Saturday, April 18, 2020

Never (Part 3)

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The next morning, George woke up in Nicole’s bed. He had no idea how his wife got into her head that he had slept with her, but now he was in Nicole’s body as a result. He knew that being female should feel foreign and strange, but it almost felt normal; he wondered if this was part of Jen’s hypnosis.

He thought about staying in bed all day, but he knew he had work. However, the thought of seeing men int he office got him excited enough to give him the motivation to get ready. He picked out an outfit that he was sure would entice one or two (at least).

He hated how much he was focused on satisfying this need Jen put in his head, but it too felt natural. He couldn’t seem to do anything about it, no matter how hard he tried...

Friday, April 17, 2020

Never (Part 2)

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“Don’t lie to me,” Jen scolded as she pulled out a small device.

“Will that force me to tell the truth?” George asked, “Because I am! I never cheated on you!”

“No, this is the next part of your punishment. You’ll still be you, but in one way you’ll be very much like the little slut you appear to be. You’ll crave men. You’ll seduce them. You’ll want them inside of you. And you will find you will do just about anything to make it happen.”

“Please, Jen, don’t do this.”

“You did this to yourself, George.”

“But I didn’t! Please”

“It’s too late for that.”

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Never (Part 1)

George awoke to find himself tied down. He struggled to break free, but the binds were too tight. He could feel something was wrong with his body, but until he screamed for help he had no idea what. But the voice that screamed wasn’t his own; it was higher pitched. He knew what was wrong. He was a woman! A person responded to his cries for help, and momentarily he was relieved to see his wife, Jen. But instead of helping, she just glared at him.

“Jen!” George shouted, “Help me out!”

“Not yet. I’m not done with you yet.” She replied coldly.

“Did you do this? Why?”

“Don’t you recognize her, George? That slut from your office that you cheated on me with?”

“Jen, I‘ve never cheated on you!”

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


As he laid in his hospital bed, Rodney believed he had been good in life, treated people well, and generally done the right thing. When he finally passed, he went straight to heaven. He was quickly funneled to a room where the afterlife was explained to him. Apparently, he was absolutely correct in thinking he had lead a good life, and he was to be rewarded by becoming an angel. He’d return to Earth from time to time to help people. The idea of this all made Rodney very happy, and he couldn’t wait to help. There was only one catch -- he needed to be in his true form.

To Rodney, this made sense. After all, how could he be an angel without any wings? Or maybe a halo? It turns out, Rodney’s true form wasn’t quite what he was expecting. Sure, he got the wings, but he also appeared to be decidedly female. He became instantly confused, but he was told it was naive to think his Earthly body was anything like his true form.

Before he could even process any of this, he was sent back to Earth for his first mission. He found himself in a hotel bathroom. A voice inside his head told him to focus to help him hide his wings. Then he was told all about a married couple going through a rocky patch, and how he had to help them. He sighed as he listened to the voice in his head -- he still couldn’t believe he was an angel and THIS was his new body.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

You Should Smile More

Every day, Kyle contemplated the hell he was trapped in. It wasn’t just that he was in the wrong body, and it wasn’t even being in the body of a woman that troubled it; it was the fact that he couldn’t seem to tell anyone about who he really was, and that he was forced into the role of a dutiful wife. He wasn’t sure how or why he was cursed like this -- he simply woke up one day like this. When he realized he was a woman, he was curious. He wanted to explore his body, but instead he felt compelled into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. A man came downstairs whom Kyle kissed. Despite feeling a little disgusted when the man squeezed his butt, Kyle smiled and giggled.

Even when the man left and Kyle was alone, he couldn’t escape. He felt compelled to clean the house, never breaking the smile on his face. When he finally finished, he wanted to watch some sports on TV; however, he couldn’t help but flip to a romantic comedy instead. It would’ve offered some comfort if he felt like he was merely a passenger in this body, but, no, he was in control. He just couldn’t seem to do anything he wanted.

After a few days, he did find one shimmer of hope. When he was able to write, he could tell the truth. He could write about his frustrations, his true self, everything. However, he couldn’t seem to show anyone his writing; he felt compelled to hide it from everyone. He eventually took to writing a diary. He knew he had to hide it, but he also knew that if someone found it, it might be irresistible to read. And even as he was writing about his pain and sadness, he couldn’t help but do it with a smile.

Monday, April 13, 2020


Alex realized how quickly he was becoming a technophobe. Technology was just moving too far, and criminals now seemed to be the early adopters. Take the whole body swapping tech. Heck, it was even banned in his country, but that didn’t stop it from being used in illegal, criminal ways. As he was walking down the street one day, a woman hit him with such a device. Suddenly, Alex was now the one in her body, and she threatened not to give him his body back unless he took out $1000 from his bank account. Alex grumbled as he headed to the nearest ATM and did as she requested. Being somewhat distracted by the feminine body he now had, he didn’t react quick enough when the woman with his body grabbed the card and cash faster than he could. She had been peeking as he entered his pin. The woman then ran away. He had his body, his ATM card, and his pin number. He was sure she was going to do a lot of damage before he could report anything to his bank or explain things to the police.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Return

It was just a couple days ago that Dan had climbed this fence to escape; now he was climbing it to get back inside. He wasn’t sure of the extent of the weird experiments that were going on in this lab, but he knew what happened to him. They removed his brain and put it inside of someone else’s body -- a woman’s body. Despite this fact, when he saw an opportunity to make a run for it, he did. Trying to adjust to someone else’s life was just too weird. Maybe if it had been another guy or someone he knew a little more about, it would’ve been possible. But a complete stranger? A woman? Yeah, no thanks.

Dan also had concerns about the kinds of things this lab was doing to his original body. If they could swap brains, who knew what else was possible? He was certainly more than a little concerned about what could be happening to it in there. He knew he still had a lot to work out. How would he find his body? How could he force them to swap him back to normal? He hoped to form a more solid plan once he made it inside...