Saturday, November 16, 2019


Miles slumped down into the chair. He knew he was inside the body of a supermodel, but he was still slouching. He awkwardly adjusted himself, because he was afraid he was flashing anyone who happened to look in his direction. Wearing a dress was just very weird. The heels on his feet prevented him from putting them flat on the floor as well. He wanted to reach down to undo them and take them off, but once again he felt like he may expose himself to the world. He couldn’t believe he ended up in this body! It all seemed much too unbelievable, yet the news reports were all saying he wasn’t alone. Everyone had been affected by something called “The Great Shift.” ‘Yeah,’ He thought, ‘But not everyone is now a hot model!’

Friday, November 15, 2019


Daniel had been affected much like the rest of the world. He found himself in a woman’s body, but he tried his best to keep a cool head. He assessed the situation fairly calmly. He was young, attractive, and in shape; being a different gender wasn’t the biggest deal. But after a few weeks, he felt like his body was getting fat. It was a no brainer to start going to the gym. But a few more weeks went by, and he was still gaining weight. He complained about this to the other people in the locker room.

Another woman looked as Daniel as he showed off his body.

“You’re not getting fat; you’re pregnant.” The woman explained.

“I’m WHAT!?” Daniel said shocked.

“Have you gotten a period since the Shift?”

“Ew, gross! No! I thought I was just lucky.”

“Well, your body probably ‘got lucky’ just before the Shift, because you are positively pregnant.”

Daniel’s jaw dropped. Being a woman he could handle, but being a mother? The shock of the Shift finally set in for him...

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Buying Online

Alex could remember being young and buying stuff off the internet. You often didn’t know quite what to expect. Things didn’t look like the picture or something might be larger or smaller than it appeared in the pictures. When body swapping technology started to be offered online, it was kind of like that.

So when Alex agreed on his first online swap, he was a little apprehensive. He knew he might not quite get the image he saw on the screen. Still, he was excited enough about the idea of being a woman that he didn’t hesitate. When the program took effect, he was zapped into the body of a woman in a different part of the world.

Much to his surprise, he actually looked almost exactly like her picture...from the waist up. The only awkward thing was how big her hips and butt were! She must have taken her pictures from a certain angle...or maybe he didn’t even ever see a full body shot. This was something he would have to remember next time. This swap was just for this an experiment. But he wanted to try something longer. Though he certainly wasn’t unhappy with this body, he was still aiming for the perfect picture in his head...

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


“And where exactly have you been all night?” A frustrated Kylie asked her boyfriend as he stumbled in at 5am.

“Drinkin’ with friend,” Jack slurred, “Did you know your body cannot seem to handle liquor? I passed out on Mark’s couch after like two beers!”

“Come on, Jack! You know that! I don’t know how long we are going to have our bodies swapped, but you need to take better care of my body as long as you have it!”

“Me? What about you? You prance around the apartment in your old clothes! I’m sure those tights and jean shorts are crushing my balls right now!”

“My clothes are a little tight on you, but it makes me feel better. Besides, you’re flaunting my body around in that short leather miniskirt!”

“I got it from your closet, Kylie! That seems like it should be fair game!”

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Adam felt a little weird about hanging up a flyer with his own face. It wasn’t quite a “missing” poster, but it was pretty close. Ever since the Great Shift, he wondered what happened to his former body. In the six months since the event, everyone he knew had located their original body and knew something about the person currently inside of it. Everyone but Adam. He decided to hang the flyers in the hopes someone had seen his body, and that they’d contact him. He knew there was no reversing the effects of the Great Shift; he was just curious. Were they happy with his body? Could he help them in any way? He was certainly happy with his own new body. He never expected to one day wake up in the body of a beautiful woman, but that’s exactly what happened.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Crap Shoot (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
After hanging up on the call with his boss, Martin smiled. He may have pretended to not enjoy swapping with a woman with the teleporters, but he actually preferred it! He always made sure to schedule plenty of time before and after meetings to explore the women’s bodies he teleported into. Today would be no exception!

With still a fair amount of time before the meeting, he was ready to get down to business beforehand. He ran his hand up his nylon clad leg and his grin got even bigger. He could tell this was one of the best bodies he’s gotten yet!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Crap Shoot

“Just wanted you to know I arrived safely this morning, and I’ll be at the meeting with the investors in a few hours,” Martin said into the phone.

His boss was on the other end, nervous as always.

Martin continued, addressing his boss’s concerns, “The teleporter worked fine. Yeah, I got another’s woman’s body this time. You know how the selection process goes for these last minute trips. It was either this or a guy who looked like a drug addict. And don’t worry, she’d completely presentable.”

Martin waited as his boss complained about the last female body he teleported into for a meeting, who didn’t own a single piece of respectable clothing. The body he got this time was nice with a good wardrobe appropriate for the meeting he had. But teleporting technology was kind of a crap shoot. Sure, you got there instantly, but you had to swap with someone who was in that physical location who also had an interest in being in your physical location. That being said, it sure made taking a meeting halfway across the country on short notice much easier.