Saturday, October 31, 2020

Get Back Home (Part 4)

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Kyle didn’t know what else to do but ring the buzzer on his apartment. The door was unlocked without a word spoken over the intercom. He walked up three flights of stairs to see his own body in the hallway.

“Oh, thank God,” Kyle said before explaining everything about how he obviously swapped bodies, how he made it way back, and so on.

“I guess I’m sympathetic,” His own body replied, “But swapping bodies? I think I’d know if I wasn’t me. But do you need me to refer you to a shelter or a psychiatrist or something?”

Kyle was outraged, but he didn’t have the words. He knew he was who he was; why was the woman in his body playing him like this? And what could he say? Anyone who saw them surely wouldn’t believe him. Body swapping was something completely unheard of -- at least until it happened to Kyle this morning.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Get Back Home (Part 3)

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At some point Kyle ditched the heels. Walking in his bare feet was painful, but it was still less painful than continuing on in those uncomfortable shoes. He also realized he wasn’t far from his apartment complex anyway -- it was just on the other side of the highway. He groaned. Luckily, traffic was light but the trash (including quite a few broken bottles) on the side of the road made him regret tossing the heels out earlier. Still, he was pretty happy to have his goal in sight, even if he hadn’t yet figure out how he was going to get into his apartment...

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Get Back Home (Part 2)

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Getting back home was not easy. Kyle didn’t seem to have any sort of purse or pockets, so he couldn’t find any wallet or phone. He was going to have to walk, and just use his best sense of direction. None of that was particularly easy. Remembering which streets went where was a challenge, and the heels were obnoxious to walk in. But what was the worst were the stares from guys he’d pass on the street. They’d look at Kyle in ways that made him uncomfortable in ways that he never imagined he could feel like. He wondered if he had ever doe the same to women. He told himself when he got his body back, he’d be a better person...that is IF he got his body back. A chill ran over him as he realized this feeling of being stared at might be something he’d have to get used to.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Get Back Home (Part 1)

What the hell is going on here? Kyle was taken aback to be standing on the sidewalk wearing heels and a yellow dress. He had just been at home relaxing, and now he was outside dressed as a woman? Or rather, it seemed, he actually WAS a woman. He could see the long hair on his shoulders, and imagined that he looked like some sort of dumb blond bimbo. He moved awkwardly at first as he got used to this body and the heels. He needed to get back to his apartment!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Accept the Reality

Bradley looked down and tried to fathom why he was suddenly wearing different clothes. The baggy red sweater and tight, shiny black pants certainly weren’t his style. They weren’t even pants, they were more like...leggings? He tugged on them gently, beginning to wonder why his legs looked so skinny. And were his nails painted? None of it seemed to make any sense. The reality of being in a completely different body was such an outlandish and impossible idea, that he hadn’t even accepted it as fact yet. But it was fact. He was now in the body of a woman...

Sunday, October 25, 2020


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When Andrew caught the deadly disease, he knew he was fortunate enough to be able to afford the most expensive treatments available. However, attempt after attempt proved unsuccessful. The final solution was certainly extreme. He was placed under, his brain transplanted into a new body, and he awoke in the hospital several days later. The disease was cured, but he was now in the body of a woman. He couldn’t move yet; his brain was still figuring his new body out. But he knew it was only a matter of time until he continue on with life.


With no doubts in her mind about it, Johanna absolutely hated the results of the Great Shift. She had been a personal trainer before the Shift, but she lost all of her clients once they saw her new body; Johanna had swapped into the body of an overweight woman. Her boyfriend, Sven, offered to help her out. He too was a personal trainer, and, coincidentally enough, swapped into Johanna’s old body. Working out with Sven was difficult. She couldn’t push her new body in the ways she was used to, an Sven always asked for more from her as well. Despite giving it her all, she never seemed to lose any weight either! It only got worse a few weeks later when Sven decided to break up with her. He told Johanna he found himself much less attracted to women now that he was one himself, but Johanna was convinced he simply wasn’t interested in larger women like her! He did, however, to stay on as her trainer. She wanted to cry. It felt like her entire world was falling apart.