Saturday, December 28, 2019

Break In

Officer Harvey Cullen had seen a man break into a window on Fifth Street. He drew his gun and entered the premises. Someone inside turned on the light, but the brightness was like nothing Harvey had ever seen. The next thing he knew, his own gun wasn’t even in his hands. He saw it on the floor, and he reached down and grabbed it. However, when he looked up to aim it, he realized he was aiming his own body? He noticed his own hands holding the gun and realized the skin was dark. He wondered if he had swapped bodies with the man he had seen breaking in, but the hands were too slender. They were like women’s hands, complete with painted nails. He hadn’t swapped bodies with the intruder; he must have swapped bodies with the owner, a young woman. Who was in his body? The criminal? The owner? Or someone else? And where was the body of the guy who broke in?

Friday, December 27, 2019

20 to Life

For the better part of his two decades on the planet, George had been a criminal. He had committed countless crimes and gotten away with all of them until he accidentally shot a 40-year-old housewife. In the courtroom, George could’ve sworn he heard the judge say that he was sentenced to “live as the woman” for 20 years to life. It didn’t make any sense. Didn’t the judge mean “live in a prison” for 20 years to live?

Unfortunately, George heard correctly. He was strapped to a table and injected with a shot containing the DNA of the woman he murdered. His body changed quickly. His hair grew out, he grew boobs, he aged twenty years, and soon enough he was an exact copy of the woman he murdered. George wanted to scream and threaten the people that did this to him.

Instead the words only came out, “My goodness! What happened?”

They explained what they had injected him with, a mix of the woman’s DNA and another serum they had invented. He now not only had her body, but he would be unable to act in any way that she wouldn’t.

A few days later, George smiled as he dropped the woman’s kids off at school, wishing them a good day. As he drove off, his smile finally broke, and he took a deep breath. He was finally alone. It was only at these times when he ever felt like himself anymore. Whenever anyone was around, he had to act like the perfect wife and mother; the serum forced him to. But for these few moments when he was alone, he remembered who he was. He remembered George. He wondered if he would still remember when his sentence was over after 20 or so years...IF it was ever over...

Thursday, December 26, 2019


When the body swapping virus first appeared, people were freaking out. No one wanted to be randomly swapped with someone else on the street. Many demanded a cure or at least a vaccine. Dr. Ernie McCormick was on a team that researched the virus heavily. It didn’t take long for them to determine that swapping could be prevented by simply wearing a surgical mask in public. Most people adopted this behavior almost instantly, including Dr. McCormick.

However, after several months, Ernie found himself walking down the street where he ended up swapping bodies with a young woman. The strangest part of it was that they were both wearing surgical masks. He didn’t need to panic. He theorized exactly what had happened, and he immediately texted his colleagues.

“It’s what we feared,” He wrote, “The virus had mutated.”

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Weaponized Bimbofication

The Army had started to experiment with a device that they hoped could be developed into a powerful weapon, but they needed test subjects. The lead researchers asked for volunteers among a elite unit known for excellent discipline. Officer First Class Josh Riggs agreed to the experiment, insisting his determination was stronger than anything they could test on him.

Josh was shocked when the test transformed him into a gorgeous woman, but he quickly retained his composure as an attentive soldier. However, the researchers informed him this was just the start of the test and observations would be continuing on a regular basis. He was instructed to go on a short leave and report back in two weeks.

“Yes, Sir,” Josh replied with a salute.

Except two weeks passed, and Josh didn’t return. Researchers had to track him down. He seemed quite as ease with his female body with high heels and full make up, with the only hint of his military self were the camouflage pants he wore. They asked why he hadn’t reported back, and Josh seemed genuinely confused.

“I guess I like forgot and junk,” He said, “I had like a SUPER important appointment to get my nails done.”

The researchers seemed pleased. Josh Riggs had been one of the toughest, hardest troops in the unit. Yet with one treatment of their test, he was reduced to a vapid bimbo in less than two weeks. Further funding for additional research would be quickly approved.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Math Class

Mr. McLaughlan had always been known as the toughest math teacher in the school. Students always used to avoid getting put in his class, but these days the exact opposite was true. Why? Well, about two years ago when the Great Shift happened and everyone in the world swapped bodies with someone else, Mr. McLaughlan swapped bodies with Chloe Andrews. Chloe had been set to graduate that year and was easily the hottest girl in school. Time passing had been even kinder to Chloe’s body, and Mr. McLaughlan kept excellent care of it. There was something the male students just seemed to love about being lectured at in math by an attractive 20 year old. Mr. McLaughlan used this to his every advantage.

Monday, December 23, 2019


Greg couldn’t believe how excited he was to be shopping; he tried hard to fight back a big smile. He never enjoyed shopping this much before. Of course, this was his first time shopping since the Great Shift. Maybe there was something about shopping as a woman that was just more exciting, or maybe it was the fact that he needed a brand new wardrobe and could style it however he wanted. As he continued to look, his smile just got bigger and bigger.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

What Have I Done?

Dr. Carl Yunger had just developed a machine that could swap two people’s brains, and he was overjoyed to be running the first tests. Two people sat across from each other in his lab sitting in large chairs with a dome over their head. Thick wires connected the domes and chairs with a central computer in the middle. That’s where Dr. Yunger stood with his assistants. As he carefully monitored the progress of the swap, there was some sort of power surge. Suddenly the swapping was out of control. The participants swapped with each other, then began swapping with Dr. Yunger and his assistants. Before he could stop anything, Dr. Yunger found himself outside of the lab. He seemed to now be in the body of a woman who came by every night to clean the facility. He rushed back to his lab, but the door was locked. He saw the keypad next to it. He knew the code, but this woman’s fingerprints wouldn’t be registered in the system. Both were required for access. He cursed, knowing that if he couldn’t get in to stop it, there would be a chain reaction; it wouldn’t be long before everyone on the entire planet started swapping bodies with each other. He only hoped one of his assistants was still inside one of the bodies in there, and that they could figure out enough to shut it all down. As he found himself swapping bodies again into someone several miles away he asked aloud to himself in a high pitched feminine voice, “What had I done?”