Saturday, July 4, 2020


The rain was coming down hard. There was thunder and lightning in the sky. Aaron stood on the side of pool with umbrella. He looked over his shoulder at Deborah.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” He asked her with a nervous smile.

“We swapped bodies last time we were in this pool when that weird lightning bolt struck it while we swam. Maybe if another bolt strikes it again we’ll swap back,” She reasoned.

“But that bolt struck on a clear day out of nowhere. It wasn’t normal. It was almost like magic. This feels like a real storm...a dangerous one at that!”

“Can you think of any other time lightning will strike? It’s been a week since we’ve even had any rain. Now maybe you’re enjoying my body. Maybe you love that one piece swimsuit and my skirts and dresses. Maybe in another week you’ll just love sticking a tampon --”

Aaron cut her off, “I get it! Let’s give this a try! But I sure hope we end up back in our own bodies and not the hospital.”

Friday, July 3, 2020


For the first few months of the school year, no one in the freshman dorm questioned how Tony got a bunch of beer every Saturday night. But a few guys got suspicious and followed him after class one Friday night. They were shocked when he used an odd looking medallion that transformed him into a woman -- one that was old enough to buy beer! A few of the guys followed Tony to the store; the others nabbed the medallion from Tony’s room. They couldn’t quite figure out how it worked, so ultimately they gave up and threw it in the trash.

The next day, Tony panicked when he couldn’t find the medallion. One of the guys overheard him and confessed what they had done. Tony freaked out. Without the medallion, he’d be stuck like this! The guy just shrugged and told Tony that at least he could still keep getting beer for everyone.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Taste Buds

It was one of the things no one talked much about after The Great Shift; how everything just tasted different. Joe noticed it instantly. Things he used to love now tasted bland; foods that formerly disgusted him were now delicious. He guessed it made sense; after all, he (much like the rest of the world) now had a completely different set of taste buds along with a completely different body.

Still, when the fast food joint reopened by his house, he hoped his fond memories would win out over his new tongue. However, one bite and he was instantly disappointed. The burger was no longer delicious; it was gross. He scowled. He could live with being a woman, but how could he live hating the foods he once loved?

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mixer (Part 4)

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The next day was Sunday, and Greg reluctantly put on another one of Karen’s conservative outfits. He headed straight to the store in order to buy more comfortable stuff to wear. He might still have to dress like this during the week, but he could at least wear something relaxing on the weekend, right? Shopping in the women’s section felt weird.

As he looked, he felt the phone in his purse vibrate. He had a message. He knew the number; it was his own. Karen was texting him about the body swap; she was not happy.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Mixer (Part 3)

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Waking up the next morning proved to be difficult. Not only was Greg dealing with quite the hangover, but he also had to come to realization that he had swapped bodies all over again. Last night had felt so hazy -- not even so much a dream as almost completely non-existent. He tried to remember what had happened to cause the swap, but he couldn’t. Another visit to the mirror, and he once again recognized the face. This time the name Miss Won popped into his head -- or Karen.

After some coffee and breakfast, he dug through her closet to find something to wear. Greg realized he probably shouldn’t have been surprised to find a wardrobe that seemed to really suit a high school teacher, but that’s exactly what he found. He felt so stupid wearing a dress, but it also seemed he didn’t have much of a choice. He was just glad it was Saturday, and he could just hide out in Karen’s home and hope to swap back some time in the next two days.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Mixer (Part 2)

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The atmosphere was obviously different from the kegger Greg was just at. The wine mixer was held at someone’s apartment in the nice part of town, classical music was playing, and there were conversations about politics and PBS shows. Greg just retreated to the corner to sit at the kitchen table. He tried downing the wine quickly like a beer at first, but soon settled on a more eloquent sipping.

He seemed to be the only one in someone else’s body. Or if they were, everyone was certainly acting really well at being normal -- or as normal as he guessed these people would act. 

He sat for some time. From time to time, he’d chuckle due to the amount he had to drink or just by reflecting on the sheer absurdity of the situation. The crowd had thinned out considerably before anyone noticed him sitting all alone.

The host offered to get his coat and purse. Greg responded with the truth, that he was a 19 year old boy trapped in a woman’s body and that he didn’t recall where he lived. Another guest chalked up the crazy talk by assuming Karen had too much to drink -- which was also the truth in a way -- and offered to help get Greg home to Karen’s apartment. Greg accepted.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Mixer (Part 1)

One minute Greg had been chugging beers at a frat party and the next he found himself applying lipstick in the bathroom of a wine mixer, looking into a mirror and seeing a face that was not his own. He could taste the lipstick, which was no worse than foul cheap beer he had just been drinking. And it didn’t take him wrong to recognize the face.

She had taught at the high school he had graduated from not all that long ago. What was her name? Miss Wu? Miss Wong? Something like that. He had never had her, but some of his friends did. She was a young teacher and considered a bit of a pushover. Despite being young, she was still older than Greg had been. He guessed he was now about ten years older, and -- of course -- now a woman. But it didn’t make any sense. Why did he suddenly swap bodies with one of the teachers at his former high school?