Saturday, April 11, 2020

Good Time

Wes didn’t intend to make a device that swapped around the brains of his neighbors, but that’s exactly what the device he intended did. After he pressed the button on the invention, Wes found himself in the overweight, middle aged body of his neighbor, Jeff. He rushed back over to his own home to find that another one of his neighbors, Allie, was now inside his own scrawny, nerdy body.

That left Jeff now being the only one of the three with no clue about what the heck was going on. He was just outside mowing the lawn because his wife had been nagging him to do it, and now he found himself over the fence in Allie’s body. His first thought was that he no longer had to worry about pushing the mower around; next, he realized he could have a real good time inside.

It didn’t take long before Allie returned to her home with Wes. She noted her body wasn’t outside anymore. Then she tried to get in to find the door locked. She rang the bell, and she knocked; Jeff wasn’t answering. He was very busy inside. After all, he hadn’t wanted to do chores because the big game was on. As long as he had Allie’s body, he could watch the whole thing without his wife yelling at him. He wasn’t about anyone spoil such a good time!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Early Arrival

Ethan thought he’d surprise his parents by coming home a few days early from his college’s spring break. When he got there, his mom appeared to be out, but he heard some noises coming from his dad’s study. He opened the door and was surprised to see a young Asian woman standing there.

“Ethan!” The woman said shocked.

Ethan seemed confused that the woman knew him; he didn’t recognize her.

“I know this is probably unbelievable,” The woman continued, “But I’m actually your father. My work at the museum uncovered a strange medallion that could turn one person into another. I know you probably don’t believe me, but I’m stuck in Miss Cho’s body for the next two hours. After which, I can turn myself back to normal.”

Ethan still couldn’t believe the woman standing before him was actually his fifty year old father. And the idea of some sort of transforming medallion? It all seemed so far fetched. But why was this woman in his family’s house alone? And why would she make up such an insane story?

Thursday, April 9, 2020


As he stepped into the room wearing the pink satin dress, Jack groaned. “Do I really have to do this?” He asked.

“Yes, Mr. Curtis,” Lana insisted, “It was your stupid demonstration in science class that swapped our bodies, and I think you still don’t want me ruining your career, so you need to do as I say.”

“But we’ll be able to swap back tomorrow...”

“...And tomorrow if AFTER prom. I’m the most popular girl in school! I can’t be seen missing prom! Even if that means you have to go in my place. Just smile and do everything my boyfriend says.”

“Everything? Come on, you don’t mean that. On prom night?”

“I do.”

“But what if he wants to -- ?”

“Then do it. My body is eighteen. It’s legal.”

“It’s weird.”

“Use protection.”

“But I...”

“Look, Mr. Curtis, do it or I will make your life miserable to swap back into...”

Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Marvin didn’t know exactly what killed him. It was sudden and unexpected. He expected fluffy clouds and pearly gates; instead, he got something that resembled the DMV office. And much like the DMV office, he waited. It seemed like forever. When his number was finally called, he stepped up to a counter where a surly looking older woman was reviewing his paperwork. Marvin tried to speak, but the woman cut him off.

“Sir, I need to finish reviewing your paperwork. Please be patient.” She groaned.

After a long pause, she meandered, “Sir, why are you here? Your paperwork says you aren’t supposed to be dead yet.”

Marvin answered, “It’s not like I had a choice in the matter. If I’m supposed to be alive, couldn’t I just go back?”

“I’m not sure you noticed how long this line was. You’ve been up here for seventy years already. You weren’t supposed to die yet, but I can’t send you back to what is now almost certainly a rotting corpse. But we do have a form you can fill out to request transfer into the body of someone who should’ve died but lived.”

The woman handed Marvin a form. As he filled it out he asked, “Do I get to pick the body I end up in?”

The woman rolled her eyes as she took the filled out form from Marvin. With a monotone disgust she said, “You get what’s available.”

Suddenly, Marvin felt like he was dying in reverse. As the dull bureaucratic afterlife faded, he was back in the street in a location not far from where he died. Feeling a breeze rush up his legs, he noticed he was wearing a skirt. The next logical thing he noticed was that he was now a woman.

“Really?” He asked as he looked up to the sky as if the afterlife could hear him. “Really? A woman? Come on!”

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Prototype (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
“Why the hell would she do this to me? And to the company? She had so much to lose by stealing the prototype!” Max wondered allowed.

Harvey replied, “Maybe it wasn’t her. Maybe it was our competition.”


“Think about it. If someone else if creating a mind swapper, they use it to steal Danielle’s body, then use her body to steal the device. Maybe you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when she seized the opportunity.”

“But if they can already use it on humans, they’re months ahead of us...unless there’s some flaw? Gd, I hope my brain doesn’t melt into a mushy liquid in two days! ... Oh, and could one of you untie me?”

“We’re developers, you honestly think any of us excelled in Boy Scouts?”

“Fair enough, but maybe you can grab a knife from the supply closet to cut me loose?”

Monday, April 6, 2020

The Prototype

The hardware development team rolled in late Friday morning after a successful test the night before. They were surprised to see the VP of marketing, Danielle Takashi, tied up and gagged on the floor. One of the devs, Harvey, removed the gag and before he could ask, Danielle spoke.

“I know what this looks like, but I’m not Danielle. I’m Max! She used the prototype to swap our bodies and then overpowered me!” Max explained with Danielle’s sweet, soothing voice.

“We tested that on animals!” Harvey stated, “Human testing is months away.”

“Well, fortunately, it worked, and my brain isn’t fried! Danielle’s didn’t appear to be either as she ran off with my body AND our hard work. It took us ten years to build that brain swapper!”

“I have some backup copies of the plans. It would take a while to reconstruct, but we wouldn’t be started from scratch.” “I’d check it all. She went wild taking stuff while in my body, and she made me sit here and watch it all..”

Sunday, April 5, 2020

New Age

Grant didn’t like all the yoga and new age weirdness his girlfriend was into, and he often tried steering clear of it. But one day he decided to indulge her by participating; it was his biggest regret. For some reason, he was a bit of a natural, almost immediately hitting a near perfect zen-like state. But as he pulled himself back to reality, it became obvious he was going back to the wrong reality. The sky was green, the sand was pink, and Grant was now a woman. He quickly tried to get back in that state, but it was hard to ignore the distractions of his new body; the long nails on his fingertips, the large breasts in a tiny bikini, the long hair flowing into his face. He didn’t like this stuff before; now he hated it.