Saturday, November 23, 2019


After the bright light blinded Todd for a minute, he blinked several times in order to restore his vision. Things were blurry and objects were leaving visual trails behind them. He was sure he just needed a minute to focus, but things felt weird. He rubbed his eyes hoping it would help, but as he did he swore their was something weird about his fingernails. With his vision still being off, it was hard to keep them still enough to properly see them, but he was pretty sure these fingers weren’t his.

In fact, as his vision slowly cleared, he became very aware that his entire body was not his own. Judging from reactions of a few people nearby, he could tell he probably wasn’t the only one. However, he had to admit that his own situation was quite extreme. He had completely changed genders! He was now a woman! Judging from what he could see, he had quite an attractive body that was dressed rather provocatively. The whole thing raised so many questions, but right now he didn’t have a lot of answers.

Friday, November 22, 2019


Kevin often considered revealing the truth about who he really was. He thought about telling people that he wasn’t the wealthy heiress he appeared to be, but he knew it would mean giving up her riches, her private jet, her luxurious lifestyle. It did seem like a fair tradeoff; for a working class average guy to pretend to be a fashionable woman in exchange for having the world at his fingertips. He decided to keep the secret a little longer.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Honeymoon (Part 4)

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Ted yelled at Laura nonstop, and the argument continued when the couple returned to their room.

“What the hell, Laura?! What the hell?” Ted demanded.

“You told me to have fun and enjoy myself!” Laura retorted.

“But cheating on me?”

“Technically, YOU’RE cheating on ME. At least as far as anyone who saw it is concerned.”

“Not if we never swap back.”

The room became silent. They both had hope, but it was suddenly a real possibility that swapping back might never happen. In fact, Ted didn’t even want to now. He wanted to stay in Laura’s body, keep her life, and never see his own body ever again.

“I want a divorce, Laura.” Ted stated, “And I know what that may mean, but frankly I don’t care. I’d rather stay stuck in your body for the rest of my life instead of being stuck for the rest of my life with you as my spouse.”

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Honeymoon (Part 3)

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The next few days weren’t easy, but Ted tried his best. He wore many of Laura’s favorite outfits, he went down to the beach or pool often. Laura seemed a bit more sullen. She often refused to leave the room; she mostly laid in bed lamenting. Ted would try to comfort her, but he really wanted her to get out. If they were stuck like this, she was going to have to adapt. There were many times Ted left the room without her, hoping it would encourage her.

On one of these instances, Ted had an awkward encounter where a guy flirting with him. The guy was pretty aggressive, but Ted manages to ward off his advances. Afterward, Ted couldn’t imagine feeling more vulnerable or disgusted. But then the next time he was out, as he wandered about the resort, his heart sank even lower than he ever could have imagined.

He saw Laura in his body. It would’ve made him so happy to see her out and about under most circumstances. However, he spied her making out with another guest. His head was spinning, and he thought he was imagining things. But when he stormed closer, he knew he wasn’t. He demanded answers.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Honeymoon (Part 2)

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For the rest of the day, Ted and Laura were too in shock to speak. It wasn’t until the next morning when Ted got up early and left a note for Laura to meet him by the shed at the resort where the rubber rafts, surf boards, and snorkel equipment were kept. She arrived hours later with a frown.

But Ted was smiling, “We have to look on the bright side.”

“Bright side?” Laura grumbled.

“What couples get a chance like this? We literally get to see life from behind the eyes of the person we love the most. If I’m not myself, there’s no other person I’d rather be but you. I love you, Laura. Let’s have fun like this. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

Monday, November 18, 2019

Honeymoon (Part 1)

Ted and Laura were enjoying their honeymoon in paradise. After several days of just lounging on the beach, the couple decided to go for a hike. The scenery was gorgeous with plants neither had seen before in their life. They ventured along narrow paths for hours. Deep in the exotic wilderness, a strange light began to glow that soon enveloped them both. The light completely decimated all the trees and wildlife around them. Ted immediately became worried if Laura was alright. He looked around but didn’t see her. He only saw...himself?

He stood silent and dumbstruck for several minutes until he realized he wasn’t actually looking at himself. It was his body sure, but it was Laura; it had to be. And that meant...

When he looked at himself he knew what he would see. He was wearing Laura’s jean shorts, her white top, and her hiking boots. He was inside of her body and she was inside of his. Considering the nature of the surrounding forest, he supposed he was lucky to be alive, but this was really weird. The two spoke no words as they returned on the narrow path back to the resort.

Sunday, November 17, 2019


Don was starting to wonder if his plan was brilliant or stupid. He had been dating Cindy ever since he got to college. He was a football player and she was a cheerleader. It seemed like a match made in heaven, but recently he began to suspect she was cheating on him. He needed to spy on her, but he needed to do it without being noticed. When he overheard a nerdy girl on campus talk about an invention she was making, he saw an opportunity.

He approached her and said he overheard her talk about the body swapper she had made. He offered to help test it on one condition. And so Don swapped bodies with the nerdy girl. She got to successfully test her invention, and he got to spy on Cindy unnoticed. This had gone on several days now, but so far Don had no solid evidence. The closest he came was pretending to read a book while spying Cindy at the library with another guy. It turned out they were just study partners for an assignment, but could there be more? Don wasn’t sure he wanted to swap back until he knew for sure...