Saturday, October 17, 2020


Swapping bodies with Xue was supposed to be temporary. After spending a week in each other’s bodies, Jason was not ready to swap back yet but still arrived at their meet up spot.

Xue hadn’t yet arrived, so he waited. He did his best to appreciate her body one last time, thinking she’d come any moment and they’d swap back.

He thought about the feel of the leather pants he chose to wear that day. They were a little sexier and more feminine than the jeans Xue usually wore, but a lot less so than a lot of dresses Jason had worn throughout the week. He did it out of respect; he knew Xue would probably be pissed to be wearing a dress when she got her own body back.

There was a lot to think about, and the minutes turned into hours. And after some time passed, it began to snow.

Jason was starting to think Xue wasn’t going to show up.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Mom, Please!

“Mom, please,” Mike begged, “I was mad at you and bad when you moved us here, but then I found that weird body swapping device in the barn in our backyard and things at least got interesting. You have no idea how many swaps I made before you caught me in there after I swapped with our neighbor, Lindsey. Then you activated the thing, and I never expected you to end up in her body, and I certainly didn’t want to be in your body. And, yeah, I guess it was fun for a while, but Lindsey wants her body back, Mom! Please!”

“Maybe I should keep this body a little longer to teach you a lesson,” Mike’s mom replied, “And maybe if you spend a few more days as me, you’ll understand exactly how hard it is to be me.”

“But you can’t punish, Lindsey, Mom! It’s not fair.”

“Fine. We’l go back to the barn, and I will swap with Lindsey. She’ll be normal; I’ll be you; and you can stay me for a little longer. Does THAT seem fair to you, young man?”

Thursday, October 15, 2020


Today was supposed to be the happiest day of Stephen’s life -- the day he married Melissa, the woman he had been dating for nearly five years and proposed to last year. But a few weeks ago, a strange accident caused him to swap bodies with Melissa’s sister, Alana. Both he and Alana decided to keep the swap quiet; they hoped they could find a way to get back to their own bodies. As the wedding grew closer, they were both becoming resigned to the fact that may not happen. They knew canceling the wedding would break Melissa’s heart. Revealing the truth and having Stephen go through with the wedding in Alana’s body seemed out of the question; it would be be one thing to convince Melissa of the truth, but a whole other to not perceive the whole thing as two sisters marrying each other.

So they decided to continue lying. Alana would continue to pretend to be Stephen as long as was needed. She loved her sister well enough to work through any awkwardness, and Stephen loved Melissa enough to realize she deserved every happiness. Being in Alana’s body was still awkward for Stephen, but getting all dressed up for a fancy wedding as a woman was even wilder than he expected. He knew watching Melissa get married was going to be the hardest thing he ever had to do, and he knew living Alana’s life from this point forward was probably going to be the second hardest. But he was thankful that he knew Melissa would still be in his life in some capacity now that he was her sister, and he still help onto the hope he’d find a way to swap back...someday.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Bundled Up

Russell never used to be able to understand why his girlfriend started the bundle up the second the weather got just a tiny bit cooler. Heck, he’d be wearing shorts until November while she was wearing coats at the end of August. At least, he never understood it until the Great Shift swapped their bodies. Sure enough now that he was the one in her body, he found himself all bundled up in September. He hated it. The winters felt more bitter and colder than he ever remembered, and while he used to love a nice blast of AC in the summer, he now hated it. He figured it all something about her biology, but he was still having trouble getting used to it, even a year later.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Matt still remembered what it was like before the Great Shift. He owned two pairs of shoes, one pair of sneakers and one pair of dress shoes. When the sneakers wore out, he’d buy new ones. But finding himself in a woman’s body as a result of the Shift, he found his thoughts on shoes changing. He now owned over a hundred pairs. He’d go to stores to look at shoes he’d dream of owning -- some much too far out of his budget. He couldn’t figure out why his attitude about this one fashion item had changed so much, and he couldn’t seem to stop himself either. Psychologically, he still felt like himself, the same Matt he always was. But it was just this one thing that was different.

Monday, October 12, 2020


“Couldn’t we do something else besides playing video games?” Aidan questioned to his two friends, “I mean, we’d waste our time with these games when we were guys. Now that we have these women’s bodies -- I don’t know, it just feels like a unique opportunity.”

“Relax,” Thom retorted, “You can play winner, dude. You’ll get a chance.”

“That’s not what I was trying to say, but...fine.”

As Thom handed off the game controller to Aidan and he started playing, he couldn’t help but thinking back to swapping with these women, but it was still a little hazy.

“What if we don’t swap back?” Aidan asked, “What if we’re stuck like this.”

“As long as it doesn’t affect our game, I’m fine with it,” Jonathan finally interjected before added in reaction to one of Aidan’s moved, “No fair!”

Sunday, October 11, 2020

HR (Part 2)

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In less than five minutes, John found himself swapped with Carmela. To his surprise, he was already in the middle of working -- which seemed weird since she wasn’t scheduled to arrive until late at night. That is, until he realized Carmela wasn’t working at his office right now, but in a different one; she had two jobs. He could feel his body was tired of working so much; he could feel his bones aching. However, he knew the rules HR had established. If didn’t suck up and bear it for the week, he’d be stuck in this body forever. He as just going to have to deal with it.