Saturday, August 22, 2020

Commute (Part 3)

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Blake slouched down a little disappointed. He was stuck in the wrong body, and what he thought would’ve been a joy quickly turned to a burden. The breasts were heavy; they were getting in the way; and he was sure people would stare just as he did.

Speaking of which, he finally thought to look at his former body. It was slumped over. With his own soul gone, it seemed no other soul had replaced it.

“Just great,” Blake sighed, wondering exactly what he was going to do now.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Commute (Part 2)

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A devious smile came across Blake’s face. He could sure see an upside to all this. For starters, he no longer had to feel bad about staring. After all, he could now just look down any time he wanted. Or maybe he could just sneak off into the bathroom for an even better view in the mirror.

Except he didn’t exactly feel excited by these thoughts the way he would hope. Now that this body was his own, it just wasn’t nearly the turn on it had been when he had been a voyeur.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Commute (Part 1)

When he sat down on the train, Blake wasn’t expecting a memorable ride. He was just expecting a regular commute. Of course, his first pleasant surprise was the woman who sat down across from him.

He couldn’t help but stare. She was extremely well endowed, more than he could imagine was naturally possible. He would often look up from his phone to sneak a peak. He hoped she didn’t notice how often he looked.

About halfway through the ride the train jolted to a sudden stop. Blake felt like he was thrown out of his seat. In reality, only his spirit flew; his body stayed where it was.

The weight on his chest was unignorable. His soul had been thrown from his body, and it was now inside the body of the woman he had been staring at. He was now her with all her endowments.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Ed was growing impatient with his friend, Henry. Sure, he did initially agree to come over and help test a new body swapping device that Henry had invented, and the first test was a perfect swap between Ed and Henry. But things went very wrong when they tried to swap back. Instead of swapping back to his own body, Ed got swapped into the body of Henry’s sister, who was staying in his spare bedroom. Henry tried again and Ed wound up in the body of one of Henry’s neighbors.

Henry begged Ed to let him try again. As Ed sat there playing with now unfamiliar long hair, he told his friend that he wasn’t exactly confident at this point it would turn out okay. But he also realized he didn’t have much of a choice, as the last thing he wanted was to be stuck in this woman’s body.

Henry tried again, but this time nothing happened. It took Henry a minute to realize the internal batteries of his device were dead, and it would take several hours to recharge.  Nobody in the house was happy with Henry...

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Christmas Wish

Ever since he was young, Marc had dreamed of one day just waking up as a woman. He knew he was probably transsexual, but he also didn’t have the courage to even dress like a woman in public, let alone get reassignment surgery. So it was mostly left to wishing.

Christmas was always tough. For some reason, it was always the time of year when he felt the worst about his gender. On Christmas Eve, he’d always wish harder than any other day of the year. And oddly, after 20 years of wishing and dreaming, he woke up Christmas morning  with the body of a woman.

Marc was overjoyed. He had never felt so great about life. He wanted to go out and enjoy everything the world had to offer. Sure, because it was Christmas everything was closed, but he still made the most of it. He finally felt whole and complete.

Monday, August 17, 2020

The Curse of the Pumpkin Spice

Ever since they were teenagers, Franklin made fun of his sister’s love of pumpkin spice. He considered Jenn’s obsession a little crazy. But one year around August, she urged him to try just a sip of her latte. He reluctantly did, and even more reluctantly admitted it was actually pretty good. He decided to sneak one every now and again. Then it started ordering one every day. He began to notice other things about his tastes changed as well, like what clothes he decided to buy and wear. What he didn’t notice was how his body began to change. By the time November rolled around, he was going by the name Francine. He walked around his neighborhood with a pink puffer vest and an iced pumpkin spice latte in his hand.

When Jenn came to visit, she was floored. Franklin looked just like her. In fact, it was more than eerie; he had someone been transformed into practically her exact double. He even had her perky personality. Of course, he still knew exactly who he was (despite insisting on the name Francine), he just looked and acted exactly like Jenn...

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Selfie Check

John was trying to navigate the chaotic crowd he suddenly found himself in. John had his phone in his hand. He tried entering his passcode to access a map, but it didn’t seem to work. The one function he did get to work was the camera, which he turned on and accidentally flipped it to selfie view. He screamed when he saw his own face -- or what should have been his own face but was actually a woman’s face. The chaos of the crowd quickly made a lot more sense; he probably wasn’t the only one dealing with the fact that he was now someone else.