Saturday, October 24, 2020

City of Lovers

Paris is the city of lovers, and Mario had arrived just a few hours ago with his girlfriend, Lana, hoping to absorb the feeling. Unfortunately, not even the wonderful city of Paris was immune to the effects of the Great Shift. Mario soon found himself lost, swapped into the body of a random French woman.

Lana knew the city and the language better than him. He was mostly walking the streets alone, struggling with the high heels on his feet. Most people were too panicked to help him, or simply couldn’t or refused to speak English in order to do so. 

As the hours passed and people calmed down, a few guys (or maybe women now in guys’ bodies) seemed more willing to help. However, it seemed they were more interested in helping themselves make a love connection with Mario’s now gorgeous body than helping him find his girlfriend or hotel. 

Friday, October 23, 2020


Chad bolted up quickly. He could just barely tell that he was in a hospital or maybe a doctor’s office. His head was spinning; he felt woozy and disoriented; his vision was blurry. Soon a nurse and doctor rushed in.

“Chad, you need to lie back down,” The doctor instructed him.

“What’s going on?” Chad paused, reflecting on the sound coming out of his mouth, “What’s wrong with my voice.”

“There’s nothing wrong. You were in a car accident. We were able to save you by transplanting your brain into a new body. We were afraid you wouldn’t wake up at all, but, please you are weak.”

“New body? What body?”

“Please, your still adjusting to it. You’re in the body of a young woman named Nadine. Things probably feel strange. Don’t worry; you’ll adjust with time...”

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Which is it?

“Look, I get it. The last thing I wanted was to be a woman for the rest of my life, to be stuck in your body. But I’ve also got to think at this from a logical perspective,” Chris explained, “We were both kidnapped by that weird guy in the club. He locked us in this room, and ran experiments on us. He switched our freeking brains, for God’s sake, leaving me stuck in your body and you stuck in mine. We’ve been looking for a way out practically since we got here. I can’t explain how we got this window unlocked so suddenly, but I also don’t think we can pass up our chance to escape. I realize we’re probably going to be stuck like this, but do you really think that psycho would ever swap us back any way? Or ever let us go? You got to admit this is our best shot at a normal life. Now you can either come with me, or take your chances here by yourself, so which is it?”

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Organized Chaos

When the Great Shift happened, Greg would’ve likely appreciated a moment to truly gather himself. He barely registered that he now had a body that was not his own when he realized he was also standing in front of a crowd with a microphone in his hand. It seemed everyone in the crowd had also swapped bodies, and the responsibility to calm them was in his hand.

“I know this is probably pretty scary for everyone,” Greg said before he even paused to swallow or acknowledge how high pitched his voice sounded, “But we should probably all be calm. I know I’m not in my own body right now, as I’m guessing most of you aren’t either.” Greg paused again to push long hair out of his face -- something he was certainly not used to, “I think I’m just saying don’t blame each other, and don’t panic. Try to find some way to identify who you were, and if you can find your former body, try to coordinate.”

Greg spoke for about twenty minutes, and it resulted in one of the most organized moments of chaos amidst the Shift. It wasn’t until he finished speaking that Greg truly noticed his new body aside from the small inconveniences that were getting in the way as he spoke. He was now a woman of Asian descent. The clothes he wore were tight and revealing; he couldn’t imagine the shorts he wore being any tighter. He had no purse that he could find, but he presumed someone had to know this body, as she had been on some sort of a stage holding the microphone he ended up using. He just had to figure it all out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Universe Is Collapsing

Doctor Bradley Ramirez had hoped the collider he had invented would unlock the mysteries of the universe. Instead, he was afraid that he accidentally doomed the world instead. After his first test, things around his lab started going missing. Then he’d find things in odd places -- like his computer mouse randomly being in the toaster. Then things got weirder as he noticed the words of a book printed on the inside of his toilet. The evidence was starting to be undeniable -- the world was collapsing in on itself. Nothing was truly disappearing, but things were being merged. Just as he hoped to bunker down to fix it, he too was merged. Luckily, it was with another human. He was lounging on a beach thousands of miles from his lab in a bikini. He had a woman’s body, but he was still himself on the inside. Before, he could even think, he was merged again. This time he still had on the bikini, but also a coat and snowboots. He was on a mountain somewhere, and still certainly a woman. This was driving him crazy. He couldn’t fix anything if he couldn’t stay in one spot! He also realized at any moment, he could be the one to lose his mind in a merge. He theorized the world had little more than 24 hours left.

But the oddest thing happened next. The merging slowly stopped. Sure, there were a few people like Bradley, in the wrong body, and other odd sights, like a bear with plants growing out of its back. But things had stabilized. Bradley was sure he had the time now to fix things, maybe even reverse things. But he worried about trying again. Could he make things worse?

Monday, October 19, 2020


Professor Wilson Reynolds had students fall asleep in his lectures before, but a classmate did usually wake them up when it was time to leave. To say that Wilson was a little annoyed by the young woman slightly snoring in the back long after everyone had left the room would be an understatement. He walked behind her seat quietly and kicked. Just as he did so, he felt a jolt like he was waking up from a dream. He realized he was now sitting down in the seat he had just kicked; he was somehow now the body of his own student.

Despite his panic, the student in his body was even more broken up. She ran out of the room crying; Wilson was nowhere near fast enough to catch up. He strolled calmly back into the classroom. A new group of students would be filtering in soon, and he’d have to give his lecture despite having the body of this slacker.

His biggest concern was if the students would take him seriously. it was early in the semester, so most probably didn’t know him -- though he did have a bit of a reputation. Even still, he’d imagine it might be hard seeing a woman no older than they were giving a lecture on advanced physics.

It seemed, however, that most of the next class didn’t even show up. The swap didn’t just swap Professor Reynolds and a student, the entire school had been swapped around. People were panicking, and no one was going to class.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Snow (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
With the snow coming down, Jason decided he had waited long enough, and proceeded to head back home. He figured he should’ve seen this coming. The reason they both had swapped in the first place was neither had felt comfortable in their own body, and he had to admit that the past week had felt very right. In Xue’s body, everything just felt right. He could only assume she felt the same way about being in his body.

He had lived her life for the week -- lived in her apartment, did her job. Despite some differences, none of it felt out of place. He could just keep it up indefinitely. He was no longer Jason in Xue’s body; she was Xue. That was who she was now, and the man she used to be was now Jason.