Saturday, July 27, 2019

Say a Little Prayer

Li Wei had been a powerful warlord. When he died, his spirit stayed connected to the temple built on his land. However, shortly after his death, a blight hit the land, killing everyone for miles. With no one visiting his temple, he was unable to possess a new host to be born again. The land became overgrown and the temple fell into disarray. Li Wei was sure his spirit would perish when the temple was finally destroyed by nature. Yet it stood for hundreds of years in its remote location until one day a woman arrived. Li Wei’s spirit sensed her, but still needed her to do one final thing in order to be free. Then the woman finally began to pray, and Li Wei took his opening to possess her body. Being a female was certain strange for the old male warlord, and he was sure he’d have a lot to learn about the modern world. However, he was happy to be alive again and couldn’t wait for a conquest.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Potion Party

Ed was getting pretty frustrated about the fact that Lana was refusing to drink the body swapping potion with him again leaving him stuck in her body. If he couldn’t get his own body back, at least he could make sure some of Lana’s friends joined in his personal hell. He made a big batch of the potion and decided to have a party. He served it to everyone, and he couldn’t wait for the effects to start to show. Over the next few days, he giggled to himself as he tried to figure out who was now who. Most people tried to hide who they really were -- fearful they were the only pair swapped -- but Ed knew to be looking, and he could tell little mannerisms or a personal item out of place. He was finally having some fun -- for the first time since he swapped with Lana.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Can't Be Happening

This just can’t be happening to me. I can’t be a woman! Worse still, I can’t be Hayley of all people! She was a nightmare to date, and we had finally broken up. I was happy to think I’d never see her again, but now I’ll see her every time I look in the mirror. She’s already been calling my phone non-stop to tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I’ve probably talked to her more than in the past two days than I did the entire last month we were dating.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Poorly Planned Prank

When Kay asked Clyde to go skinny dipping, he knew to be suspicious. Pretty, popular girls like her just didn’t even speak with guys like him, let along ask him to do anything. And sure enough, when he saw the lake she suggested,he knew exactly what would happen, so he protested and started to leave. Kay pushed him in anyway ad jumped in after. Then the magic of the lake did its work.

As Clyde squeezed out his shirt, Kay was long gone. She had run off, probably with plans to humiliate him now that she had his body. Popular students like her always tried to find new ways to taunt nerds like him. The body swapping lake discovered in town was a perfect way to do that. He guessed she imagined he’d beg for his body back, but the truth was he was pretty happy with Kay’s body. In fact, if he avoided the lake, there would be no way for her to force them to swap back. He could really get used to her body, and she’d probably feel pretty stupid in giving it up all for the sake of some stupid poorly planned prank...

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


“Why are you crying, Esther?” Nancy asked her roommate, “It’s not a big deal. I’ll be okay. Ryan just broke up with me, but I’ll be okay. It’s not like I even loved him that much.”

This only seemed to intensify the waterworks. This was because the person inside Esther’s body was Ryan. He wasn’t sure what had caused the swap, but they had both agreed to pretend to be the other. Of course, now Ryan was wondering if Esther had caused the swap, if she had some sort of plan all along. He thought about telling Nancy, but would she believe him? Even if she did, she hadn’t seem the slightest bit upset about thinking he had just broken up with her. He thought he could just fix this if he had his body back, but he doubted that would ever happen now. He was just going to have to learn to be Esther for the rest of his life...

Monday, July 22, 2019


Ralph couldn’t believe the crosstown bus took an entire hour to get him to where he wanted to go. He was running so late. A taxi could’ve gotten him to where he wanted to go in fifteen minutes. Of course, he had sworn off taxis since the last time he was in one. It was because of a taxi that he got this gorgeous body in the first place (after his own was stolen). It was always possible that if he hailed a cab, he’d end up int he same magic taxi that swapped him into this body in the first place, and he just couldn’t risk that. He loved this body! He loved being a beautiful woman, and he wasn’t going to take any chances with it -- even if that meant some very long trips on public transit!

Sunday, July 21, 2019


Chuck, Kyle, and Henry all agreed to be groomsmen for their good friend, Mark. The bachelor party was certainly fun, but then a week before the wedding Mark called in panic. He begged the trio if he could ask for a “big favor.” They all agreed, and Mark quickly explained how they were still going to be in the wedding party, but they wouldn’t be groomsmen. He started rambling about how his bride-to-be pissed off all her bridesmaids being a Bridezilla. Then the changes started, as Chuck, Kyle, and Henry all transformed into women.

They were panicked. Mark kept explaining that it would only be for a week as his bride did some final touches. They’d be able to transform back right after the wedding. Of course, if they tried to protest or if they didn’t show up, they wouldn’t transform back at all.

The three all showed up to the wedding in bridesmaid dresses, ready to go. None of them wanted to do this, but they knew it would be worse if they didn’t.