Saturday, August 10, 2019

Greater Possibilities

John had discovered the powers of the Medallion of Zulu about a week ago, and ever since he had been thinking of ways to best use its powers. It started with a visit to a thrift shop to buy a dress and a bit of jewelry, transforming himself in the dressing room as to not feel awkward buying women’s clothes. Then, now transformed, he took a few selfies and joined a dating app. Sure enough, he did get a few hits. Then he scheduled a dinner date each night and proceed on a fairly set schedule. He got off work at 5, use the medallion to change himself into a woman by 6, go to dinner and get the date to pay, go home to sleep, and use the medallion to transform himself back to normal in the morning. It was a pretty good way to get a free meal. However, he had the power to transform himself into anyone. Surely, he could pull off something a little more daring than simply a few free meals? As he sat with a dinner date he began to ponder the greater possibilities.

Friday, August 9, 2019


Martin followed Alexandra into her apartment showing off the kitchen, bathroom, and finally arriving at the bedroom with a walk-in closet. Martin was pretty impressed as he stepped inside.

“So I guess this is what I have to pick from to wear for the next three weeks?” He asked with a smile, “Any advice on picking your clothes...or I guess their my clothes for the time being?”

“Just remember this body swapping is only temporary. Try not to embarrass me too much with your picks and I’ll try to do the same,” Alexandra sighed.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Day at the Museum

Jeff knew quite well that you were never supposed to touch the artwork in a museum, but one particular sculpture called out to him. He just couldn’t resist taking a finger and placing it upon the smooth stone. What he didn’t expect was the jolt of lightning he felt upon touching it, nor his soul zapping halfway across the museum into someone else’s body.

He would’ve thought he might be upset about becoming a woman, but right now all he could feel was happy. He wondered if this joyous feeling was a further effect of touching the sculpture and the body swapping curse it seemed to contain. He thought about running back to it to check on his own body, but he also found that he had a hard time even caring about it. He seemed much more concerned about enjoying he was now and forgetting who he had been.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

One Pill Makes You...

Brett had been handed an odd purple pill while he was out clubbing. He slipped it under his tongue and swallowed, awaiting whatever feeling came next. He didn’t exactly feel euphoric or high in any way, but he did feel different. It wasn’t until guys starting coming up and grinding on him that he realized something was up. He assumed they were gay and made an escape outside. As he grabbed a bite across the street, he discovered that he seemed to be a woman now. He figured this was a hallucination brought on my the pill, though just about everything about his new body reacted strangely on cue. He may not have been high, but this sensation was incredibly realistic! What he hadn’t yet realized was that the pill didn’t make him hallucinate, it had made him transform...

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Diane had always been in Sebastian’s circle of friends, but he honestly didn’t know her too well before the Great Shift. He knew she was a fitness model and that she enjoyed working out, but that was about it. Of course, after the Great Shift he got to know her a lot better by swapping bodies with her. She hoped he would continue to workout, but she knew she couldn’t force him. Sebastian didn’t really expect to keep it up either, but there was something strange about Diane’s body. It was like she had some sort of adrenaline running through it that always made it super active. He’d wake up at 5am feeling restless. He’d toss and turn trying to get back to sleep. He tried watching TV or reading, but he’d just fidget and feel distracted. Eventually, he just went out and ran, but he was amazed by the intensity he displayed. It was more than a jog, more like parkour with pushups, pullups, and anything else he could squeeze in. It was weirdly effortless, and several hours passed by that felt like nothing. Diane’s body just didn’t seem amazing fit; it almost seemed super human!

Monday, August 5, 2019

The Portal

Yesterday, Edwin had gone down a narrow alley in Chinatown and came across a wall with a mural, except that his mural seemed to be more of a portal. With nervous curiosity, he went through it. On the other side, he discovered that he had been transformed into an Asian, female version of himself. He found that it he put just his hand through the portal, just his hand would transform. If he stepped halfway in, he’d be half and half.

Figuring there would be no harm spending a bit of time on the other side of the portal, he went exploring. Things seemed mostly the same at first, but it seemed everyone in the world had swapped genders and races. He soon discovered things were actually a little worse in this parallel world. He was nearly attacked by some men on the street because he was wearing pants, eventually forcing him to change into a dress and heels. While he knew women didn’t have it easy in his world, in this one it seemed they were practically required to obey men. This didn’t seem like a good deal to him, so Edwin returned to the portal.

Except when he returned, the portal was gone, and the mural was just a mural. He was stuck in this strange, alternate reality!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

In the Club

It probably shouldn’t have been surprising that when everyone swapped bodies inside the club, people started taking out their phones and snapping pictures. It was just a pretty common reason for just about anything these days. Vance was a little more calm as he observed everyone from what appeared to be a VIP area. He was now in the body of a woman and luckily seemed to be separated from the crowd. He tried his best to keep track of his own body, but he soon lost sight of it among the masses. Despite all the body swapping, most people in the club that night just kept partying. It wasn’t until the next day that people learned about The Great Shift...