Saturday, June 22, 2019


“Do you really plan on following me everywhere? Watching everything I do forever?” A very frustrated Benjamin asked.

“Hey, it’s my body. I need to make sure you don’t do anything weird to it.” Teresa replied.

“The Great Shift was like a month ago. If they were going to find a way to reverse the body swapping, we would’ve heard something by now. It’s probably time to accept that I now have your body, just like you now have Emily’s body. You don’t see her following you around.”

“That’s because we’re both women! She knows she can trust me! But do you honestly think I’m ever going trust you alone in the bath with MY body? Forget it! You’ll do weird, creepy guy stuff to it!"

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Big Game

It all started at a bar a few days before the big game. Brad was having a beer and complaining how he couldn’t get tickets. A man overheard the loud comments and said he could arrange for Brad to get one of the best views in the stadium for a price. The two agreed to meet an hour before the game to finalize the transaction.

Brad arrived at the stadium right on time and forked over $200. The man took the money and put it in his briefcase. Brad paused for a second. Was this man going to hand over a ticket or what? He started yelling and demanding a ticket. He threw a punch. The man easily dodged it and injected Brad with a syringe. Brad’s vision soon faded into total blackness.

When he awoke a little later, he realized the man hadn’t been scamming him at all. Somehow he had made it into the arena and he really did have the most incredible view of the game. It was like he was practically sitting on the sidelines. Correction, he actually WAS on the sidelines!

Brad was completely astonished until he realized something was wrong. He was wearing short shorts; he had shaved legs; he had pom poms in his hands. He was in another person’s body -- the body of a goddamn cheerleader! He sure had a great of the game, but he was also a woman! To make matters worse, judging from the color of his outfit, he was a cheerleader for the other team!

It only got weirder when it was time to perform a routine. He instinctively jumped to his feet and was able to do the moves flawlessly. It was like his body was running on muscle memory. It was sort of cool, but the whole experience was also still so weird!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Chores (Part 3)

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Curt’s mom continued to ask Curt about his day, and with each question Curt’s large, proud smile got less large and much less proud.

“Did you go to my yoga class today?” She asked him.

“No, I guess I kind of forgot.” He said.

“Did you pick up my pills from the pharmacy?”


“We’ll pick them up after you come get me. You’re going to need those starting tomorrow. Today was the last day of my cycle so I let you skip the sugar pill.”


“You’re very lucky this swap didn’t happen a few days earlier, or you’d be crying your eyes out and dealing with cramps. Now, about dinner --”

Curt cut her off. “Okay..uh...I’m going to come get you now mom. I’ll see you soon.”

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Chores (Part 2)

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Time flew by as Curt seemed quite proud of his accomplishments. In fact, when he got a call from his mom, he was prepared to brag.

“Where are you?” His mom asked him before he could do so.

“I just finished shopping for groceries. I bought gummy bears, chocolate, and ice cream! Dinner is going to be great!” He replied excitedly.

She held back yelling at her son and responded calmly, “Well, you need to come pick me up. I’ve been waiting at the school for over an hour. How could you forget?”

“I guess I just lost track of time. I’ll be right there.”

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Chores (Part 1)

With his father out of town on business, Curt had gone into the basement to fool around with some of his dad’s inventions. He had no idea the device he was messing with was a body swapper. It was bad when he activated it by accident, and he swapped bodies with his mom. It was worse when the thing caught on fire.

It wouldn’t be able to be fixed until Curt’s dad got home, so Curt and his mom came up with a plan. She’d go to school in Curt’s body for the next few days, and he’d take care of her chores.

Curt had to admit he had a pretty exciting first day. He had grabbed a milk from the fridge, dropped his mom off at school, then hit the stores for some groceries and other stuff. Driving was a fun experience with only a few small scrapes on the car! Then it was just a matter of picking out food for dinner and such. It didn’t seem hard at all!

Monday, June 17, 2019


Daniel played the incident at work off like an accident. The body swapper was a prototype that Daniel had developed, but when he used it with his college aged intern Lin, he pretended like he had no idea how he happened. He said he’d work hard to investigate and fix the error, but that they should pretend to be each other in the meantime. He just wanted a little bit of time to explore Lin’s body; to experience being a woman. But as it turned out, Lin had a very busy schedule. She had several roommates, and between classes, her internship, and a part time job, Daniel had absolutely no time to just experience being Lin. That is, until he saw “gym time” on her schedule. He relished changing in the locker room, and he used every opportunity to try and excite himself. But honestly, he still just wanted to be along with this body and do every time imaginable to it...

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Take a Vacation (Part 2)

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It only took Evan about fifteen minutes to complete the calculations. He jumped up and started to head back to his own room when he saw the woman’s husband standing there. Before he could even say a word, the man planted a big kiss on Evan’s lips.

Evan felt his body tingle in ways he never could’ve anticipated. For the first time on this vacation, he suddenly felt unfocused on his work. He knew he should stop this kiss, get back to his wife and the device, and fix this mess. But he couldn’t ignore the curious differences this body was feeling. Was this something all women felt?

Evan felt trapped with these emotions for several more minutes before the woman’s husband finally stopped. He grabbed Evan by the hand and attempted to lead him to the bed. As much as Evan was getting curious about what that might feel like, his logical mind started to return to him. He started explaining everything a mile a minute, insisting he needed to get to the next room.