Saturday, April 25, 2020

Perfect Crime (Part 1)

“Do you ever worry that Amie and Tiffany will find us?” John asked.

“We flew 3000 miles away and changed our names, how would they ever find us?” Charles asked.

“We stole their bodies and left them in our bodies; that’s some pretty strong motivation to come looking for us, don’t you think?”

“I don’t miss being middle aged and balding, do you? That’s their lives now, and even if they did find us, they don’t know the first thing about how to swap back. It’s the prefect crime, and these are the perfect bodies.”

“I know. I couldn’t imagine Amie wearing an outfit anywhere near this hot. Good looks are so wasted on so many good looking women.”

“We still need to get better at walking in heels though!”

“No time like the present to start learning! Want to sneak into this store and buy ourselves some?”

“You read my mind, let’s go.”

Friday, April 24, 2020

Short Trip

After a long first week at his job at the firm fresh out of college, Jim decided to take a taxi home. He was shocked upon leaving to swap bodies with the driver. He wanted to yell, fight, or scream, but instead he just drove away. He didn’t really know what else to do except pick up another passenger and pretend everything was normal. He tried to emulate everything he had seen other cabbies do, even wishing his passenger “Have a nice day” as his driver had done. Jim was even more shocked when he swapped bodies again, this time with the woman he had been driving around. He watched as the cab drove away again, presumably continuing the cycle.

Over the course of an hour, Jim had gone from being a cocky, young kid just out of college to a fat, smelly cab driver, and now he was a middle aged Asian woman. He was hoping to swap again soon -- this was exactly the life or gender he wanted -- however, he hadn’t yet figured out that the swaps had been caused by the magic taxi he had bee in, and this body he was now in was his for good.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Immersive Entertainment

Being able to try out the new “immersive Entertainment” VR headset was a dream come true. Edwin had always loved new tech and the implications for gaming were downright insane. He put on the goggles and earphones and was instantly transported to a new world.

Well, actually the world was almost identical to the real one. In fact, the tech company had gone through great lengths to get every detail about the real world perfect in the virtual one. It was all pretty least until Edwin noticed his avatar. The character he was walking around with was clearly female. Even as he put his hands on his body, it all felt incredibly realistic. He wondered how this was accomplished. He wouldn’t find out the secret until he was back in the real world and discovered the glitch that swapped his body with another user...

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Crimson Queen (Part 2)

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Teaching classes over the next few days as Miss Reed wasn’t exactly fun or easy for Tom. Knowing that he had the strength and powers of The Crimson Queen and not using them was even harder. The one thing he did do was wear her skimpy spandex suit under her conservative clothing; it made him feel better knowing he could leap into action even if the agency had told him not to.

That all changed one day as he made his way back to Miss Reed’s apartment one evening after work. He could hear a cry for help. More accurately, he couldn’t avoid hearing it -- The Crimson Queen’s ears were just too powerful. He realized he couldn’t ignore it.

He began to unbutton one sleeve, ready to leap into action. He only paused momentary, knowing he needed to be someplace private to avoid revealing Miss Reed’s identity to the world.

So he rushed into her apartment at his fastest non-super speed, locked the door, and went into action. He was amazed at how fast he could move, changing clothes in an instant. Opening a window, he flew out of it, and arrived to the cry for help mere seconds later. The thugs harassing the woman screaming were no match for Tom with The Crimson Queen’s body. He got a thank you before darting back to Miss Reed’s home.

He knew he was told not to do the whole hero thing, but the secret agency wouldn’t mind that one little thing, right?

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Crimson Queen

It was only about fifty or sixty years ago when superheroes were merely the work of fiction, but reality eventually began to imitate art. By the time Tom was born, they were commonplace; he had grown up obsessed with them. By the time he was eighteen -- while most rational people ran from a superhero battling a villain - Tom would run toward the event, hoping to get a closer look.

On one such instance, Tom got a little too close. He saw the villain first, Technotron, a master of advanced technologies and invention. Then he caught sight of a woman in tight spandex fighting him. He couldn’t quite make out which hero it was; he needed to find out.

He barely caught enough of a look to identify her, The Crimson Queen, before Technotron took out an odd device and aimed it at her. Tom tried to yell a warning, but the blast was too quick and widespread. It caught not only The Crimson Queen, but Tom as well.

He awoke a short time later. He thought he’d feel worse after being hit, but for some reason he felt the best he could ever imagine. The wind blew and he felt it on his skin -- he thought he was naked and tried to cover up, only to discover he was wearing a familiar spandex outfit. And he was not only wearing The Crimson Queen’s outfit -- he also had her body! Technotron must’ve hit them both with some sort of body swapping device he had invented!

He used The Queen’s speed to rush his own body to a hospital, then he received a call from a top secret agency for a briefing of the encounter. Tom quickly confessed everything.

The agency seemed to take the news quite calmly. They told Tom he would assume The Crimson Queen’s secret identity until they could figure out how to reverse the swap. Tom nodded, but was shocked when they revealed who The Queen really was -- Miss Reed, his high school biology teacher! As he put on her blouse and skirt, he couldn’t believe he was her! And, not only that, he was also a superhero beneath this conservative outfit!

Monday, April 20, 2020

An Education

As Aaron looked in the mirror to tie the long hair back into a ponytail, he felt like he was starting back at square one. For the past decade he had studied hard in undergrad and graduate school, then there was the endless search until he finally scored a teaching position at a local college. Then just as spoke the first word in front of his first class, he found himself sitting in the hall hearing his voice recite the lecture he had prepared.

For some inexplicable reason, he was now inside the body of one of his freshman students, a young woman. He decided it best not to panic as everyone else was acting completely normally -- including his own body.

After class, he went to the nearest bathroom, reminding himself he now had to use the woman’s room. It was hard not to contemplate what his new life would be like. He’d be going through the motions all over again, but as someone else this time. He didn’t even know much about the woman he now was. He hadn’t learned any of his students’ names; he’d barely even reviewed the class list!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Never (Part 4)

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Once George got to the office, his hormones ran wild upon seeing all the guys there. He tried to flirt with them and got quite aggressive, reaching to places he shouldn’t or hiking up his leather skirt in the hopes one of the guys would just take him. It was a little too much for any professional environment.

He got called into the boss’s office -- which was actually his office. He paced the room, wondering if Nicole was now in his body. He had hopes she’d understand what he was going through, or maybe offer to relieve his tension.

It was still a shock to watch his own body walk through the door. He wanted to ask about the swap; he wanted to ask what Jen had done to her. Instead all he could think about was that the person in front of him was a man, a man who could fill his desires. He stammered as he asked for a favor.

He watched a smile come across his former body’s face as it spoke, “Technically, I could report you to HR for what you did out there, and what you’re doing in here. But maybe we can keep this between just the two of us...”