Saturday, November 19, 2022

Into the Game (Part 4)

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Much like Arthur, Jason had also selected a female character (a female warrior elf, to be specific). But unlike Arthur, Jason created characters he actually wished he could be. He had never told any of his friends about his secret desire to be a woman, and (truth be told) he was absolutely thrilled that he now had the body of “Xira” (the elf he had created). Seeing as how the rest of his friends seemed to be in a panic about being stuck in their characters’ bodies, he assessed that now wasn’t a good time to tell them either. It probably helped that he made his character rather stoic and logical in nature.

He added to his initial disgust, “This is no time for your lust, Devra. Even if this isn’t the master’s world, our best hope is to continue on our quest.”

“Did you just call Arthur, ‘Devra?’” Althea asked.

“I did, Jerica,” Jason replied referring to Althea by her character’s name as well.

“Stop being weird, Jason” Althea sighed.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Into the Game (Part 3)

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Much like Jenny, Arthur had regrets about the character he had created. He tended to make characters he could fantasize about, and “Devra” had been no exception to this rule. He had designed Devra as a seductive thief, and he now could feel both her bloodlust and her hyper libido that he had given her. Perhaps the only thing containing both from exploding were his scars that his character obtained in a battle right before everyone literally became their own characters. They were more painful than he could imagine.

A thought dawned on him. Since his subclass allowed him to learn a few spells, he tried to heal himself and was amazed as the scars went away.

“Holy shit!” He exclaimed, “Not only are we are our characters, but the magic is now real.” He quickly put on a seductive grin, giving a noted glance over in Jason’s direction, “If anyone wants to celebrate.”

“Ew, no!” Jason quickly responded.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Into the Game (Part 2)

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Jenny grunted at Kevin’s response. One thing she wanted was out of this game as soon as possible. Back in the real world, she knew the guys in their D&D group had a crush on her. While she considered herself pretty average in the looks department, the fact that she played these types of games made her into a goddess amongst other players. As such, she tried to pick characters that fought againt this perception.

In hindsight, picking a smelly ol’ male orc as her character was a terrible decision. She was easily the strongest in the party, and she realized she could probably flatten Kevin into a pancake if she wanted to. She obviously wouldn’t, but it the one thing that felt good about this being stuck like this right now was knowing she could. Plus, she also tried to subvert perceptions by having her orc be a pacifist cleric, resorting to violence only when necessary. Crushing Kevin would simply be out of character. She wasn’t quite so sure about Arthur though.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Into the Game (Part 1)

Kevin could certainly recognize the six figures that stood before him. They all looked exactly as they had described when his friends had created the characters. It was supposed to be a simple game of Dungeons and Dragons, but the group could’ve never anticipated being sucked into the game to play as the various characters.

Kevin was the obvious exception. He had been the Dungeon Master, so he had no need to create a character. While he was still sucked into the game with the others, his appearance had not changed.

“Is everyone okay?” He asked before adding.

“Do you want us to roll some dice to find out?” Arthur asked sarcastically.

“Well, aside from the obvious,” Kevin added.

“Oh, we’re just peachy,” Jenny quipped, “Can you give us any guidance?”

“We’re not in my living room anymore,” Kevin flatly stated, “I can try, but I’m not sure this even resembles the game I had planned. Also, just compared to the rest of you, well, I doubt this is a +10 cardigan or anything, but I’ll try to help as much as I can.”

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Second Test

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Word of Dr. Wong’s experiment leaked among a few in the faculty. Many people dismissed it as pure science fiction. Professor Austin MacDuff saw an opportunity to solve a problem of his own making. He had been sleeping with one of his students; she was not only ready to call it off, but expose his actions to the entire university. He convince her to meet him one last time, picking Dr. Wong’s lab as the location. He intentionally fumbled his words and told her to put on the helmet, explaining that it would allow his thoughts and emotions to transmit directly to her so she could understand how much she meant to him. After she did so, he pulled the level.

Within an instant, Austin was inside the body of his own student. It’s not like he wanted to be a 20-year-old or a woman or a student again, but he felt like he had no choice. If she tried to expose him now, she would only be hurting her own body. He’d be completely in the clear as long as he had her body. She was obviously more angry than ever at Austin, but there was little she could do, as Dr. Wong’s experiment currently only worked one time for each person it was used on.

Monday, November 14, 2022

On the Inside

I had been struggling quite a bit since the Great Shift struck. I was attending classes at the local college when it happened, and I suddenly went from being a 20-year-old guy to being inside one of the teachers, an almost 40-year-old woman. Just about everything about adapting to my new body made me miserable. I wore her professional skirt suits and high heels. I put on her makeup each day. I even tried going on dates with men because I was told my supposed “biological clock” was ticking. Trying to be that woman I was on the outside was difficult.

Then I was visiting home and saw my sister Tabitha. She was now in the body of one of our neighbors, a man in his late 20s. She didn’t put up any sort of fascade about it. She still acted like the little girl she was. When it was time for her dance recital, she still wore a girl’s tutu.

I began to rethink my strategy. I was no longer going to act like the body I had, but instead be the person I am. I started to wear a lot more baggy sweats and hoodies. Yeah, I still had to wear a bra under it, but nothing stopped me from putting on boxer shorts. I spent my free time playing video games. I even started dating women again. It was ultimately much easier to be who I felt on the inside than who I appeared as on the outside. And I had my little sister to thank for getting me to believe that.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

A Life Story

Ever since that one day 40 years ago, Daniel had regretted going into that weird store in the mall. Amber, his date, had wanted to avoid it, but he felt compelled and talked her into it. The old man working the register gave Daniel a small compact mirror for doing makeup, which felt odd since Daniel was a guy and didn’t wear makeup. He tried giving it back, saying he didn’t want to pay for it, but the old man insisted it was no charge and that he absolutely must take it for himself and himself alone. He shrugged.

Almost immediately after leaving, he decided to give the compact to Amber. As soon as she touched it, she frozen in place becoming a lifeless husk with a pink mist floating into the compact. Daniel panicked and touched her arm, causing a similar mist to whaff from his body to hers. His own body now went limp as he was in control of Amber now.

Every day, he kept the compact with him, hoping he’d be able to somehow give Amber her life back. Even as the years passed with Amber’s body getting wrinkles and her hair turning gray, he’d often speak to the compact, believing Amber to be inside and make a promise to find a way while living the best possible life as her she could imagine. And one day as he did this, finally the mist returned. But instead of returning to Amber’s body, it seemed to eminate up into the air, into nothing. Daniel considered it an affirmation, as if being told he had done a good job being Amber and to continue the rest of this life just as well.