Saturday, December 14, 2019

Dog Day Afternoon

Henry was always tinkering around with something in the garage, and his latest invention of a body swapper was quite impressive. His girlfriend Angelica begged to be allowed to use it. She wanted to experience being in the body of an animal for a while and suggested swapping with Henry’s dog, Rex. It took a few days to talk Henry into the idea, but he ultimately just couldn’t say no to Angelica.

As soon as she got into Rex’s body, Angelica wanted to run around the neighborhood, to feel what it would be like to be wild and free. Rex, on the other hand, just continued to do weird dog stuff despite his now human body. When he saw his girlfriend’s body licking just about everything, he got concerned. He knew this would probably make her sick and decided it might be best for him to swap himself into Angelica’s body and Rex into his own body. If anyone was going to get sick, it was going to be Henry’s body.

So sure enough, he did just that. Henry then waited, feeling the uncomfortable weight of breasts on his chest and heels on his feet. He did his best to keep Rex from doing anything too bad with his body, but he really hoped Angelica got home soon...

Friday, December 13, 2019

No Reason

It honestly made no sense to Adam. As a middle aged man, he knew he was a few pounds overweight and so he started to go for walks in the park. On one such instance, a female jogger bumped into him, and something about the impact caused them to swap bodies. She smiled devilishly at him with his former body before sprinting away. Knowing the body he was now in must have been much more athletic than his original one, he knew he could catch up. However, after a few steps, he got an incredible cramp in his leg. He needed to sit down to tend to it. He could feel that it would pass, but, wow, did it immobilize him in the short term, allowing his body to get away. But what could she possibly want with his body that was worse than this one in every way Adam could imagine. In fact, the only reason he even wanted it back was because it was HIS!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cold Outside

Whenever winter came around, Hal had to admit that he got a little jealous of his wife. While he had to work outside in the cold, she worked inside where it was nice and warm. He often complained about this fact loudly.

But one morning right before they both left for work, the oddest thing happened when the couple swapped bodies. Hal was elated, but his wife worried. How would they be able to do each other’s jobs?

Luckily, it seemed with a little bit of testing, they figured out that they not only swapped bodies but also skill sets. Of course, once Hal arrives at his wife’s work, he began to wonder if that even mattered. She seemed to spend so much of her day sitting around and not really doing anything. This was so much better than his own job! Not only was it warm, but he wasn’t having to lug around anything heavy or worrying about anything dangerous. While he certainly has misgivings about being a woman, he was starting to think that he could really get used to this!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Raymond had been minding his own business when he was drugged and kidnapped off the street. He was now reading a ransom note into a camera off a teleprompter.

“Dear Mister and Misses Haven,” Raymond began, “As you can see, your daughter’s body is fine, but there’s a catch. Her ransomer is nothing less than a genius and has invented a body swapper. He has placed the mind of an innocent person inside her body. My name is Raymond, and I don’t want to be inside your daughter’s body anymore than you want her harmed. Time is running out. You have already been given instructions on what to do with the money.

”Any attempt to have the police try to rescue her is foolish. The man who is holding me hostage has a device that switches brains. If you try to kill or arrest him, it might actually be your daughter inside that body. Even if you free me, you won’t really have your daughter back. You’ll have me, Raymond. Please do as the ransomer demands. For your daughter’s safety, for her husband, for her small child.”

The camera clicked off. Raymond looked to see his own body with an evil grin; it was really the man who kidnapped him and this woman. Raymond knew he needed to find a way to escape, but it was going to be difficult...

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Physics (Part 3)

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As the weeks passed, Howard became more comfortable being in Anne’s body, and his outfits slowly became more and more revealing as well; he depended much less on the other girls in Anne’s dorm for advice; and he finally let his hair down. In between classes, he’d hit up a salon or the mall. At night, he’d go out to the clubs. He wasn’t crushing on Anne anymore; now he was hoping a guy would crush on him as Anne. It was all so totally different from what he would’ve imagined when he first swapped.

There didn’t seem to be much hope in swapping back. The teacher didn’t have any answers about the malfunctioning demonstration, and some of the students started to think about revealing the truth about who they were and what happened. Howard didn’t want this. Part of the fun of being Anne was actually being Anne; if people knew he was actually simply Howard in Anne’s body, it would ruin everything...

Monday, December 9, 2019

Physics (Part 2)

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After class, Howard made his way back to Anne’s dorm (the entire class seemed to be in agreement on keeping the body swapping a secret for now). He arrived to find Anne’s roommate Kelly inside. Howard asked for a few beauty tips, and Kelly got a burst of excitement. She called in a few other girls from down the hall, and the group became giddy as they thought about they were going to spruce up Anne’s mousy appearance.

One girl did Howard’s makeup, another got him a pushup bra from her room, one more offered to give Howard a dress or two. It was a lot to take in, but the by the end of it, he admitted that Anne’s body was looking pretty hot. The only thing that was bugging him was her long hair. He insisted on pulling it back, to a few groans from the girls. He asked if they’d continue to help until he got the hang of it himself; they all quickly agreed.

As he walked back out onto the quad, he did feel a bit more confident -- even though the short skirt was tough with the cool fall air. He knew he had transformed himself into the woman Anne could’ve always been, yet a nagging feeling told him he could still do more...

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Physics (Part 1)

Ever since he first met her in his Advanced Particle Physics class, Howard had a huge crush on Anne. She was just so nice all the time with a welcoming smile. He was fairly convinced she had a nice body under her large glasses and that big coat she always seemed to wear. To top it all off, she was obviously smart. He often thought about asking her out, but he was just a shy nerd himself.

Things got weird when a demonstration in class went horribly awry. Everyone in the classroom ended up swapping brains with someone else. As luck would have it, Howard ended up in Anne’s body. He realized it would be an extremely bad time to confess his secret crush, but he could use the opportunity to spruce up Anne’s style. He figured doing so might give him the confidence he needed...