Saturday, August 3, 2019


Well, this was unfortunate. Aiden paid a lot of money to have his brain transplanted into a female android just last week. He had certainly been enjoying it, particularly the fact that androids were designed to be much stronger than people; however, stronger didn’t mean invincible. Now after a bit of recklessness, Aiden’s android body laid in pieces on the floor. It would be pricey to have his brain transplanted back into his own body and even more expense to get the repairs done on this body -- not like he had the money right now for either option. He wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do. Despite being all detached, he seemed to still be able to move all the parts. Maybe he could repair himself?

Friday, August 2, 2019

Confusion (Part 2)

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He went outside and sat down -- the only place where there appeared to be chairs -- because his feet hurt. He noticed there were heels on his feet. Had they always been there? Why was he a woman? He couldn’t remember anything. Why was he sitting outside this house? Was he waiting for someone? Was this his house? He peeked inside. He didn’t see any furniture, and the doors didn’t appear to be locked. He kept repeating many of these actions over and over, always seemingly forgetting and rediscovering. The last remnants of who he had been needed to fade before new information about who he now was could be planted. He eventually stopped thinking about if he had been male; assuming any discomfort with his feminine body was just due to the fact that he couldn’t remember much of anything -- even things that should be second nature like the weight of breasts and the feeling of long hair. Then those feelings became normal. Then new memories slowly started to slip in. She had just moved into this house. She was looking to start a new life, to escape. But escape from what? She still had questions. There were still so many questions...

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Confusion (Part 1)

He stood in the house trying to get some clues. It seemed to be mostly empty with barely any furniture or other personal items. There wasn’t even a table in the kitchen. Where was he? And probably more important -- who was he? He examined his body to find that he was a woman now; he was pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to be a woman. Of course, he realized he didn’t know that for sure. He couldn’t actually remember much about himself, not even his name. He couldn’t even remember whatever it was that caused him to be this woman or in this house -- if there even was such an event. Maybe the event merely wiped his memory, but then why did being a woman feel so weird? He brushed it off. Maybe he should check the kitchen again. Had he checked the kitchen yet? There didn’t even seem to be a table in there. The rest of the house seemed lacking in furniture as well.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Evacuation (Part 2)

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Six months had passed since Simon’s brief visit to Exchange Island; he was still in someone else’s body. The resort explained that the emergency had been related to the swapping itself. The swapping suddenly became more aggressive. It was no longer limited to when people came or left the island; and it was no longer limited to people! Everyone had to leave immediately in order to prevent guests from being swapped with animals or trees. Simon figured he should’ve been glad nothing like that happened to him, but he was still in the wrong body! It was certainly tough explaining that to everyone he knew (Exchange Island wasn’t exactly a household name), buying an entirely new wardrobe was time consuming (though luckily he was reimbursed by the resort for the actual cost of the clothes), and just adjusting to being a woman was tough. Along with the rest of the guests, he held up hope that one day there would be a solution, but for now he could still get by.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Simon had only arrived on Exchange Island that day. He was still getting used to the fact that he had swapped with a very beautiful woman, but yet he had braved going to the beach in one of her skimpy bikinis. Then the sirens blared, calling on everyone to get on the boats to evacuate the island. It was so rushed that very few people had time to return to their rooms for luggage. As Simon stood on the boat, he wondered what the emergency was. He was also a little disappointed that he’d be leaving the island; after all, leaving the island meant swapping back to normal. Except that as the boat left, Simon didn’t swap back. Even as they arrived on another island hours away, he was still in the same gorgeous body. He was no longer disappointed; now he was worried. What would happen when they returned to Exchange Island again? Would he swap again? When his vacation was over, would he then end up swapping back to this body instead of his own? What if they didn’t return to the island? Would he be stuck like this? And what exactly was the emergency that forced everyone to leave? Right now, he had a lot of unanswered questions...

Monday, July 29, 2019


When Leo was arrested for a minor level offense, he was worried. He had just turned eighteen and was convinced the judge was going to put him away in an adult detention facility. However, the judge suggested an alternate rehabilitation program instead. Leo quickly agreed without even asking the details. As it turned out, the program involved swapping bodies with a volunteer for a year, and the next thing he realized, Leo was whisked to a facility where he met the person he’d be swapping with. The woman sitting before him was blonde and in her 30s. She told him about her husband and two kids, as well as the schedule he’d be expected to maintain even though she was just a homemaker. He wanted to protest, but he figured being a chick for a year was still better than going to jail.

As the months passed, despite Leo’s hesitation, he was starting to love his life as a housewife. He enjoyed doing yoga, attending mommy and me classes, doing the grocery shopping for a family, and even cooking dinner. In fact, his biggest concern soon became not wanting to give up this glorious suburban woman’s life for his own. He figured that was part of the point of the program -- to show what sort of lifestyle he could have if he tried. Yet it wasn’t just the lifestyle he was in love with, it was the life itself -- this woman, her body. He didn’t want just any nice life, he wanted to keep this one

Sunday, July 28, 2019


Jeremy suddenly found himself in a room of an unknown apartment, and even weirder was the fact that he now seemed to have a woman’s body. Based on the noises on the other side of the door, he decided it was best to head down the fire escape. He nearly slipped several times due to the heels of his booted feet, but he eventually made it down to street level to find a world of panic and confusion. It seemed he wasn’t the only one who had a completely different body. Many people were scared, others were curious. It was pure madness, and Jeremy couldn’t help but feel in the middle of it and just as scared and confused as anyone...