Saturday, May 18, 2019

Missed Connection (Part 3)

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Matthew breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his own body approach. His plan had worked. Now it was just a matter of swapping back to normal. However, neither he nor the woman trapped in his body had any idea on how to do that. They discussed with each other for quite some time, but didn’t have way to solve the problem of being in each other’s body. Eventually, they just started discussing how they were going to each deal with their new body. Matthew was pretty unhappy about the thought of being stuck as a flight attendant, walking up and down the aisle of a plane all day in these heels. He was pretty sure his new life was going to be miserable...

Friday, May 17, 2019

Missed Connection (Part 2)

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Matthew figured the smartest course of action would be to head back to where he last remembered being in his body. He wanted to sprint, but the heels now on his feet limited his walking speed. He had to even hold onto a railing to keep from falling most of the time. How did women wear these things? It had only been about ten minutes, he was still far from where he had been, and his feet were killing him. Then he came up with a plan. If he was in the body of a flight attendant, surely he could just get on the intercom and call for himself? He noted the woman’s name on the security badge and set about with his plan...

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Missed Connection

Because of a delay on his initial flight, Matthew was forced to run through his layover if he hoped to make his connecting flight. As he sprinted through the airport, all he could think about was making it on time. However, just as he thought that caught sight of his gate, he tripped and fell. He tried to scramble his belongings and get back on his feet, but instead of his briefcase, he saw a purse. Instead of his sneakers, he saw high heels. Realizing those heels were on his feet was a shock. It was dawning on him that he had become a woman -- he had swapped bodies with a stewardess. He wasn’t concerned with catching his flight anymore; he was now more worried about getting his body back!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Couldn't Stop Himself

When James first had his body stolen and he ended up stuck in the body of the magic taxi’s driver, he was in a state of panic. But as he spent more and more driving people around, he started to actually enjoy it. In fact, by the time he read the driver’s journal and found that he to could steal someone’s body just as his had been stolen, he wasn’t sure he even wanted to. It was about two weeks after he resigned himself to being in this body for good when n Asian woman in a silver coat entered his cab. There was just something about her. He avoided talking to her -- he didn’t want to temp himself by learning to much. It didn’t matter. When it was time to pay the fare, he wished her a nice day and suddenly found himself in her body. He wasn’t sure how or why, but he just couldn’t stop himself from stealing her body. But he smiled...he couldn’t complain either...

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Roger had gotten the file on his latest target. The guy was a high level operative for a rival drug operation, but he had a great cover -- a life in the suburbs with kids and a beautiful wife. After a period of intense research, Roger strapped himself into an odd chair in his basement and pressed a button.

In an instant Roger was transported into a new body -- in this case, the wife of the man he was supposed to kill. This was exactly how it was planned to work; he used a machine to swap himself into the body of someone close to his target, make a kill, then return to his own body while the person he swapped with got the blame. Being swapped into a preppy suburban mom was certainly unique for him -- he was usually swapped with some low life thug -- but it wasn’t going to stop him. He only had three hours in this body, which meant he only had three hours to find and kill this jerk..

Monday, May 13, 2019


Per the instructions of the researcher, Evan put on the headphones and listened to the various soothing sounds. He was to keep them on until it was silent. He estimated it was about thirty minutes before that happened, at which time he removed the headphones.

“And how do you feel?” The researcher asked.

“Fine,” Evan replied.

“Do you notice anything strange?”

Evan shrugged, not realizing his body had completely changed -- transforming him into the person who participated in the experiment right before him. Even though he still wore his own clothes he was now a woman, and he didn’t even realize it...

Sunday, May 12, 2019


“Why the hell did you bring me here, Liz? The last thing we need right now is a marriage counselor.”

“Because you’ve been acting weird ever since the Great Shift, Hank.”

“Of course I have been! I got stuck in the body of a chick! I’m acting weird because it IS weird! Then you make me go to the this counselor and you insist I wear a skirt! I hate having to wear your clothes as it is.”

“Very good. Now save all that for when we see the counselor.”