Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Virus: The Researchers (Part 1)

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Once people began to swap bodies, the public began to panic. Everyone wanted answers. Scientists brought answers as soon as they could. Jim worked as one such lab. He traced the swapping back to a virus. Others on his team started piecing together how it worked. The virus was highly airborne. It would infect a host, grabbing vital pieces of DNA from that host. Then that person would transfer it to a second host. That second host would have to reinfect the original host with their own DNA. The virus would then attack the brain, essentially swapping the two hosts brains. Only a few people showed symptoms besides swapping, and a person only seemed contagious well before swapping. No individual could seemingly swap more than three times, no one seemed to be immune, and nothing seemed to prevent the passing of the disease.

In fact, after about two weeks of working in the lab, even Jim fell victim when he swapped with his fellow researcher, Yi Ji. It aligned with their theory that the first swap was always someone in close physical proximity. Despite his now female body, Jim knew he had to focus to get as much work done as possible. There was no telling with who or when he’d swap next. He had to squeeze in as much work as possible before it happened.

Friday, March 20, 2020

The Virus: Patient Zero (Part 3)

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Over the next few weeks, Nick started reading online and watching TV to find out that he wasn’t the only one who had been swapping bodies. Scientists had discovered a virus responsible for the strange phenomenon. As of right now, no one had swapped more than three times. Nick realized his next swap would probably be his last. And it happened soon enough.

He couldn’t have been more disappointed. Nick once again swapped with a woman. He didn’t know her well, but knew she worked in his office. He knew it was going to be difficult to adapt. She wasn’t the athletic type like he had been. She wasn’t older than his original body as well. She wasn’t as attractive as the previous two women he had been. It all felt like a big let down.

He went back online to search. Maybe somebody else had swapped a fourth time...or a fifth? So far, nothing. Then a year passed. The world was swapped all around, but still no more than three times per person. Nick knew he was stuck. It was time to learn to cope with it.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Virus: Patient Zero (Part 2)

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Nick didn’t spend much longer in the hospital. Figuring he wasn’t really equipped to help out as a nurse (despite looking the part) nor did he care much if he was fired (not his body, not his problem), leaving seemed to be the best option. He did check up on his former body before he left. The doctors seemed to be having quite a commotion about his body’s brain patterns; they seemed to be very different all of a sudden. Nick realized why, but he didn’t feel like speaking out.

He spent the next few days alone in the nurse’s apartment, trying to isolate himself, hoping whatever body swapping disease he seemed to have would just go away. It didn’t. Within a week he found himself in yet another different body, this time a blond woman. He didn’t get sick first this time -- so presumably this woman was fine enough in the nurse’s body. But how did he possibly infect her? Then he looked at his reflection; she seemed familiar. But he hadn’t run into her in the last few days or even at the hospital. It was earlier back when he was a guy, back when he felt perfectly fine. He had hit on her at the grocery store. It hadn’t been too long before he felt sick though...

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Virus: Patient Zero (Part 1)

Dedicated to those struggling and suffering in the world right now.

Nick was always an adventurer, traveling to distant places to hike, climb, and camp. On a recent trip, he explored the rainforest and was convinced he had seen things no human had before him. He was, in fact, right; however, in addition to the sights, he also contracted a virus never before known to humanity. For the first month of infection, it showed absolutely no symptoms; Nick was simply a carrier passing it on to others.

It wasn’t until he became violently ill from the virus that he became concerned. He called 911 and was rushed to his local hospital. The doctors and nurses couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Nick soon fell into a coma.

But a moment later, he was awake, but not in a way anyone could’ve ever predicted. The virus had infected a nurse, allowing the most truly dramatic advanced symptom to take hold, resulting in Nick swapping bodies with her. As he walked the halls, he wondered if he should tell the doctors. Would they even believe him? What sort of virus was this anyhow?

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Make Up

“This sh*t isn’t hard at all,” Ted mumbled to himself, “Why does Amy complain all the time about putting on makeup? She looks so good like this. If I’m stuck in her body, I’m going to lather this sh*t on every time I go.”

As he said the words aloud, a slight fear settled in.

“God, I hope I’m not stuck in her body forever. Fun is fun, but come on? Forever? Naw, she’ll chill out and swap us back soon enough. I mean, she only found out about how I slept with her friend, she still has no idea about the time I slept with her sister. She’s forgiven me for worse infidelities.”

Monday, March 16, 2020


Lawrence had known Kara ever since they were kids. She was always better than him in every way he could imagine. She was smarter, more talented, better looking by far...even when he tried really hard to excel at something new, she’d take a single try and blow him out of the water. The worst part? She was also much nicer and also more popular. Even when Lawrence became a loner nerd in high school; Kara was nice to him, stayed his friend, and defended him against the other popular kids. She stayed in touch through college, and he tried to stay polite. But, frankly, every time he talked to her he felt annoyed and jealous. She had to have some flaw, right? He wished he could be perfect like her!

Then one day he awoke in a large, unfamiliar room. The nails on his hand were painted. He rushed to a mirror to see Kara’s face looking back at him. He was Kara! He had her body! But he wondered as he looked over at the piano, did he also have her abilities? He sat and began to effortlessly play; it seemed he did! He thought about if Kara was now stuck in his body. For a second, he wanted to laugh; but it quickly faded into a feeling of concern. He also seemed to have Kara’s unbelievable niceness. He knew he had to call her to see if she was okay. But the person on the other end of the phone seemed to actually be Lawrence and not Kara stuck in his body. He stopped short of asking directly, lest being thought of as insane. As he hung up, he realized he now had the most amazing gift in the world.

Sunday, March 15, 2020


Jeremy heard an annoyed grunt as he poured some soda into his cup.

“What’s the problem?” He turned around to ask his girlfriend.

“You’re going to make me fat! I’m going to have to buy an entirely new wardrobe!” She complained.

“Relax. It’s been a month since the Shift, I’ve been drinking soda everyday, and your pants haven’t gotten any more difficult to squeeze on each morning! Besides, on your insistence I got the salad instead of the burger. I really wanted that triple bacon cheeseburger, you know? I can at least treat myself with a soda!”

“Fine. Just don’t complain to me when my pants no longer fit and your first to wear one of my flowing dresses or a loose skirt.”