Saturday, June 1, 2019


“Thanks for helping me get ready today,” Keith said with a smile.

“Anytime,” Rachel replied, “What are big sisters for? I still sort of can’t believe you’re going through with this though.”

“Why not? I mean, Janice and I still love each other. So what if the Great Shift swapped us into each other’s bodies? Today was supposed to be our wedding day, so today still will be our wedding day. No matter what. We had everything prepared. I’s just that I’m going to be the one wearing the dress.”

“And that’s why you needed my help.”

“With hair and makeup, yeah. I don’t know about any of it, but I know I want to look perfect for Janice!”

“Don’t worry, bro. We’ll make it work. You look great already.”

Friday, May 31, 2019


When the librarian grabbed Jim’s arms and started speaking in a strange language, he was a little taken aback. But when she completed and he ended up swapping bodies with her, he was downright in shock. The only advice she gave him before bolting out of the building was that if he wanted to ever switch back that he’d “better start learning Russian.”

Jim wondered if that was the language she had been speaking? Was it some sort of spell in Russian? Maybe a book in the library had an answer. He went to the section with all the foreign language books. Of course, he could understand a thing. How could he ever even begin to be able to hope to find a way to swap back? There were so many books, and it would take forever to even begin to know enough to merely start to know where to look.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Another Sixty

Harriet was quite surprised when, as a result of the Great Shift, she found herself in the body of a much younger woman. Her first concern was finding her husband of sixty years, George. Despite the fact that he was now in a much younger body as well -- and a woman on top of that -- she still was able to recognize him almost immediately simply from his mannerism. They began to kiss, and Harriet was thankful to find her husband while also feeling fortunate that they could probably now live another sixty years together.

George returned the affection, but something felt off. He couldn’t quite place it at first, but he son realized that he had a woman’s body now, which meant he also had a woman’s hormones. While he still loved Harriet very much, his body craved the embrace of a man -- not another woman. As they kissed, he opened his eyes and looked around the room as he started to fantasize about being with a man instead...

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Awaken (Part 5)

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And so Jason pushed his feelings of pain down as he stood up again. It wasn’t easy to steady himself, and he was pretty sure that walking was going to be completely impossible for now. But at least he was standing!

He also hoped that his headache would go away soon. It was hard for him to focus on much of anything else, and he had an entirely new body to worry about! It was al so much to take in. He was sure Evie would help him, and he’d have to help her too of course

Standing up was just the first step...

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Awaken (Part 4)

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After several minutes, Jason attempted to stand despite his aching head. Unfortunately, this made the pain worse and coupled with the unfamiliar heels on his feet, Jason soon found he was picking himself up off the floor. He couldn’t fathom why this was so disorienting for him, especially when Evie was standing just a few feet away in his body with seemingly having had absolutely no trouble adjusting whatsoever. He told himself that he could do this. He could fight through the pain. And he could even stand in these damned high heels if he wanted to!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Awaken (Part 3)

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Jason dropped his head back down onto the couch. He couldn’t believe he had swapped bodies with Evie! He hadn’t had too much time to really consider his new body since his head was still throbbing.

“What did you do to yourself before this whole thing?” Jason asked, “My head is killing me.”

“They said on the news that a minor headache could be a side effect,” Evie explained.

“This isn’t minor. I feel like my head could burst any second.”

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Awaken (Part 2)

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Jason shifted on the couch, noting how strange his body felt but still not yet registering why.

“Who are you?” He asked, “Why do you look like me?”

“I’m Evie, your roommate. There was some sort of weird body swapping thing.”

“Body swapping? So am I--” Jason paused as he pulled on the long hair now on his head, “--Am I you? This is so weird.”

“Tell me about it.”