getting to bed was easy, but looking at the outfits she left for him to wear for the daytime puzzled him. It wasn’t the stuff like bras either. It was just that everything seemed so tight! He picked up a pair of pants she had given him that seemed to be half her size. They were stretchy, but he was sure there was a good chance of breaking the seams. If he did manage to squeeze himself into them, they were going to be very tight and leaving little to the imagination. He couldn’t believe he was even going to attempt putting them on, but it was not like he had much of a choice.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Everything Zen

Harvey returned to the secluded location after his first discovered it a year ago. It was when he first visited this spot months ago that he felt a moment of total zen or pure enlightenment when his body began to spontaneously transform. He became a woman, and he didn’t question it as he spent time with a foreign body. It felt very right for most of the time, but that had changed recently. And that’s why he returned. He figured the same phenomenon that transformed him in the first place would return him to normal if he came back. But as he stood there breathing in deeply, he started to doubt this. He stood longer, but nothing was happening. Was he doomed to stay in this body forever?

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Jeremy and his two best friends would often head off to the park to sneak in a few cigarettes. Even though they had all recently turned eighteen, they still wanted to hide their habit from their parents. It seemed one day they decided to do this a little too close to the playground area where a young mother was his her two toddlers. She noticed the three teens and began yelling at them, telling them to put out their cigarettes or she’d call the police.

Jeremy wanted to yell right back, but he never got the chance. A flash of light suddenly engulfed them all. When the light cleared from his vision, he realized something terrible -- he had swapped bodies with the young mother! Silently freaking out, he walked unsteadily on unfamiliar heels until he sat on a piece of playground equipment.

As bad as he felt he had things, he quickly realized his two friends had it worse. They swapped bodies with the woman’s two young toddlers. Jeremy might have been uncomfortable, but his friends were practically back to wearing diapers! It only got worse when they all realized the swap wasn’t limited to the local park...

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Ever since the government introduced top secret body swapping technology, Agent X’s job as an undercover assassin had been a breeze. He’d locate his target, find a scapegoat to swap bodies with, take out his target, and then swap into another body -- ideally back to his own, but in a pinch it really didn’t matter. For his latest mission, he had temporary stolen the body of the target’s own wife in order to make the hit. Even though he had a safe distance, security was still tight this far away. However, with this body, no one had even given him a second glance. Now it was just a matter of aiming and firing. Once it was over, he probably wouldn’t get far; he’d probably have to swap with a guard, and once he did that, he’d likely have to kill this body on site. He knew it seemed thrilling, but it was actually pretty routine at this point...

Monday, April 22, 2019


Graham had been trying to track down all of his friends in the wake of the Great Shift. Quite a few swapped between each other, but it took him a while for him to find his best friend, Tom. After about a month, he discovered that Tom had swapped with a woman who lived a few towns over. After a short phone call, they agreed to meet up, and Graham was off in his car for the hour long drive. He knew Tom was going to be a woman now, but it was absolutely floored when he saw his friend was also in a wheelchair.

“I’ve weirdly gotten used to it rather quickly,” Tom said with a smile, “She lost the use of her legs due to a disease. She told me it will get worse as I get older, but I’m learning to live with it so far. I hesitated to reach out. I didn’t want people feeling bad for me or anything. It’s all fine. Everyone’s had to deal with a lot of weird things in the Shift; this is just the thing that I have to deal with...”

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Electrical Storm

The freakish electrical storm seemed to come out of nowhere. The pilot hadn’t even seen it on his radar before the plane was flying right through it. The turbulence was probably the wildest any of the passengers had ever experienced, and just when it seemed to be over the lights flickered and about half of the people on the plane ended up switching bodies. The pilot made an emergency landing on the closest airstrip.

When Nathan exited the plane, he was doing so as a new person, quite literally. In one of the more dramatic swaps, he ended up as a different gender in the body of a woman on board named Deborah. He knew it was going to be hard to adjust, but for now he was just thankful to be alive. He realized it would’ve been quite easy for one or both of the pilots to have ended up swapping bodies, which might’ve resulted in a crash. He’d just have to figure out how to deal with this.