Saturday, June 20, 2020

Idle Wish (Part 1)

It had been a particularly bad day at work for Jonathan. He showed up late, lost a big account, and got a warning that he was on thin ice. It was just for a brief moment that he wished he could be someone else, live a completely different life. And just as suddenly, he became someone else. He looked down at his now slender arm encased in yellow fabric. This arm wasn’t his; this body wasn’t his! His haphazard wish had actually come true. He was someone else -- a woman! Whoever heard of such an idle wish actually coming true? It seemed impossible, yet here he was in an entirely new body.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Vestigial Thoughts

“Hello?” A voice inside Irwin’s head asked, “What’s going on? Why can’t I control my own body?”

“Curious,” Irwin said aloud, “You’re still here.”

“How are you saying that with my mouth? With my voice? Who are you?”

“Allow me to explain. You and I are both participants in a fantastic experiment, merging the best of ourselves into one single entity. For you, it was mostly your, uh, physical attributes. For me, it was mostly my mind with it’s superior intellect. I must say that after I completed my experiment, I did not expect my optical orifices to be inseparable from my brain. And I certainly didn’t expect your vestigial thoughts.”

“So you expected my thoughts to just sort of die off? You killed me and stole my body? And now I’m just a voice inside my own head? A head YOU are currently in control of?”

“You need not be so terse in your descriptions. I assure you that I did pan to dump the leftover together eventually.  My body would likely be...adequate for you.”

“I know nothing about you, but I am absolutely sure I do not want to be you!”

“I’m afraid you will have no choice in the matter...”

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Insider Trading

Julie ran down the hill to the dock, as she looked on in horror upon seeing her boyfriend toss the medallion into the river. There was no way she could get there in time to stop him.

“Michael, what the hell are you doing?” She screamed.

She watched Michael turned around to brandish a smile that was almost unsettling, considering it was actually on her own face.

“When I showed you the medallion and asked you to switch bodies with me, did you actually think I wanted to be you? To be a woman? To feel our intimacy from this side? I needed to lull you, get you to fall asleep after a night of passion, then come down here and toss the damn medallion to keep us stuck like this forever.”

“But why? If you don’t want to be a woman? Or me? Why would you do this?”

“Because the SEC is on their way -- with the police -- with the FBI. I did a lot of insider trading that finally caught up to me, and now they’re coming to arrest me.Or should I say, coming to arrest you. I am now technically completely innocent, since they’ll never believe any kind of crazy body swapping story. That leaves you to face the consequences of my crimes, and I can just continue on as you. It’s not what I wanted, but it’s better than jail.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


“So first you complain that I am dressed too prudish, then I go into the bathroom to make some adjustments and now you’re saying I look too slutty?” Christopher complained, “Jesus, Jen! We’ve switched bodies, and I’m doing my best, but you’ve got to grant me some leeway here! You should just be glad I figured out how to put on a bra this morning! All of this is very complicated for someone whose never done it before!”

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Grant thought robbing a convenience store was going to be easy. In hindsight, his first mistake probably was doing it in broad daylight. He hadn’t even actually robbed the guy before the police showed up. He was pretty sure that he was going to be arrested or shot. But it also seemed fate would intervene, and it would be that moment that the even which would come to be known as The Great Shift took place.

Grant couldn’t have been more stoked to be in a different body in a different part of town. Heck, he didn’t care that it was the body of a woman; he was just glad he wasn’t going to die today! He did a quick celebration before taking stock of his new body. She must’ve been out jogging or something, and she seemed pretty athletic. It wasn’t going to be too bad; he could work with this.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Underground Salon

With his barber closed, William didn’t know where he was going to get his hair cut. His wife suggested an underground salon she had been going to, and William reluctantly agreed.

It was definitely fancier than his barber and surprisingly more relaxing, too. He nearly fell asleep as they washed his hair before his cut, but once he was in the stylist’s chair he ended up passing out.

He awoke some time later feeling a jolt of energy around his brain. There was some sort of domed device above his head. Then in front of him he saw what appeared to be a mirror; but he told himself it couldn’t be, because his wife’s friend, Barbara, seemed to be staring back at him from the other side.

He scowled and Barbara seemed to do so at the exact same time. A few more slight motions later, and he discovered that Barbara wasn’t mirroring hi, he had actually become Barbara! There was something about this salon that his wife hadn’t told him, and now his brain had been swapped into the body of one of her friends!

Sunday, June 14, 2020


Phillip had no idea how he swapped with a woman walking down the street. The first he tried to do was find some identification in her stuffed oversized bag, but something else caught his eye first. Alongside some rolled up yoga pants were a pair of sneakers; he quickly sat down to put them on. They were going to be extremely more comfortable than the heels this woman had been currently wearing. As he did so, he couldn’t help but marvel how much smaller her feet were than his own. He wiggled the painted toes, and it felt so odd knowing he was the one controlling them.

After the brief detour into footwear, he started digging more into the bag to see what he could find...