Saturday, February 15, 2020


“Come on in, Lana, the water feels great,” Adam taunted his wife from the pool, “You’re the one who wanted to come here on vacation. You told me to enjoy myself; why are YOU so miserable?”

Adam laughed as he splashed about in the pool at the Exchange Island resort. Despite his wife’s insistence, he didn’t want to spend two weeks in someone else’s body. And, in fact, he was quite grumpy when he first swapped with a young Japanese woman. But then he saw who he wife swapped with -- an eighty year old man. Suddenly, Adam realized he got a pretty good deal out of the swap. It wasn’t because he felt like he got a great body, but because his wife got one that was so terrible. She had trouble moving, her body ached, she was tired all the time. Adam was enjoying rubbing the fact that she was miserable in her face. She was, after all, the one that that wanted to come here.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Experimented (Part 2)

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Two months later, Alvin thought back on that moment when he nodded. He saw his own eyes with Leah controlling them shoot a fierce anger toward him as the old man untied him. Alvin thought about fighting back, but decided it may not be the best plan in the world to go up against a man that knew how to swap people’s brains. He simply left into the world to continue to blindly go about Leah’s life as best he could. He knew very little about her, her job, or her life; but it still seemed better than to be trapped on that floor with that crazy old man. It certainly took a lot of getting used to, but he eventually managed.

He couldn’t help but think about what happened to Leah and his body. He wondered if the old man kidnapped anyone else and performed more experiments. He kept going to Leah’s job on the 18th floor, and one day his curiosity got the better of him on the way home -- however, when he tried to press the button for the 13th floor, he saw the button wasn’t there. The building manager in the lobby explained that the building didn’t even have a 13th floor due to the builders skipping it out of superstition.

He traveled back to Leah’s house that day and his mind was reeling. Everything about what happened seemed impossible, yet his existence proved it wasn’t.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Experimented (Part 1)

Alvin had gotten into the elevator on the 24th floor; Leah entered on the 18th. They were alone in there when the doors opened on the 13th floor. No one seemed to be getting in, and Alvin pressed the door close button; however, an odd gas soon pumped in that knocked both of them out cold.

They awoke several hours later to find themselves tied up with duct tape over their mouths. Both could feel something was very different, but it wasn’t until Alvin looked over and saw himself that he realized what it was. He had not only been kidnapped, but his brain had been placed in someone else’s body -- a woman’s body (specifically Leah’s). He instinct was to put his hands up to feel the changes, but they were firmly tied behind him. Leah came to the same realizations only seconds later.

That’s when a strange old man entered. He cackled, pleased that his experiment seemed to be a success so far. After all, Alvin and Leah were his first two test subjects that didn’t die from the brain transfer. He explained that he might consider letting them go if they could promise to keep this whole thing a secret. Alvin reluctantly nodded faintly while Leah seemed to resist.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


“Look, Dude,” Yan scolded, “I get that you’re upset. We all are. I know the last person you want to be stuck as is your own dad. It’s not like want to be you. Do you think I want to be a woman? You need to pull yourself together. Everyone here getting ready for this wedding seems to have swapped with someone else. But we need to figure out a solution instead of freaking out.”

“Can you at least not call me dude?” Lisa cried, “And it’s not just that I’m in my dad’s body -- which is totally weird -- it’s just as bad that you’re in mine. My husband-to-be’s total creep of a friend.”

“It’s not like I’m going to picking up any chicks with this body. But can we focus...please!?”

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Matter Receiving Antenna

“The matter receiving antenna is on the fritz again, John,” Ruth complained to her husband, “You gotta go up on the roof to fix it.”

John groaned. That antenna was how anything they purchased beamed into their house instantly. The thing was old -- dating back to at least 2130. He wanted to get a new one, but his wife Ruth insisted they couldn’t afford it. He called over to his neighbor, Doug, and the two were up on the roof working on the thing.

Both John and Doug knew the antenna probably wouldn’t last more than a year, but they patched it up anyway. Then they called down to Ruth to give it a test. Sparks flew that blew John and Doug to the other side of the roof.

“What the hell happened?” John asked looking down to see a body that was very unfamiliar to him.

“We probably crossed the matter lines with the entertainment signal,” Doug suggested, “It rearranged our matter based on some actress or model in a commercial or something.”

“We’re chicks!”

“Technically, we’re the same chick. No biggie though. It’ll take a few hours, but I just got to go back home and restore my body with my backup DNA file. I suggest you do the same.”

“Backup DNA file?”

“Wait, you don’t have one?”

Monday, February 10, 2020


It had just been a week earlier when Jason had been sitting in this exact same spot, looking upward and praying. It was a long shot, but he figured he’d try again.

He took a deep breath before raising his head to stare at the sky, “Please, I know I said I would be happy in life if I was transformed into a woman -- any woman. And I am happy -- I am very happy -- and I’m grateful. But if there is one thing I could ask for, please,is for a bigger chest. The woman I became is just so...flat. If I could have something even just a little bigger, I’d be even more in debt.”

Jason didn’t feel anything; he hadn’t last time either. He just sort of changed into a woman overnight last time. He had no proof this pleading had even been the cause, but he couldn’t imagine anything else he had done. He only hoped something similar would happen this time.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

On the Job

The entire office gasped as they saw their boss, Neil Weston collapse onto the floor. Greg rushed over to help, but he was blocked by Mr. Weston’s assistant, Abby.

“I’m -- I mean -- Mr. Weston is fine. I’m just going to take Mr. Weston into his office and let him lie down on the couch.” The words were coming out of Abby’s mouth, but it was actually Neil Weston speaking them.

Neil wasn’t even sure why he suddenly found himself in Abby’s body. And he was concerned for his own body’s safety, which did appear to be pretty lifeless on the floor. He just didn’t want anyone in the office to panic. If outside investors got a whiff of him being in poor health, the vultures would swoop in; everyone might lose their jobs.

As he dragged him body into his office, he was thankful it appeared to be breathing, but Neil also knew he needed to plan his next steps carefully.