Saturday, August 29, 2020

Second Date

There were no words to describe the horrific nature of what Jack and Anna had just experienced in the museum’s Egyptian wing. Some cursed artifact had been somehow triggered and ancient spirits began to possess guests. In some ways, Jack and Anna had both been fortunate in that neither had been possessed. However, being in such close proximity to the chaos, their spirits did get shaken up a bit. As a result, Jack’s spirit was now inside of Anna and visa versa.

They didn’t speak as they wandered into another wing and finally sat down. Jack still didn’t want to say anything, but as the man, was he supposed to offer comfort? Of course, he wasn’t really ‘the man’ anymore now that he had Anna’s body; maybe she should be the one comforting him? Was comfort even appropriate? After all, this museum trip was only their second date. He began to think how he really didn’t even know Anna all that well, and now he was expected to be her? To live her life? Go to her job? Despite the stress and worry, he still sat silent and unflinching. Anna did the same.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Time to Move On

Death wasn’t anything like Irving expected. There were no pearly gates and no damned flames. He was just sort of floating around as a blob. After some time, he realized he could possess people. For the past week, he had been inside Marilyn’s body. While it had been fun, he decided it was time to move on, so he laid down and let his spirit float out her mouth -- the same way he had gotten in at the beginning of the week. In hindsight, he probably should’ve been more respectful of his time in her body. He probably shouldn’t have gotten drunk that one night that caused him to oversleep and get her fired from her job. He also probably shouldn’t have experimented with drugs; he couldn’t even remember some of the things he must have done that night. Well, at least he hopes she enjoys the tattoo he got while in her body. After all, she was the one stuck with it now.

Thursday, August 27, 2020


Roberto clutched the device tightly in his hands as he walked through the desert. His family had paid handsomely for it, but it was a guaranteed way for him to cross the border into America and stay safe. He didn’t want to leave; he had to. The cartel had targeted him after he had witnessed a drug deal gone wrong. As he approached the border wall. He couldn’t see what was on the other side, but he knew it wouldn’t stop the device. He looked down at it with the small button on top. He knew he had to press the button and aim it north, straight at the wall. It would transmit his brain waves into the body of someone on the other side, causing him to take over their body and leaving that person in his. He figured he’d most likely swap with a member of the border patrol or some civilian yokel caught up in vigilantism. Either way, it seemed almost fitting. He took a deep breath as he pressed down.

The change was instantaneous. He was now on the other side of the wall -- far enough away that the wall wasn’t even visible anymore -- and siting on a log in some sort of ranch. But his body felt all strange, and as he expected himself, he soon found out why. He hadn’t swapped bodies with a border patrol agent or something, he had swapped with a woman just sunning herself in the expansive backyard of her own property. Roberto wanted to say she was just an average person, but honestly there wasn’t very much “average” about her. She was gorgeous with well endowed proportions, and that body was all his now. This wasn’t what he expected and he wouldn’t have asked for this, but he knew he was safe now. No one would ever suspect it was him in this body.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Peter turned around to see Bethany following him very reluctantly. He sighed, “Look, I don’t know what Janice’s motivation for tricking us and using that medallion to swap us into each other’s bodies, but I followed her last night and I’m sure she either tossed it or hid it somewhere around here.”

Peter paused. He could tell he wasn’t fully getting through. He had a feeling he knew why, and so he continued, “I get it. She has a medallion that swaps people’s bodies. She could be anyone; you’re thinking she could even be in this body -- YOUR body -- right now. There’s probably not a lot I can convince you that I’m not her. But unless you’re enjoying wearing my boxer shorts under my jeans, I’m not sure you have a lot of other options than to trust me. If we don’t find the thing, we stay stuck. If we do, who else are you going to swap with? Do you even see anyone else around for miles? Plus, have you looked at yourself? Your body is stronger than mine is right now. It’s not like I could get a jump on you to take you down to try something later, so can we just please start looking?”

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Hi Tech (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
Since he no longer understood enough tech stuff, Evan did resign as CEO. He stayed on in an advisory capacity, particularly for the division doing neurobiology research. After all, there was always the outside hope of returning to normal.

But it didn’t even take Evan long to realize he didn’t want to go back. He preferred flirting with boys much more than his memory of being one. In fact, being a guy seemed sort of gross to him now. Sure, he gave up a lot to get this body and this mindset, but he started to think it was worth it. None of it mattered; no one had been able to recreate the accident. Evan was pretty sure that even is they could, he would refuse to take part. He also wondered if he was unconsciously sabotaging the project through his influential role...not that he really cared if he did.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Hi Tech

It hadn’t been too long ago that Evan had been the CEO of one of the largest tech companies in the world. While other billionaires turned to philanthropy or space exploration, Evan had gotten involved in neurobiology. He had poured loads of his fortune into developing the ability to repair brain damage or complete transplants. The work was both experimental and revolutionary. He had been observing a test in one of the labs he owned that attempting to rewrite a neuropathway to convince a young woman to stop smoking. Unfortunately, something went wrong and everyone in attendance had their neuropathways mixed up with each other.

Evan found himself in the body of the young woman who had volunteered. However, he also felt like pieces of his brain were missing. He knew he was a tech expert, but now even turning on a computer seemed like an insurmountable task. He felt much more girlie and in love with all things pink. On the plus side, he didn’t have any urge to smoke.

In a lot of ways, it was hard to tell who really was who, but no one doubted Evan. Despite the ditziness of his new body, he still commanded respect. He still controlled his vast fortune. Of course, now he started buying expensive beauty treatments, designer clothes, and pink cars and such.

Sunday, August 23, 2020


“You gotta be kidding me,” Donovan thought as he saw his new reflection in the mirror.

A few days ago had been bad enough when he swapped bodies with a dweeb who was testing out some sort of body swapping device. Donovan hadn’t enjoyed going from an athletic jock to a scrawny weakling, but (much to Donovan’s relief) the other guy didn’t seem to excited about it either. Donovan quickly heard promises about fixing things as soon as possible.

Of course, when Donovan met up with the nerd to get back to normal, he never expected things to go awry yet again. And, if anything, things got even worse. Donovan found himself no longer in the nerd’s body, but standing in front of a mirror inside the body of a woman! He wasn’t sure if she was into ballet or in the drama club, but the outfit he now wore was absolutely bonkers. It was pink and frilly, and Donovan didn’t even want to go back to where he had been to explain the mistake. He didn’t want to even be see like this, but he guessed he had no choice.