Saturday, March 28, 2020


By the year 2540, technology had become mundane. There wasn’t anything you couldn’t do. For instance, Xavier would look in his mirror in each morning and completely transform his look -- and that really meant a complete transformation. While most people would use the technology to appear a little younger (but still mostly themselves), Xavier took it to an extreme. Today, he decided to be a brunette woman. He didn’t have to worry about makeup, the mirror did that for him. Even his entire body was transformed by the tech. He then got into his autodresser to have the machine select an outfit most flattering to his daily body before teleporting to work.

His co-workers were certainly used to seeing Xavier show up each day looking like a completely different person. In fact, no one was really sure what he actually looked like. The only way they could tell it was him was by his still manly voice. Sure, there was tech that could change that too, but Xavier kind of like the contrast on a day like this...

Friday, March 27, 2020

Men Were Men and Women Were Women

Jeb had been raised in a very conservative household, and even into his 40s he held onto the beliefs that “men were men and women were women.” He didn’t understand many around him who embraced what he considered to be sinful. Things got weird for him when The Great Shift hit, however.

Suddenly, he was now a woman. At first, he tried to embrace this. He figured since he was a woman, he should be as feminine as possible. He considered his new body a “looker” as well, so he thought it made sense to show off and whatnot. This didn’t bother him as much as he thought it would; in fact, he kind of liked it. But when things settled down and social lives kicked in, the idea of dating a fella still seemed weird to him. He knew he was a woman on the outside, but on the inside, he was still a guy. He finally began to consider his views, wondering if maybe some of his friends hadn’t been so crazy after all...

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Sitting Down

Peter had been feeling pretty good about his life. He had just graduated college, and his dad had hooked him up with a prime interview with a financial firm. He was sure to get the job, and the interview seemed like a mere formality. He rolled out of bed that morning, put on his best suit, and picked up breakfast at the local diner. He skipped the waitress on the tip before hoping on the train. When he arrived, he asked the cute brunette receptionist if he could use the bathroom.

Walking in, the lights seemed to suddenly change. The sleek office seemed duller, and then he caught his reflection int he mirror. It wasn’t his own; it belonged to the waitress he had stiffed on the tip earlier. He began to get nervous, and it only made him more afraid to see the terrified face of the waitress looking back at him instead of his own. If this happened when he entered the bathroom, maybe all he needed to do was walk back out? But before he did that, he realized he still needed to pee really bad. But the thought of doing that as a woman -- it was too much to handle! On the other hand, if he didn’t swap back, he was going to have to get used to peeing sitting down...

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Apartment

Jason wasn’t sure what caused him to pass out, but he awoke in an unknown apartment. He explored around a little, noting that the single bedroom inside appeared to belong to a woman. It wasn’t until he was out on the balcony that he noticed the biggest change. In fact, as he looked down at the large orbs on his chest, he wondered why he hadn’t noticed it earlier.

It was clear that he had swapped into a woman’s body -- probably the person who lived in this apartment. But how?

He saw a phone stuffed into the sportsbra. Maybe the internet had some answers? He hoped her phone didn’t have a password! Luckily, it seemed to be set to recognize her fingerprints, and he began to read articles being written about something being called “The Great Shift.” It appears he wasn’t the only one to find himself in a new body today...

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Graham looked at the watch. He wondered if what everyone told him was actually possible. What if he hadn’t swapped bodies with Laura? What if he actually WAS Laura, and he had just hypnotized himself to believe that he was Graham? It didn’t make any sense! He had all his memories! He could recall his wedding day, how his first kiss made him feel...yet everyone was telling him he was really Laura -- even the person now in his body! Maybe even he wasn’t really Laura, he should try to hypnotize himself into thinking he really was. At this point, it seemed like the easier option...

Monday, March 23, 2020

The Virus: The Researchers (Part 3)

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Jim couldn’t wait to swap for the final time. He was in communication with the team of researchers every day, cheering on their progress. After two days, Yi Ji swapped for her final time, but Jim was still waiting. Finally, six weeks later it happened. He was most thankful to get his sight back, and the first thing he did was look down to see a shapely body in a little black dress and tall heeled boots. It didn’t matter. He just needed to call the lab to tell them he was going to start coming in again...but where was the phone? He couldn’t find one anywhere.

Then a burly man came in. Jim was relieved. He explained his job as a researcher studying the virus.

The man just scoffed, “You ain’t got no job as a researcher. You work for me. Now you better stop playin’, Honey, because you got a client.” Jim had a feeling he was in a bad situation and would not be able to convince this man to help him...

Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Virus: The Researchers (Part 2)

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Click here for Patient Zero: Part 2.
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While in Yi Ji’s body, Jim worked long hours, continuing to make discoveries about the virus -- though they were still a long way from a cure of a vaccine. When he finally had his second swap a few days later, he was glad he did. The world went completely blurry. He could tell he was still a woman by the way his body felt, but he guessed he was just a little bit older than Yi Ji. The woman wore gloves and a mark -- though Jim knew those did little to prevent the virus, many in the public still wore them in an attempt to ward it off.

He knew hie eyes were open, but he couldn’t really make out anything. He could tell where lights were. He could maybe see a shadow of movement or perhaps the color of something if it put it a mere inch or so from his face. But he knew this condition, he was blind. He knew he wouldn’t be able to help in the lab like this. He was sure he could adapt, but it would take a while to learn. And before he could do all that, he was likely to swap again. He only hoped it would be into a body that would be able to continue the research without impediment.