Saturday, February 29, 2020

Leap Day

Logically, it made no sense; scientifically, it seemed impossible; but every time Leap Day rolled around, Herbert found himself in someone else’s body. More specifically, he was in the body of a Asian woman named Mi Rae exactly one quarter his own age. Celebrating his own eightieth birthday this year, Mi Rae was now twenty. Over the years, he had gone from resenting the day to looking forward to it. It felt great to be young again -- even if it was for just a day, and even if he had to be a woman for that time. This year, as he found himself becoming Mi Rae once again and feeling her long, smooth, still dark hair, he realized he didn’t ever want to go back to being Herbert once the day was over. He wanted to be young again for good. Could he find a way to stay as Mi Rae?

Friday, February 28, 2020

Pink Fog (Part 3)

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Things settled down fairly quickly in the weeks that followed as people adapted to their new bodies. There were a few scattered reports of pink fog appearing in rural areas, but nothing like what had affected the city.

Jason was among those who had adapted to his new body. He knew he was a woman now, but he still wasn’t fully comfortable with that fact. When he bought new clothes for himself, he stuck to jeans and pants, leaving the only dress he owned being the one he had found himself wearing when first swapped into this body. The same with shoes; he bought only sneakers. He did adapt to carrying a purse, as the pockets of women’s pants did seem ill-suited to holding anything; though he tended to forget it just about everywhere. He also had a lot to learn about his new anatomy. He had a scheduled appointment to see a doctor, but was hesitant to actually go in, opting instead to wander just outside and look at some store fronts. Each time he did something that acknowledged his new gender felt like he was also reconciling with the fact he’d never get his own body back. Each step was depressing in a way, and this next step of seeing a doctor was a big one.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Pink Fog (Part 2)

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Jason walked around the city to find that it was in a total state of chaos. He wasn’t sure how many people the pink fog had affected, but it was a lot. But the chaos wasn’t just because of people who swapped bodies, it was also because of the people that didn’t. They didn’t understand something big had just happened, and the idea that a good number of people weren’t who they appeared to be was a tough concept to wrap their heads around.

Jason looked down the block to see a man attempting to embrace a blond woman -- presumably his wife or girlfriend’s body -- only to have the woman try to punch him. Meanwhile, a rather burly gentleman -- presumably the man’s actual wife or girlfriend -- broke up the flight before embracing the man.

He saw more than a few people crying like toddlers or babies as well.

His own situation of becoming a woman now seemed downright manageable compared to everything else he saw.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Pink Fog

The strange pink fog started out small. It spread over a couple, then a small group. It continued from there until its haze spread across a few miles at its maximum reach. Despite the odd color, no one had any clue about the pink fog or what it could do. That is until it started to dissipate.

As the fog retreated, people began to randomly swap bodies with other people leaving the fog’s reach. Jason had been at the edge of the fog’s reach and walked out; suddenly he realized he was wearing heels and a dress. He could taste something fruity on his lips -- the fog had swapped his body with a woman!

He thought about rushing back in to attempt another swap, but by the time he turned around, the fog was contracting much too quickly for him to catch up. He knew he was stuck! But he certainly wasn’t the only one. People all around the city now had new bodies.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Stone Fragment

“So to the right of that tree, you can see the boulder,” Arthur explained, “I chiseled a small fragment of it off, and that’s what you encountered in my lab. If you touch that rock, you should both swap back to your own bodies.”

“Thanks, Arthur,” Mei said, “I certainly haven’t minded a younger body, but it just isn’t fair to Rachel for her to be stuck in my older body. Are you going to take another piece of it for your tests?”

“Absolutely. I just need to stand clear to not get caught up in your swap, then wait for you clear the area in order to not trigger another one.”

“It would be so much easier if Francine just returned the piece she stole from you...along with your body, of course.”

“I still have no idea why she did it, or what her plan is. But finding this stone that has the ability to swap bodies when two people touch it is so groundbreaking and exciting that I can’t dwell too much on the fact that I know have Francine’s body. I’m more upset by how much effort it was to come out here to get another fragment!”

Monday, February 24, 2020

Need to Know (Part 4)

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The text messages from Lea quickly tapered off. She’d only respond with short, dodging answers when Chuck asked questions, and those eventually stopped as well. It didn’t take long for him to fall into a pattern of being a bit of a shut in and drinking.

Lance used to text him a lot too (thinking he was Lea) with messages that ranged from flirting to obscene. These became less frequent as well as Chuck kept coming up with excuses to avoid Lance. In fact, by now they were almost non-existent.

While he certainly couldn’t complain, he began to think about his situation a lot. Did Lea even want her body back? Was he happy being him? Maybe he should just embrace that he was now Lea? At this point, it didn’t seem like a bad plan...

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Need to Know (Part 3)

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After the bath, Chuck got dressed in some of Lea’s clothes by carefully following her instructions. He wasn’t planning on going anywhere, he just wanted to get used to the habit. It was a little easier than he expected, but he was wondering if he was just getting used to things -- Lea’s body no longer felt as strange as it did earlier either.

Once he was done, he decided to look through Lea’s kitchen knowing exactly what he wanted to do next. There was no beer in her fridge, but there was a bottle of wine chilling. It would be perfect. he began to down the whole thing. Maybe he would get drunk enough to just pass out; maybe he’d wake up and learn this was just some terrible nightmare. It felt all too real at the moment, but as the alcohol made it’s way through his body, he began to have more and more hope that it was all just a dream...