Saturday, October 29, 2022

Weak (Part 3)

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With the war over and new technology taken from the defeated aliens, humanity found itself entering a new age of peace and prosperity. Space travel developed and new worlds were discovered and poverty and crime were nearly elimated back on Earth.

Not everything was perfect, however. Like many, Frank (who now went by Frankie to better fit the fact that he was now a she) had some struggles adapting to his new situation. She often felt the discrimination of people who only saw her as an alien, as an invader, due to her body. She was often turned down for roles she was qualified for, and ended up working as a waitress serving pizzas. Her tips were still lower than those who had human bodies and people shouted things like “green monster” behind her back. She tried to keep a low profile about her role in the war, but it wasn’t too long before a customer figured out who she was and her contributions.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Weak (Part 2)

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Frank was keenly aware of how much more alert his alien body was to the world around him. He could instinctively tell who was really human and who was an alien swapped into a human’s body. He knew humanity wouldn’t trust him since he was inside this body, so he had to work alone.

At least at first.

As it turned out, Frank’s greatest influence may have been on his fellow humans still trapped aboard the spaceships swapped into the bodies of alien women. He inspired their escape; their revolt. It was a way to take the alien ships down from the inside, and it proved to be a pivotal turning point that resulted in humanity winning the war. The alien force retreated, leaving behind a great deal of technology, a few alien deserters, and many humans (like Frank) trapped in the bodies of alien women.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Weak (Part 1)

When the aliens landed, humanity didn’t know how to respond. They were taken aback when one of the aliens seemed to swap bodies with a man in order to communicate. They claimed to come in peace, but they were secretly swapping with thousands of humans to amass an army. They picked the biggest, strongest, and the healthiest, leaving those human trapped as alien females in cages on their ships.

Frank was one of those men now in an alien body trapped in a cage. He scoffed when the aliens called females of their own species ‘weak.’ He knew being strong was about more than physical strength or the body one had. He swiftly developed a plan to break out of a cage and steal an alien ray gun. He managed to escape the entire ship only to find the Earth plunged into war with the aliens on the surface. Those damn aliens were about to find out just how not ‘weak’ Frank was. It was ass-kicking time!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Queen

Eugene had been a rather unpopular guy for most of his high school career. He was the math club and the chess team, got straight As, and just sort of kept his head low, hoping to not be noticed. He didn’t expect to be going to prom; he certainly didn’t expected to voted prom queen! Technically, he hadn’t been; a few weeks beforehand, Wendy Liu had been elected prom queen. However, it was the Great Shift that happened just before prom that had swapped him into Wendy’s body. His habit of laying low meant that he kept quiet when people asked about who he really was. People just assumed he hadn’t swapped, and the real Wendy never seemed to show up. On the day of prom, he got dressed up in her intricate gown and got picked up by her date. He had never felt popular in all his life! Eugene decided he loved Wendy’s body and her life. He was never going to tell anyone who he really was; there was no way he could give all of this up!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Meeting with HR

I sat down across from the head researcher, and I gave him the sternest look I could muster. I took a deep breath before I asked, “Dr. Wallace, as you know, I am head of HR here at the company. We need to know exactly what happened yesterday.”

Dr. Wallace explained, “As I’m sure you’re aware, our company deals in youth. We sell billions of dollars in cosmetics each year that help people look young. I was bought on to further that agenda by helping people literally stay young by switching their brains into younger bodies. We had two test subjects ready to go, but my device was too powerful. It effectively swapped the bodies of everyone in the building.”

“So you are claiming it was all a work-related accident? I think we can overlook and consequences provided you can get all staff back to their own bodies within a month.”

“Mr. Weber! My work cannot be rushed! It will take as long as it takes to get everyone back to normal! If you are threatening me with termination unless I work quickly, well I assure you that if I am not the one in charge, everyone will be hopelessly trapped in the wrong body forever. So unless you wish to continue wearing a bra and sitting down to use the bathroom for the rest of your life, I suggest you give me all the time I need to safely reverse the effect of my work.”

Monday, October 24, 2022

Perfect Day

It was supposed to be the perfect wedding. In a way, Adam figured that was still technically true. Of course, he was supposed to be standing at the altar next to the bride instead of where he was, sitting in the pews wearing a fancy gown. Something had just happened the night before where he ended up waking up in the body of his bride-to-be’s sister. He thought about making noise or asking other people if they had swapped bodies as well. But no one else seemed to be mention being swapped nor were they acting oddly, so he just decided to do his best to be who he appeared to be. He expected it to be more difficult, yet he had no problem putting on makeup, getting into the gown, or walking in heels. Maybe some day, he’d figure out just how or why he swapped, or if anyone else swapped as well. But for now, he figured he’d just sit back and enjoy the day.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

The Bot

“Doctor, something isn’t right,” Jason tried to explain.

“You shouldn’t worry,” The doctor retorted, “We are still putting the realistic skin on your new robotic frame, but the transplant of your brain into the robot was a success!”

“I can see that, and I know that I was dying of cancer and had little choice for survival. But I’m sure that when my wife signed the paperwork to have my brain placed inside of a robot, she never would’ve approved of this design! It’s a woman’s body!”

“Robots don’t have genders, Mr. Connors; however, this robot form does mimic that of a woman. However, that matches the form explictly requested by your wife. You can go view all the paperwork if you wish. I have it right here. As you can see, this is her signature and even some handwritten notes in her handwriting. I understand it may be uncomfortable to find yourself in a robot’s body that was designed to please men, but your wife had power of attorney and next of kin status once you technically passed. This was her decision. You just now have to live with it.”