Saturday, November 5, 2022

Thirteenth Day

Had it been two weeks already? Ryan had been so desperate all those months ago. He wanted to become a woman, and a demon gave him an opportunity. He would transform Ryan in any way his heart desired, but Ryan would have to use that form to collect a soul for the demon once every two weeks. Ryan quickly described his form; big beautiful blue eyes, long brown hair, perfect porcelain skin. He went on for about twenty minutes, and the demon complied. Ryan had become a truly stunning woman. Now it was time for Ryan to hold up his end of the deal. He would have to kill someone every two weeks in some way; stabbing, shooting, poison, or through trickery and manipulation -- getting one many to kill another. The demon assured Ryan he’d never be caught; the only consequence would be Ryan’s own guilt. If Ryan didn’t collect a soul by the thirteenth day of a cycle, the demon would issue a reminder. If he ever hit the full two weeks, the demon would take Ryan’s soul and the souls of all those he loved. Ryan thought it wouldn’t be so bad, but even after a single murder, he was wracked with guilt. He often hit the thirteenth day and was issued horrific reminders. Often the demon would create visible, painful cracks on his self-described “porcelain” skin. It was never the physical pain of the cracks that broke Ryan into compliance, but the mental one of being anything other than a beautiful woman.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Hidden in Plain Sight

“I would guess someone doesn’t want Julie and I to swap back our own bodies,” Bernard mused as he looked at the shelves packed with books. Yesterday, the shelves in the back room of the library had been empty with the sole exception of an old book about the town’s history. But wedged between two of the pages was a folded parchment with a spell that swapped Bernard and Julia into each other’s bodies for at least a day until they read the spell again. They thought it best to leave the parchment and the book in the library to keep it safe. When they came back the next day, the shelves were full. The book itself was hard enough to find, but the parchment no longer seemed to be contained within it. It had to be in one of the other books. Bernard and Julie split up with each starting on different sides of the room. Bernard looked at the first shelf before him and felt overwhelmed. He had an awkward twenty four hours being stuck in Julie’s body so far, and it seemed he was going to have to get over that, as it looked like he was going to be stuck for much longer.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Exclusive Interview

I had been granted an exclusive interview with Madison Lowery; it was a thrilling opportunity. It was hard to recall the last time a celebrity got famous so quickly, being booked on countless shows, movies, and fashion shoots in such a short time. I had to know her secret, so I asked.

“It was a genie,” She laughed.

“No, seriously,” I protested.

“For real. Six months ago, I was actually a guy down on his luck, and I mean a guy, a dude, a male. I came across a genie. I wished to be attractive. I should’ve been more careful, as I had hoped to be an attractive guy; instead he gave me the body you know see. Then I wished for fame that brought me great wealth. It’s non-stop work, but at least I have this wonderous estate.”

“This all sounds far-fetched.”

She took me to get backyard that had an absolutely enourmous animal. “It’s the finest of its kind with a coat that is naturally manicured perfectly. It’s larger than you’d find anywhere else, no matter where you looked. It exists because it’s magic.”

“But why would this be your third wish?”

“Another case of needing to be more careful. Do you really think I wished for the world’s largest and most beautiful donkey?” She asked.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Halftime (Part 2)

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Stephanie coughed when the pink smoke puffed out from behind the cheerleaders. She thought she was going to die, but then suddenly felt stranger -- though much less flexible. Just about everything felt wrong, and when she looked down to see two very manly pecs in place of her own feminine chest, she screamed. Her voice was deeper than she expected, which only made her want to scream again. She looked over to the players to see her own body sitting there in Bryan’s uniform. She looked down at her new muscles again. They certainly looked like his! She had spent plenty of time admiring his body from afar, and now she was going to be able to examine it in a way that was closer than any woman should ever be able to! She was Bryan! And he was her! Chaos ensued for the rest of halftime, but the officials (who were unswapped) insisted the game go on. It was decided the cheerleaders with the players bodies would be the ones to take the field. Stephanie was nervous. She didn’t know anything about how to actually play football, and she was also very worried that she was going to get hurt!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Halftime (Part 1)

It was halftime at the football game. Bryan knew his team was down by a touchdown, but he was sure they could make it up in the second half. Truth be told, he loved halftime. Cheerleaders would take the field and he could just watch and enjoy. As they were doing their routines, he saw more pyrotechnics than he expected. There were sparks and a weird pink smoke that seemed to extend all the way to where the players sat and also blocked his view. When it cleared all the cheerleaders had been replaced by buff guys wearing the cheerleaders’ uniforms. Bryan wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be disgusted. But then he realized the guys were his fellow teammates, and even stranger -- one of the guys was him!

Then he looked down. It was hard to tell beneath his own uniform, but something was different. The hands that stuck out of from the sides were smaller and thinner. The dainty fingers he now possessed had painted nails. He was a chick! He one was one the cheerleaders! How could he possibly continue to play football like this!? The other players and the cheerleaders were freaking out as well.

Monday, October 31, 2022

Overprotective Mother

When I proposed to my girlfriend, her mother seemed mad. She told me I wasn’t good enough for her daughter and that she’d personally see to it that we would never be married. My girlfriend told me to not take it too seriously; these were just the types of things her mother said. Though the constant threats continued throughout our engagement. I tried to follow my fiancée’s advice and shrug it off, but it was difficult to do so.

Other than her mother’s belittling of me, things were going well, but I never could’ve expected what would happen next. I woke up on the morning of my wedding with the shock of my life -- I had woken up in body of my fiancée’s mother! I was in the body of a 50-something year old chinese woman! I tried not to panic. I put on her dress, which was more difficult and uncomfortable than I imagined, and made my way to the ceremony. I tried to think of what I could say to my bride-to-be to convince her of the truth. That would make her think I was really me and not her mom trying to up with a wild excuse to call of the wedding or just seeming absolutely crazy. When I realized I couldn’t, I just remained silent. Maybe we’d swap back later and this nightmare will be over. However, this seemed much less likely after later in the ceremony when my former body pulled me aside and told me, “I told you that you would never marry her. I will look after my daughter forever, no matter what it takes. Even if that means I am now you for good.”

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Weak (Part 4)

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Within a few weeks Frankie went from serving pizzas and making tips to modeling for fashion shoots and speaking on talk shows. She was a national hero who had turned the tides of the war, and many alien rights groups were happy to have her making many public appearances. Her life became downright glamorous, and she loved it.

Before one shoot, a makeup artist took note of two faint scars below her left eye. He explained to Frankie the latest technology could now completely get rid of those.

Frankie explained, “I know, but I don’t want to. They’re reminders. One I got in the war. It’s reminds me of the horror and the people we lost. The other this body had when I was swapped into it. I saw how the aliens treated their women. It’s a reminder that no one deserves to treated like that, that we are all equals, that no one should be subject to the status of a second-class citizen. We still have a lot to work on that regard, and can never become like they were. We must always do our best to rise above that”