Saturday, November 30, 2019

Perfect Relationship (Part 2)

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Sam quickly realized he made a foolish mistake by removing the notecard from the book so quickly. It talked about the spell on “this page,” but with the card removed, he had no clue what page that could be. The book seemed to be written in a strange language. He could pronounce things phonetically, but he had no idea what he would be saying. He realized that meant he was stuck as Evelyn -- which honestly wasn’t the worst thing ever -- but it wasn’t what he would have ever wanted.

He best guess of how to move forward was to go through the book page by page to learn how to cast each spell and figure out what each one of them did. It seemed like a big task, but the idea that he was going to learn actual magic seemed sort of exciting at the same time...

Friday, November 29, 2019

Perfect Relationship

When he turned 40, Sam began to worry that he was never going to be in a fulfilling relationship. But then he met Evelyn. They hit it off instantly. She was around his age, seemed to be interested in a lot of the same things, and was easy to be around. After a few weeks of dating, he went back to her place. He fell asleep with Evelyn in his arms, believing he had finally found the perfect relationship.

However, that wonderful illusion was shattered the next morning when he awoke. For starters, he awoke alone. Instead of Evelyn in his arms there was a book. A notecard was placed inside, which he immediately removed to read.

“I’m sorry, Sam,” The note read, “I stole your body and left you with mine. I know it wasn’t fair, but I couldn’t stand being a woman for another day. Don’t worry though. This book is full of magic spells, and the one on this page will allow you to swap bodies with anyone -- just like I did with you.”

Sam was trying to grasp what this note was even telling him. Swapping bodies? But that meant...

He rushed to the mirror shocked to see Evelyn’s reflection looking back at him. She had, in fact, taken his body, and he was now her! It seemed impossible, yet he couldn’t deny what he was seeing. She must’ve woken up in the middle of the night, gotten dressed, and cast the spell. Now he was now her, and she had run off with his body!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 5)

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Over the course of the week, Jason really began to relax in his new body. He mostly stopped checking the website at all about the ETA of when he could return. In fact, he only went back to confirm the extent of the bug. It seemed bad enough that the company had no idea who was really who, and were depending on the honor system in order to get people back to their original bodies.

Of course, by the time he was able to get back, Jason no longer cared to. He decided he was going to keep this woman’s body as his own. And he loved wearing all sorts of revealing outfits to show it off. His favorite was hitting up the nearby beach in a skimpy bikini. He hoped that the bug destroyed any records and any possible proof of who he really was. He hoped enough people didn’t want to go back to their own lives either to further confuse who he could really be. For whatever reason, the woman didn’t seem to be demanding her own life back either, so maybe it all just worked out perfectly fine for everyone...

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 4)

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For the first days, Jason did little more than refresh the website to see when he could return to his own body. But he began to get a little bored. He thought about going out, but he didn’t want to be seen with this body . Even though no one would know who he really was, he just wasn’t comfortable.

But maybe he could kill two birds with one stone? He opened up the closet and opted to try on some skirts and dresses. Modeling a few of the looks killed a bit of time, and with each one he tried on, he got a little more comfortable. As he looked at himself in a cute little green dress, he stopped thinking about checking the website even if it was just for a little bit...

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 3)

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When Jason finally got a call back from customer service, they weren’t much help. They simply recognized the problem, said he wasn’t the only one affected, and told him to check the website for updates. Even the info on the site was sparse at first. For the first few days, the bug was mentioned with no ETA of when people could use the service again to be restored to their own bodies. Two days passed, and Jason finally got an estimate -- it was over a week! He couldn’t believe he was going to be stuck int his woman’s body for that long! It felt like it was going to be forever! He only wanted to download himself into someone else’s body for a few hours at most, and now he was going to stuck as someone he didn’t even pick for over a week!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 2)

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Next, Jason called up the customer service department to report the problem of being downloaded into the wrong body. He figured he wasn’t the only one with a problem when the automated message said that wait times were up to three hours. He selected the option to leave his number in order to get a call back. In the interim, he had to wait with a body he hadn’t wanted.

He opened the woman’s closet and drawers and luckily found some sweats that looked comfortable. They were a much better option to spend the time in compared to the frilly dress he had been wearing when he was first swapped. Getting undressed and dressed again made him a little uncomfortable, so he tried to do it as quick as possible without really taking too much time peaking as his new attractive body.

And now it was just a boring waiting game.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 1)

Jason had followed the instructions exactly. He installed the software on his computer, plugged in the external device and placed it on his head. Then he ran the program that should’ve swapped him into his selected body. But when he went to the mirror, he realized his brain had been downloaded into the wrong body. He was someone else completely! There must have been a mix-up or a crossed wire! He didn’t want to be a woman at all! He needed to figure out how to sort this out. He was amazed by body swapping technology, but he had so far never experienced such a strange error. There had to be a fix!