Saturday, June 6, 2020

ETA (Part 4)

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The next few times Chen went to check in on Dave, he wasn’t home. She thought this odd, because he had never not been home. The next time she saw him was actually when she was on her way to get groceries. Her jaw dropped at what she saw.

“What the hell are you wearing?” She asked.

“What?” Dave replied, “You told me to ditch the overalls.”

“Yeah, but my body is practically naked wearing what you have on! And where the hell did you get it!? I don’t own anything like that!”

Dave shrugged, “I went out and got it.”

“Shouldn’t you be spending time fixing that device of yours, so we can swap back to normal?”

“Everyone needs a break. And I think I look cute.”

“You mean MY body looks cute? And where are you off to now anyway? Another break?”

“Something like that. When I went out shopping a guy asked me out on a date. I thought we’d hook up.”

“No way you are hooking up with anyone! That’s my body!”

“Well, not right now it isn’t. And until I do fix my device, it’s not going to be yours. And, quite frankly, you aren’t giving me much of a reason to rush with this attitude of yours all of a sudden...”

Friday, June 5, 2020

ETA (Part 3)

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“I know it’s upsetting, but I need the time,” Dave begged.

Chen sighed, “Okay, but I have one small favor to ask.”


“Could you maybe try wearing some of my clothes instead of yours? The overalls and bandanna look on my body is, well, it’s not my style.”

“Sure, yes, consider it done.” Dave said with a smile that Chen was nearly alarmed by, but she decided to keep that to herself. He had been so agreeably so far....

Thursday, June 4, 2020

ETA (Part 2)

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When Chen arrived the next day, Dave didn’t seem ready to swap back at all. She sort of expected him to be set up in the living room with the device ready to go. Instead, she found him in the basement putting together something that didn’t look nearly as impressive as what he had completed yesterday.

“Some bad news,” He said without looking up, “The test failed.”

Chen was at a loss for words, but Dave continued. She could tell he was upset. “I ended up frying both my cats’ brains. It was...unpleasant. I’m glad that wasn’t us though. I hate to say this, but it’s probably going to at least be another few days.”

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

ETA (Part 1)

After three very long days, it looked like Dave was almost finished. Chen had to admit that her neighbor had been pretty apologetic about his malfunctioning invention that resulted in them swapping bodies. He had been working all day and night to fix the thing -- it had literally caught fire shortly after the swap -- and she checked in every few hours to see how it was going. Dave always explained in detail. The technical details went over Chen’s head, but she perked up when he told her he’d likely be able to run a test in the morning and possibly be ready to swap back as early as tomorrow afternoon. She watched him work for a few more minutes, still somewhat fascinated to see her own body move without her being the one to move it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Couldn't Be THAT Bad

Jack realized he was pretty fortunate to have swapped bodies with Wendy as a result of the Great Shift. For starters, she was also in his body, and they were also pretty good friends. She gave him a rundown of some things and joked that he might be unprepared when it came to picking out shoes, since she owed a lot. He rolled his eyes; it couldn’t be THAT bad, could it? 

A few hours later, he arrived at Wendy’s house. Well, she was right about the shoes. He laughed as he opened up a second closet to discover it was even worse than what she described. He wondered how it was even possible to own this many shoes, and if it even mattered. Some of the differences between pairs were so insignificant.

He ended up picking out a pair of red heels to wear.

Monday, June 1, 2020


Max was distraught when the Great Shift struck and he wound up in the body of a nerdy Asian girl, who sat in the front row of his college statistics class. Without a word, he slipped out back to her off-campus housing, not wanting to be around people. She luckily lived alone, so he knew he wouldn’t be disturbed. He quickly became surprised as he dug through her closets. The oversized sweaters and ill-fitting jeans that he often seen her wear were there, sure, but there was also a wide array of leather dresses, corsets, and freaky stuff like handcuffs and whips. He knew he had to try some of it on, and when took off her glasses and looked in the mirror, he was surprised that the nerdy Asian girl he now was appeared to be quite hot and more than a little bit freaky.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Deal

“Look, Elise, you’d better learn to act properly in my body for as long as we’re swapped unless you want everyone to see this,” George threatened as he stuck his finger in his nose.

“I’ll do my best,” Elise said nervously, “But you need to act like me, too.”

“Then we have a deal. We need to pretend to be each other until we can figure out a way to swap our bodies back.”