Saturday, August 31, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 5)

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Josh did ultimately manage to return to his basement, and he breathed a sigh of relieve when he did so. He reattached the control loop and got back in the booth. Once again, he took the form of pure energy, and he re-entered the machine. His body reformed once more, but instead of his own body reforming, he reformed as the woman from the park. He sat in the booth scared for so long after that. He really was stuck; he really was this woman now...forever. He checked the scans. His energy signature was only slightly different from what it had been. He tried to get the device to tweak it back to normal an went through the process again, but he once again returned to the form of the woman. He was beginning to give up. He though about smashing his device into a million pieces. After removing a piece or two out of anger, he stopped himself from going further. This machine could still do good in the world; he could still do good in the world. He was just going to have to do it with a different body...

Friday, August 30, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 4)

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Then Josh finally came up with an idea. He needed to get back to his basement. He’d simply convert himself back into energy using his machine, then when he reverted back to human form, he should reform as himself instead of this woman. He felt bad about the fact that she would basically blip out of existence, but with him inside her body, that was basically already true. The other problem was his house was at least an hour drive. He presumed she had a car, but where it was or where to find the keys were questions he didn’t have an answer to yet. Still, it was his best hope to getting back to normal.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 3)

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Josh took his fingernails and began to try to dig at his forehead at the place where his energy form had entered this body. It didn’t make any sense to try to do this, but he wasn’t exactly thinking rationally at this point -- he was merely focused on the fact that he was now a woman and was trying to think of ways to undo it as quickly as possible. After several unsuccessful minutes of trying all sorts of different ways to extract his energy form, he realized it was going to work. He was stuck like this! Stuck as this woman who he knew nothing about! At least the world around him was starting to feel normal again as he adjusted to being human once more instead of being pure energy. The only thing weird was the difference he felt in his current human body! Being a woman meant his weight distribution was al off, the hair was long and annoying, and he didn’t even want to think about what he would feel going to the bathroom for the first time...

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 2)

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Josh couldn’t to do anything to stop what happened next. His energy form crashed into the woman -- right on her forehead. He could no longer see her anywhere, but he also didn’t see a charred corpse or anything like that. However, things suddenly seemed different for him. The world seemed to be going at normal speed again. Things still felt a little blurry and weird though; it also seemed like he had a headache. Except he began to wonder how that was possible. He was pure energy, he didn’t have a head to ache in this form. He lifted his arms to his temples -- arms? How did he have arms? Yet there they were -- except they weren’t HIS arms. It all started to come into focus. He wasn’t himself; when he hit the woman doing yoga, he must have possessed her or something! He now had her body! For all intents and purposes, he now was her!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Pure Energy (Part 1)

The invention that Josh had made in basement was nothing short of impressive. He stood inside a booth and was transformed into pure energy. This energy could then be directed back into the machine and turned back into matter. It was revolutionary! Josh had tested going back and forth from human form to pure energy several times on a closed loop in his basement without incident so far, but he really wanted to test the potential of this machine. In his brief time in energy form, Josh noted that he oddly still seemed to have his senses about him. He could see, hear, and smell everything, even though it zipped by him a way that was blurry and distorted. Taking a deep breath, he removed a control loop and tried again to turn himself into energy. He was no longer limited to the confines of the machine. He zapped out of the house and nearly instantly found himself at a park many miles away. He was excited about the implications for traveling from one place to another in a fraction of a second. He was about to head back when he saw a woman practicing yoga in the park. He felt an attraction, like he would be turned on if he still had a body. He wanted to get closer, but precision control was difficult as a being of pure energy. He was fearful that getting too close would kill her -- like being hit by a bolt of lightning, but he also found that he couldn’t fully control himself as he got closer and closer....

Monday, August 26, 2019

Highs and Lows

The Great Shift appeared as a flash of light and many found themselves swapped into new bodies. Wilson was one such person though his new body with its sparkling leotard and pink fur coat was far from his mind. In fact, all he could think about was his euphoria; he just felt so good. That is, until this body came crashing down from its high. Then Wilson just felt so terrible. He wondered why he had so enjoyed this body and his time right after the Shift. He had no idea about the drugs she had taken right beforehand; he just wanted to recreate that feeling. Surely, he’d feel that joy again? He’d love this body again, right? He hoped so. He couldn’t remember feeling anything better than the moment he first shifted.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Transporter malfunction

“O’Brien is working on finding the transporter malfunction,” Picard assured Troi, “We hopefully won’t be like this for long.”

Having her half-Betazoid body, Picard could sense her sadness even before her soft face started to form tears. It was weird for him to see her gentle features on his body, and he was sure it was even harder for her to see him. He wasn’t even sure O’Brien could reverse the malfunction that caused their bodies to be mixed up like this, but he knew he had to be hopeful for her sake.