Saturday, August 17, 2019


Finding the rare flowers in the market was exactly the next ingredient Gordon needed to find in order to recreate the body swapping potion. Each ingredient had been pretty hard to find so far, and he still had several to go. Still, the flowers were quite the find. Even once he fund the rest of them, he still needed to find his original body. When this Asian woman stole it from him while he was on vacation, he wasn’t even sure what to do at first. Then locals started to explain the potion and its difficult to find ingredients. It gave Gordon hope, and an explanation. He knew he could recreate it...even if took the rest of his life.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Alignment (Part 2)

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Over the next few weeks, Jason had to do a lot to get settled with his new body. He had to contact his own body, then he found where this body lived. He had to figure out travel arrangements to get home. In the meantime, he lived in this body’s apartment and wore her clothes -- she sure owned a lot of pink! Then there was the task of convincing people who he really was. The body swapping only affected a few hundred people at most, so it wasn’t the easiest of tasks. Jason knew going back to work like this was going to be awkward. He was actually relieved that he had broken up with his girlfriend last month. Government offices were probably the worst until apparently the CIA quietly intervened. Then there was the aspect of simply adjusting to being a woman. He had to deal with carrying a purse and being gawked at by men, the different feelings of this body and tighter clothing. All in all, he thought he was doing pretty well, but this wasn’t easy!

Thursday, August 15, 2019


Jason had been excited about the alignment for months. It would be the first time in nearly a million years that all the planetary bodies in the solar system would align. Sure, there were plenty of astronomers on the news who said there was nothing particularly special about the event, but Jason still wanted to get t the exact spot on Earth to line himself up with all the celestial orbs. He wasn’t the only one. A small crowd had gathered awaiting the exact moment. Jason checked his phones as the seconds ticked down.

Then the moment passed with no supernatural occurrence. But just as Jason was about to feel a little let down, there was a flash. For a moment, he felt at one with all the heavens, but it quickly passed as he found himself back down to Earth. Then the commotion started.

People were shouting and screaming. Jason soon learned why. He had been swapped into someone else’s body -- as he imagined everyone else had as well. His surroundings seemed to be different as well. It took him a bit to realize, but they were all now on the complete other side of the planet, a second spot where everything would also be aligned. They had all swapped bodies with the people who had gathered there. Jason seemed to be in the body of a woman with a pink top. While he had been hopeful something would happen, he never expected something like this!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

An Hour

An hour. Jonah had an hour stuck inside Deborah’s body as the swapping machine reset. He decided to hit up the gym. He knew it wouldn’t be his body getting the benefits, but working out was just something he did to calm down. It was sort of weird working out with Deborah’s body. The sweat collected in different places, and things swung in different ways. He was sort of glad for it to be over, and was ready to get back to the lab to get his body back. But then he checked his phone. There were about a hundred text messages on there from Deborah and the guys at the lab. There was some sort of error or mistake. It appears Jonah would be stuck in Deborah’s body for at least a week. He groaned. He signed up for this because he thought it might be an interesting experience for an hour, but a week? That was way too long! He couldn’t be a chick for that long! He’d go crazy!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Magic Is Real

“What the heck did you put in my tea?”A confused Jill asked, “It looks like I’m looking at myself. I must be seeing things! What sort of drug is this?”

“It’s not drugs,” A very calm Curt replied, “It’s magic. I slipped a potion into our drinks that switched our bodies.”

“Magic isn’t real!”

“It’s real enough that you’re sitting over there in my body looking at me in yours.”

“There must be some logical explanation or something!”

“I think I already explained it sufficiently. And I certainly thank you for coming over, but I think I might leave to go back to your apartment...or should I say my apartment? I’m certainly going to enjoy myself until this potion wears off.”

“How long will that be?”

“Three weeks. Maybe four...”

Monday, August 12, 2019


It wasn’t exactly Trey’s plan to steal the body of a blonde suburban white mother, but he figured it was still the perfect disguise. He knew his crime spree of robbing the stores in his neighborhood would eventually come to an end; heck, because of the body swapper he had bought on the black market, he knew it was even going to end with him in a different body...just not this body. He had been stealing from those stores and stashing the cash for the better part of the month. He figured the police would eventually show up; he had always planned to keep the swapper close by and swap with one of them when they came around. He never expected this blonde chick to be right there when it happened. He must’ve misfired or something. Finding himself in her body had been weird, and seeing the cops shoot him former body was a shock. But he also realized it meant they’d never catch him. He could tap into his stash whenever he wanted, and no one would suspect this body of anything. Of course, she had two brats at home and an obnoxious husband. They were all surprised by the sudden attitude and fowl language of their wife or mother. Trey didn’t really care. He’d do the best he could, but despite what he looked like, he knew who he was on the inside -- a bad as thug with amazing street smarts.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

For the Money

Jake counted the money he had made since swapping into this body seemingly at random last week. He wondered why women always complained about money. Thanks to this body, he was rolling in it! Of course, most people wouldn’t exactly be comfortable doing what he did to make this money, but Jake didn’t feel any real attachment to this body or any concern about it. If people wanted to pay to do whatever they wanted to do to it, what did he care? Granted, some of it hurt -- though not all of it. Then a sudden chill came over him. What if he never swapped back? What if he was stuck like this? Stuck with a shame of what he had done? Stuck with any diseases he might have caught? He soon felt a lot less good about the pile of money in front of him.