Saturday, July 6, 2019

Luck (Part 4)

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For the next week or so, Keith got messages non-stop from the woman wanting her body back. She kept lowering the offer too. By midweek, it was down to $1000. And a few days later, she was asking for as little as $500. When he stepped out of the gym, Keith might find three or four text messages of pleading. He found it weird she never called. He began to wonder if it was actually some sort of scammer on the other end. He began blocking the number, then he just got texts from a different one. He blocked that one too. Eventually he realized he was just going to have to change his number to put a stop to this once and for all since there was no way he was going to switch back. Not now. Not ever.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Luck (Part 3)

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Three months later, Keith was pretty happy with where he ended up. Despite some initial worries, he was actually loving this new body. However, a text came in on his phone.

“Wonder if u want ur body back? Really need some cash. Sell to you for $5K?” The text read.

Keith couldn’t believe it. He had pined for his body back for a while, but now that he finally had the chance it seemed silly. This new body had worked out well for him. He had gotten a raise and promotion at work (not that he even needed it after his Vegas winnings). He couldn’t remember the last time his future looked this bright; he had to think part of that was due to this body.

He texted back, “No thx. I’m pretty happy now. Sorry!”

The reply on the other end took a while, but eventually resulted in a sad emoticon and the word “PLEASE!” in all caps.

This time, Keith just decided to ignore it.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Luck (Part 2)

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The next morning Keith woke up almost forgetting about the events of the previous day, but the long hair falling in his face quickly reminded him of his situation. It wasn’t all bad though. After losing his body and finding out he wasn’t going to be able to get it back, he turned his $100,000 winnings into even more. Maybe this body was good luck? He could just buy a new wardrobe, put a down payment on a house, put the rest of the money in a good investment, and just live a pretty good life with this body. It didn’t seem like a bad plan at this point.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Luck (Part 1)

After losing big in Las Vegas on the first day of his vacation, Keith never expected to be on the outskirts of the city literally selling his body. He got $10,000 for it. The buyer was a woman, and luckily her body was included in the sale, as Keith would’ve hated to end up becoming a brain in a jar like several others who had gone into the odd shop. He never asked her why she wanted to buy his body, but he had heard a typical practice was people buying the bodies of desperate people then charging a huge premium to get their bodies back. Keith realized he fit that description.

He was hooked into a giant machine with plenty of lights. One light got very bright for a moment until they dimmed and he found himself in a similar room with an inversed layout, and of course, he was now in the body of the woman he sold his body to.

He was paid promptly, and just as quickly he returned to the casino. He didn’t bother changing out of the leather dress -- not that he had anything to change into. He was ready to reverse his luck. And it started to seem to! He ended up turning $10,000 into $100,000. With the wad of cash now in his hand, he headed back to the outskirts to see about getting his body back. However, the shop informed him they couldn’t locate his old body. He’d have to seek out the woman who had purchased it first.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Mugged (Part 2)

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Things didn’t get any easier for Andrew after that. Even though he could easily outrun the man now in Jing’s body; he also happened to be in the body of a criminal chasing after what appeared to be a young woman. The next thing he knew, he was tackled by a police officer. As she cuffed him, she grabbed the purse from his hands. Fortunately, this triggered another swap. Now Andrew was in the body of the police officer while she was screaming from the mugger’s body. Unfortunately, Jing’s body was nowhere to be seen now. Andrew had narrowly avoided going away to jail, but now he was stuck in yet another body, had completely lost track of Jing’s body, and was also going to be forced to put the purse into evidence down at the station. This wasn’t getting any easier!

Monday, July 1, 2019


“Freeze! And hand over the purse!” The mugger’s voice grumbled behind Andrew.

Andrew slowly turned around, clutching the purse tightly in both hands. He knew he needed to get this purse back to Jing if he ever wanted his own body back.

“I really don’t think you want to take this from me,” Andrew warned.

The mugger just laughed as he reached out to grab the small bag with a heart on it. Andrew was more than prepared for what happened next, so he made sure to continue to hold on tightly, regardless of the fact that he knew he would swap bodies with the mugger. On the flip side, the mugger was completely shocked to now be in Jing’s body. He immediately let go of the purse in shock, staring briefly at the pink manicured nails before stumbling away in horror as fast as he could with the heels now on his feet.

Andrew still had the purse -- the item inside would cause two people to swap bodies if they got close enough, which touching the purse at the same time always seemed to do -- but without Jing’s body, she’d likely be unwilling to swap with him. He was going to have to chase after it. Judging by how poorly the mugger was running in heels, it shouldn’t be that difficult to catch him.

Sunday, June 30, 2019


When Greg swapped bodies with his fiancĂ©e Kate as a result of the Great Shift, he knew it was going to be difficult. However, they were still both committed to making it work. And while compromise was at the root of every relationship, being body swapped took that to a whole different level. For instance, Greg completely refused to wear dresses, and he wasn’t ready to make an exception for the wedding. Kate, of course, always had dreams of her body walking down the aisle in a gorgeous gown -- even if she was no longer to the one who was going to be doing that walking. But they did reach a compromise.

Greg’s wedding outfit wouldn’t be a dress, but it would still be feminine. He agreed to a veil, and he even agreed to heels -- which he never, ever wore normally. Kate was more than pleased with how her body looked. It wasn’t a gown, but it would work. On the flip side, Kate had no issues with wearing a suit, but she did get Greg to agree on several other things she insisted including the menu and the venue.

As weird as this all was for Greg, he was still happy to be marrying Kate.