Saturday, October 22, 2022


It was only a few days after his eighteenth birthday when Greg got into a huge argument with his mom. She wanted him to go to college, but he wasn’t so sure. She told he could achieve what she couldn’t after she became a teenage mom when Greg was born. He yelled about how he wished she understood him better. He went to bed angry.

But he awoke feeling strange. When he realized why, he wanted to throw up. He was in his own mom’s body! He felt like hurling. But then a knock came on his door, and one of his little sisters, Emma, entered. Greg suddenly put on a smile.

“Is everything okay sweetie?” Greg asked.

He didn’t want to smile! He didn’t want to act motherly! He just couldn’t help it!

“I had an accident with the milk,” Emma said.

Greg didn’t want to be patient or to clean up Emma’s mess, but he had to do the motherly thing. It was only when he was alone that he could actually act like himself. That would make explaining this to anyone difficult!

Friday, October 21, 2022

In Space No One Can Hear You Swap

The power on the space station went dead so suddenly. We all had to rush into our spacesuits for fear the backup life support systems could go at any moment. In fact, that’s exactly what happened, but it didn’t end there. We all blacked out and awoke floating in space, and each member of our international crew found we were now in each other’s bodies.

I had been an American, Colonel John Spence, but now I was in the body of the Chinese scientist onboard, Xie Wu. And she found herself in my body. My colleague, Captain Susan McAllister, was not in the body of the Russian Yuri Petrov. Petrov was in Lyam Durand’s body. Durand was European, and he was now inside of Susan’s body. I considered the phenomenon the result of truly unknown origin, but Petrov and Durand were sure it was evidence of aliens. There didn’t seem much point in arguing, and even being stuck in the wrong body didn’t seem to matter much if we only had a few hours of oxygen left in these suits. But then we noticed the lights going back on at the station. A short space walk back and we were saved, but now we were all going to have to deal with the very real problem of being in the wrong bodies.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Pumpkin Spice Curse

“You should try the pumpkin spice latte,” I said, “It’s the best. It will change you.”

I didn’t want to say these things. The truth was that the pumpkin spice latte from the odd new coffee shop that opened up was a curse, but no matter how hard I tried, I could never seem to badmouth it. That was all part of the curse. Just as I was telling this man to try one, I had to remember that I too was once a man approached by a stunning woman to try the latte. I thought she was hitting on me, and I gave in. If only I had known about the curse. Just one sip and I became part of the army. My hair grew out, there was make up on my face, I became a woman. It didn’t stop there. I wore a pink puffer coat and yoga pants. I could talk with the other women about the curse, but around anyone not already cursed, it was all about convincing them to be a part of it. I couldn’t stop. None of us could. And we couldn’t stop ordering the lattes either! This had to be my fifth today, and it was just after noon. I had managed to transform three guys into women, just like I had been. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t stop. The transformations would continue until pumpkin spice latte season was over.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Creep

Jennifer awoke in a strange home. She was worried that creep she met at the bar the night before had drugged her, but she clearly remembered going home and falling asleep in her own bed. It wasn’t until she came across the mirror that the true horror of her situation came into focus. The reflection wasn’t her own; it was that of the guy from the night before, the creep who seemed to have be weirdly obsessed with her. She was in his body now for some reason. But that wasn’tthe scary part.

If she was in his body, that could only mean he was now in hers! The thought of this made her stomach twist into knots. He’d was probably already doing all sorts of humiliating things with her body, and she’d have to be the one to call him, ask to meet up, and sort this out. The other possibility seemed even worse. That her own body was going on like nothing was wrong. Then she’d have to call up as this creep and try to explain everything. She can’t imagine she’d want to get a call from this guy. She probably wouldn’t even have to time to explain why he had her number before being blocked. None of this was going to turn out well, no matter what was going on here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Greater Good

The experiments had been going so well. It didn’t matter that the university had stripped him of his position and funding, Lawrence had been sure his research would pay off soon. He was moments away from a breakthrough when he began to have a heart attack. He called for his assistant, Bri. She reached for a phone to call for help, but Lawrence reached for a lever. The lab went dark.

A few hours later Lawrence looked down at his now thin hands as they wheeled his former body away. He felt bad about stealing Bri’s body, sure, but it was for the greater good. If he had died, so much of his work would have died with him, but now that he was young again? He could pick up right where he left off! And it’s not like Bri was completely gone; he had backed up her on a hard drive before downloading his own thoughts into her body. Despite the distractions of now being a woman, Lawrence was set on getting back to work. However, despite being so close, he realized he made one fatal flaw; the transferance of his thoughts into Bri’s body had not been total. Things had been left behind, and he couldn’t remember where he left off or how to continue. But he had succeeded once; after all, being Bri was evidence of that! He had invented immortality! How hard could it be to re-create it!?

Monday, October 17, 2022

Last Customer

Eric was sure he’d have to look for a new job soon. It was the third nice this week he had tended bar with absolutely no customers. This place was sure to close down, and he’d be out of work. It was nearly closing time before he got his first customer, a pretty woman in a red dress. She ordered a few shots, downed them quickly, and glared at Eric as if she expected him to say more than how much she owed.

And then suddenly, Eric’s world was spinning around. He took two steps back in shock seeing his own face. His balance was off because he realized he was now drunk and his shoes felt weird.

“What the hell?” He muttered with a feminine voice.

“I’m sorry,” His own voice explained, “I just couldn’t take being famous anymore. You were the first person in weeks who didn’t seem to recognize or fawn over me, so you were perfect to swap bodies with.”

“Swap bodies?” Eric asked as he looked down to see the red dress, “I’m you? And you’re famous? I’m famous? I don’t know if I know how to be famous! What if I don’t want to be you?”

“You’ll learn. It’s too late to anything about it anyway. It’s irreversable.”

Sunday, October 16, 2022

My New Life

I had always been a bit of a dork. I never felt like I fit in. I was shy and just stayed closed off from most people. When everyone started working from home, I was more closed off than ever. I felt so alone.

But then one day I woke up, and everything changed. Literally. I was in someone else’s body. I checked the ID; it was for a woman named “Alicia.” I had become a woman.

As Alicia, it became a lot easier for me to come out of my shell. I was more confident and outgoing. I’d wear short dresses and hit up clubs. It was hard to explain, but everything just felt right now. It was like I was never meant to be a guy; I was always meant to be a woman, and I was one now. Life was just so much better.